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Our First Meeting (Erotic Fiction)

posted 10/15/2010 1:31:14 AM |
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tagged: sex, erotica, fiction, story

Hello again,

For those of you that read my first blog, I found some more of my old writings, and since I had an ok response the first time, I figured I'd post another. For those of you that didn't read my first blog, if you like this one; maybe you should :). Again, the story is purely fiction, but it is actually something I wrote for an old member of this site who's name I will not mention. Also, keep in mind, I did no editing or fixing, this is straight from my old college laptop. In any event, I know it will not all fit in the blog so I will post the rest of the story in the comments below. Enjoy!

I was nervous, I had never actually met someone that I met online, yet I here I was standing at the door, sweating and pacing nervously as I waited for you to answer the door. I knocked again, but only lightly, I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this, was I crazy. I thought about just leaving, going back to the sheltered safety of my desk at home, and I might have done just that, but when you finally opened the door my fears faded away, my thoughts lost in your beauty. You were wearing a very short yet elegant skirt, which showed, off your gorgeous legs. Your top left little to the imagination, its low cut top pressing your breast together as if playing peek-a-boo. I quickly noticed you were not wearing a bra, as your nipples were prominent thro ugh your shirt. A slight breeze from outside rushed in as you opened the door, making your skirt shuffle and your hair ruffle. You stepped out the door, closing it behind you and apologized for making me wait. It was the first time I had heard your voice, it was soft and enticing and seductive and I smiled as I felt my cock start to grow, feeling somehow relaxed despite the astonishing fear I had felt only moments earlier. You walked right up and hugged me, squeezing me tightly and intentionally pressing yourself up against me, and as if we had been best friends, and lovers for years you kissed me square on the lips. Your lips were soft and moist, and as our tongues explored each other’s mouths I couldn't even believe I had considered leaving. I pulled you closer, letting you feel my hard growing cock as our tongues remained intertwined. When our lips finally unlocked you smiled at me, biting your lower lip as your eyes momentarily dashed down to my cock which was now visible through my pants, and with that same enticing voice, you asked if I was ready to go and grabbed my hand as you started to lead me away. Your skin was supple, and you managed to even turn the simple act of holding my hand into something seductive as you gently rubbed my palm with your silky finger tips. We made our way to my car, and as we turned around and walked away from the house I was aroused by the wandering eyes of people passing by, the idea of being watched with you a strange turn on. I opened the passenger door and you stepped inside, and even though I didn’t want to, I let go of your hand and walked around and stepped into the drivers seat. We had been planning this night for some time, an intimate dinner, some drinks, maybe a night on the town and we would see where it would go from there. But as I closed my driver’s door and turned and looked into your eyes my thoughts wandered to anything but food. You smiled again, and as if reading my mind I felt your hand slide up my leg onto my lap, groping me through my pants before I had even started the car. The sun had almost set, and the sky beyond you glowed red bathed in the light of the setting sun. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you your eyes penetrating my thoughts. I shook off the trance, and focused, I had promised you a perfect night and as your hand wandered around my lap, the last thing I wanted to do was disappoint you. I started up the and started to drive, trying to focus on the road but my eyes constantly darting to look at you, unable to stop. I heard you start to moan and when I turned and looked I realized you were rubbing yourself with one hand, the car swerved a little as my eyes were glued to you and I narrowly avoided hitting another car. I blushed and apologized, but you didn’t even seem to care, and even after narrowly avoiding an accident you didn’t stop you slowly unzipped my pants, sliding your hand into my pants and pulling me free. I kept glancing at you, trying desperately to pay attention to the road but doing a bad job. You pulled your hand off my cock , but only momentarily sliding that hand into your wet pussy and moaning loudly, your eyes still open as you peered at me. Your hand now covered in your own juices you reached back over and grabbed my hard cock stroking me while I drove. I was breathing heavily and as my eyes continued to wander more onto you and less on the road, I watched intently as you leaned over toward me, resting your head in my lap and taking my cock in your mouth, kissing the head and then slowly running your lips up and down the shaft, your tongue masterfully teasing me, I realized I wouldn’t make it. I spotted a parking lot for a park on the side of the road, it was getting dark now and there were only a few other cars with a couple of evening walkers and passer bys. I quickly swerved into the parking lot pulling in and turning off the car, not even sure if I was even in a parking space. As the car stopped you sat up and licked your lips, never taking your eyes off of me. I looked down the floor and realized you had removed your black panties while we were driving and your short skirt was flipped up from your hand rubbing yourself, showing off your perfectly shaved pussy. You stepped out of the car and walked towards the field in the park. I struggled to zip up my pants, when I finally managed to zip them up I looked out and realized you were about 15 yards away, spinning innocently in the field the cool night breeze blowing seductively around you. I leapt out of the car and made my way towards you, passing a few naive passer byers oblivious to my racing thoughts and intentions. When I finally caught up to you, you nearly tackled me as you jumped into my arms. Kicking off my socks and shoes I let the sensation of the damp grass touch my feet as I held you in my arms and kiss you on the neck. I lay you gently on the grass and you kick off your shoes to, smiling at me, you tease my cock with your foot as I pull my shirt off and toss it to the ground. I watch as you slide off your skirt and start to pull your top off. I know full well we aren’t alone, and I can ever hear footsteps of people out for an evening stroll, but I don’t care, and as you lay there on the floor in front of me, completely naked, biting on your nail, looking innocent I cant help but follow suit, sliding off my pants an d once again letting my hard cock free to the damp air. You get to your knees, and peer up into my eyes as you take me once again into your mouth moistening me with your tongue. You straddle my balls with y

