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I have a question...

posted 1/11/2007 7:05:29 PM |
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The question was asked: "Do plain-janes ever get the guy?"

My question is...What is a "plain-jane"?

Is it someone who is ugly? ok...what is ugly?

Is it someone who is boring? Either in looks or personality? Ok, well, what is considered boring? Could it just be shyness? Or modesty?

Is someone who isn't a supermodel wannaba 'plain'?

Let's be honest here folks...I'm curious.

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Jan 11 @ 7:13PM  
I think it would be someone who is not considered pretty by most men. I don't mean ugly at all, but someone that just blends in and is not noticed.

Jan 11 @ 7:18PM  
Okay, think of it as the female version of "Average Joe", ya know, that tv show with all those guys? lol That's the best way I know how to answer your question.

Jan 11 @ 7:19PM  
Must be someone good looking but shy and just takes time to come out of the closet.

Jan 11 @ 7:23PM  
.. when saying plain janes, i guess theyre speaking of physical attributes..
.. me-- im just a regular kind of guy..appearance wise, certainly no george clooney, but also no troll.. " looks" are just relative, depending on who your being compared to.. so speaking as a " plain joe" , ive had my share of "prettys", so yeah the plain janes do get theirs i would assume....
but as they say,theres someone out there for every body, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and is only skin deep.. kind of cliche- but true...
ever meet a HOT chick,yet shes a total bitch? or a chisled,handsome dude thats a total dumbass?
their looks are diminished by 50%, if not more..who would want em?

Jan 11 @ 7:26PM take luvyou's plainjane and straddle's average joe...

Just for the sake of discussion...lets say they have straight dishwater blonde hair. Fair skin...beige colored clothing...average height and weight.

Let's look at Jane first. She stands a little hunched over...looks down alot, rarely meets anyones eye. When she speaks she talks in a very soft voice.

Is this your idea of plain?

Now Joe...average. Maybe a little paunchy. Probably hangs out with his buddies alot. Never gets noticed for more than a minute unless he says something...but he's easily eclipsed by the better looking guys in his group.

What would it take to make these two less 'plain'? Stand out more?

Jan 11 @ 7:36PM  
in your two examples, self esteem would certainly factor in here somewhere...
but then you start getting more complex , with upbringing, environmernt,education, people skills..many ,many factors become involved..some people can be changed to to be more open, knowledgeable,personable,assertive,and confident.. some cannot be could be contingent on their willingness to change,it could be other factors...... you bring up good points.... ive read some of your other a psych major? lol..

Jan 11 @ 7:39PM  
Those titles are given pretty much on looks. What it doesn't take in account is personality that the person has. That's where they really shine and win people over. Looks aren't everything, and will fade away over time. I don't think "plain jane" is the same as a mousy type person. Just like the movie Sixteen Candles where that Jake and his buddy were in the gym acting like they were doing pullup on that bar, and they were discussing Molly Ringwalds character "Samantha", and Jake's friend referred to her as "plain", and "nothing there, just void". lol

Jan 11 @ 7:48PM  
Sorry SunnyD, I need to alert people here about a certain troll on the prowl right now. I just had a comment posted on my first skidmark panties blog from Jan.1 (Second on the popular blog list from the same troll that attacked Nomi a few nights ago. People, feel free to check the person who posted that comment a few minutes ago. Apparently the little troll is making his rounds attacking people on here. You would think he would have something better to do. A message for you buddy, GROW UP!!!

Jan 11 @ 7:50PM  
oorrrr ....''Yoooo Adrian!!!!" ....wasn't she a plain jane that grew outta her shell as the moives progressed?

Jan 11 @ 7:54PM  
Ynot...that's a perfect example! about "It's a Wonderful Life"? The wife was pretty and vivacious when she was married and in love with Jimmy Stewart's character...but when he came back to a time when he didn't exsist, she was a shy and even somewhat bitter person.

Jan 11 @ 8:01PM  
There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a "plain-jane". Some women just don't want or need much attention when in a public place, for example. Those same women can wear different clothes, dye their hair or use makeup and people will notice them, if they want more attention. Personality and attitude is much more important than super model looks.

Jan 11 @ 8:28PM  
A plain jane has no outstanding features. but if you are trying to say that sundance is a plain jane. You are wrong. I can't see all of you but what I do see is a great belly button. and a 28 inch waist. that is an outstanding feature now a days.

One more thing that plain jane may not realize about outstanding features. It's probably related to early rejection in high school. But If plain jane would make her outstanding feature something no one could see. then even if she had no physical outstanding feature she would have something. And believe me word gets around.
I've seen these ostensibly plain girls surrounded by men of all sorts.

Jan 11 @ 8:38PM  
Okay guys, quit with this beating around the bush. I think sundance64 is trying to find out if she is considered a Plain Jane. And the answer is yes.

Jan 11 @ 8:40PM  
I don't think anywoman is a plaie-jane, they are all gorgeous in their own way. Every woman has her own beauty, some people are just too blind to recognize it. The people that don't recognize it are the ones that lose out.

Jan 11 @ 8:48PM  
Okay guys, quit with this beating around the bush. I think sundance64 is trying to find out if she is considered a Plain Jane. And the answer is yes.

I just know you must be kidding!! Darlin...I absolutely do not consider myself plain!! And if you look at my pics, my blogs and my forum posts...and really do consider me plain...well you know what they say about opinions. Just like assholes...everyone has one!

Jan 11 @ 8:49PM  
Don't get me wrong, I don't say that to be insulting. I say you should embrace your "Plain Janeness". America Ferrerra stars in a show where the Plain Janes are putting the women who think they are hot in their place. And you know what, the personality and attitude her character portrays does fit her look and makes for an attractive individual.