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Oct 15 @ 1:32AM  
You straddle my balls with your hand, caressing them as you milk my cock, running your tongue along my shaft as if you were starving for my cum. I moan in pleasure as my cock continues to grow in your mouth and you slurp up every drop of my precum as it drips from my head. You feel my cock tighten and realizing I am growing close, you slide your mouth off my cock wanting to watch the cum spray from my cock. You take my cock in your hand, still moist from your own juices as you continue to rub yourself, keeping yourself right on the edge of ecstasy.. Your smile widens as you stare intently at my cock, as it bulges full of cum. You open your mouth as I explode most of it landing in your mouth, and the rest splattering onto your face, you lick your lips and take me back into your mouth, licking any remnants of my cum from my still hard cock. I push you back down on the ground, and you smile up at me, still licking your lips savoring the taste of hot cum. I lay down on top of you, taking your bare breast in my mouth, teasing your nipples with my tongue as I slide two fingers in and out of your dripping pussy lips. You moan loudly and writhe in bli ss underneath my firm grasp, but I hold you down, nibble lightly on your hard nipples. I run my tongue down your stomach, sliding my fingers easily out of wet pussy and licking them, getting my first taste of your juices. I bury my face in your pussy, messaging your clit with my tongue. Your moans grow louder and louder as you wriggle under my tough, inadvertently pushing your wai st up harder and harder into my face and lashing tongue. It doesn’t take long before you are screaming in pleasure your juices flowing so quickly in my mouth I have to struggle to not to miss a drop. I sit up and lick my lips; excited by the thought that I had just brought you pleasure. My eyes momentarily dart to the side to the sound of another voice, and I blush realizing that we did indeed have an audience. I lift you up from the ground and without even bothering to grab our clothes I lead you back towards the car, brushing right past the curious voyeurs who had gathered around. I was still hard and my cock pulsed at the fact that we had been caught. I grabbed for the car door anxious to get back to your place and finish where we had left of, and sigh to myself as I realize it is locked, I turn around towards the field, where my pants with the keys laid somewhere in the damp grass. You laugh at me, realizing what we had done and kiss me, licking the remnants of your own juices from my lips. You reach down and grab my cock as you kiss me, letting me know exactly what it is you want even if we couldn’t get home. You turn around, leaning over the front of the car and turning around back towards me winking at me, wearing that seductive innocent smile I know I will never forget. You lay your hands on the hood bendin g forward and showing me your perfect ass, I step forward and you moan as I bury my cock deep inside your pussy from behind. I feel the whole car shake under us as I thrust myself hard inside of you. I push so hard your feet leave the ground with every forceful thrust, your body sliding on the hood of the car making a small squeaking sound that is drowned out by the sounds of our moans and screams. I can feel you get tighter and tighter with each thrust as you grow closer and closer to orgasm again. And as you tighten around my cock and climax, your juices oozing out around me I couldn’t help but give in. Exploding at the same time, shooting my hot cum deep inside you. I slide out of you again, still not ready to stop, you turn around to face me again, keeping balance by leaning on the car as your legs quiver in pleasure. You take my cock into your mouth again, licking me once again clean swallowing the mixture of my cum and your own juices that envelop around my still hard cock. I close my eyes in pleasure as you lap up our juices hungrily, cleaning my cock. I stare down at you, right into your eyes as you look up at me while your tongue works its magic. I try to read you, wondering what it is exactly you crave, how best I can bring you pleasure. Your tits bounce as your mouth back and f orth quickly on my cock. Your mouth slides off my cock with a pop, letting your tongue tease my tip as you stand back up and rub your hands on my chest. I pick you by the ass, my strong hands squeezing your hard ass as I slide my cock into your pussy again. You wrap your legs around me and lean your head forward kissing me on the neck and breathing heavily into my ear. I push you back against the car window my cock buried deep inside and my face kissing and nibble on your breast as I bounce you on top of me. You relax your body, letting me to do all the work as my strong arms lift you up and down on and off my cock, using the car as means for balance. You moan loudly in my ear as you grow closer and closer to your third orgasm. I slide easily up and down on my rigid cock despite the tightness of your pussy, your dripping juices allowing for easy entry. I rest my head on top your breast as I start to get tired, sweating heavi ly and focusing all my energy on hard forceful thrust. As if you were holding back before your moans are now louder then ever, piercing the sky so loudly there is little chance we aren’t being watched. You cum a third time, squeezing my cock once again, but this doesn’t stop me, I continue to lift you up and down on top of me while you scream loudly and writhe in my arm s, your orgasm lasting longer then the previous to. And I stand there, your back braced against my car, my cock buried deep inside you as I struggle not to cum, to hold out long as possible, I cant help but laugh at myself for being nervous of this first meet. And we stayed there in the park, rolling in the grass and pressed hard against the car we came together over and over, each orgasm more intense then the last. And it wasn’t till the begin to rise in the distance that we decided it to best to find our keys, and so we did, headed home for the grand finale of what proved to be the best days of my life.

Nov 2 @ 3:07PM  
more i want moe

Nov 2 @ 3:51PM  

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Our First Meeting (Erotic Fiction)