Jan 11 @ 8:53PM  
Ok Tuna...what exactly is your definition of 'plain'? Since you called it...what is it about me that you consider plain?

Jan 11 @ 8:56PM  
you know what they say about opinions. Just like assholes...everyone has one!

and they all stink.....

Jan 11 @ 9:49PM  
I'm plain.. by my mother's definition.. and I get lots of em.

Jan 11 @ 9:57PM  
Now see...I would never consider Ponme plain. The blonde hair...beautiful eyes...and in your face attitude. Far from plain!!

Besides...I woulda never married you if I thought you were plain!

Jan 11 @ 11:57PM  
Okay guys, quit with this beating around the bush. I think sundance64 is trying to find out if she is considered a Plain Jane. And the answer is yes.

I hope you get skin cancer on that beach. Fucker!

Jan 12 @ 1:33AM  
Okay, for starters, have you read your profile? Having Al Gore read his own biography is more exciting. All your interests, turn ons, turn offs, and fantasy scenarios are just about typical of any woman with a heart beat.

And the pics on your profile are not images of Angelina Jollie.

You're plain. But it's not a bad thing. Don't you notice all these average Joes attacking me for your honor? Embrace your plainness. Own it and be one with it.

Jan 12 @ 1:50AM  
To me a Plain Jane would be someone that doesn't stand out, kind of blends in with the woodwork. Looks-wise, not ugly, just not spectacularly georgeous. Just your average woman. I always thought i fit into this catagory. Nothing particularly stunning about me. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and while i'm considered attractive to some, i'm not to others.

Jan 12 @ 1:50AM  
Hmmm....I don't think Angelina Jollie is all that hot. Matter of fact I think she's pretty overrated...

Jan 12 @ 3:09AM  
Just for the record! There is no way Sunny is a plain-jane, not that anyone needs me saying this, just look at her pics. A plain jane, like people are saying here is someone that doesn't stand out in the crowd, and someone that doesn't draw unwanted attention to herself. She blends in real well, there are alot of people out there like that, I personally find men don't usually give these people a chance especially when they are with some not so plain-janes.

Jan 12 @ 6:15AM  
jeez you ask a guy a question then you get upset when he gives you an honest answer,, i say rock on tunaman,,,your allowed your opinion,,,as for what you are saying,,,i don't know if i would go with plain jane,,,,more like butter-face.
oh and ugly is visually unappealing to answer the posters question

Jan 12 @ 7:01AM  
1st off, I gave this blog a kudos. As this is a great blog, really makes one think. Which is what I've done for the past 30-45 minutes or so...

Before I start, I'd like to say...I noticed
Let's be honest here folks.
And I see by people being honest, it has brought on a few "attacks" on some. My question is...if you really want honesty. And in turn can't handle it, then why ask for it? But that's a whole other blog.

Sorry for adding my flame me if you will. But I hope I'm not "attacked" for simply doing as sundance64 asked, but if anyone feels the need to. Please, by all so, I can take it.

Anyhow, on to the topic at hand...

How does one define the term "plain-jane"? Well, I decided to look it up in the dictionary, and I found 3 definitions...

1) (n) An ordinary-looking, average girl. 2) Not fancy or glamorous, as in ordinary. 3) Lacking adornment or pretension; basic or simple.

Now are these definitions correct? Do others define the term in any of the above 3 definitions? How exactly does one define the term "Plain-Jane"? Personally, to be honest...I'm not exactly sure myself.

However, this is how I feel...

I feel that all of the above 3 definitions fit pretty well, and it's how I'd answer the question. I'll also answer it in another way, with my own question...

Does anyone think of, or feel that country-western super star...Gretchen being a "Plain-Jane"?

Well, I remember watching an hour interview she had done a while back. In which, she herself said, and described herself as being a "Plain-Jane"

And in my opinion, I happen to think she's far from being a "Plain-Jane" in looks. However, after watching this interview and learning about her. Who and what she is as a person, yes! I would, without question, call her a "Plain-Jane"!

She also said, she felt that she is a "Plain-Jane" in the looks department as well. But I personally think she's a very beautiful woman! Check out her pictures, and tell me I'm wrong, and that she's not beautiful!

Personally, I'm MUCH more attracted to women who feel they are "Plain-Janes"! I find that beautiful women, who don't think of themselves as being beautiful, or think of themselves as being a "Plain-Jane"...such as Gretchen Wilson. Are far MORE beautiful, than even the most beautiful woman on the planet!

I also find confidence in a woman to be a huge turn-on! However, women I find women who are concieted to be a very huge turn-off! Meaning women who are concieted, and say they're beautiful...really aren't. But women who are confident in themselves, while feeling they're beautiful...are even more so!

I apologize for the long ass read...and for anyone I might have offended, or pissed off. I merely gave of my own opinion, and did so with honesty! So if anyone feels the need to "attack" me, I'm cool with that.

Oh I'd like to add just one last thing...

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. As it's been said on here. However, I like to take it one step saying...Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. And some even talk from theirs!

Jan 12 @ 8:10AM  
Right On Craveman,,,,,well said......A Plain Jane or Joe to be exact is a person that is just blah.....Their face has no good natural color....and don't know how to put on make-up or just don't want to......Their hair is just there....No Style and are happy with that....There clothes ....they don't have to keep up with the Jones' meaning a new style comes out and you throw out the old to be replaced every month or so....Does not matter their size,,,,shape.....or form....Just Plain.....Like they say when their young a ugly duckling.....but turns into a swan....only if they know how....This is the definition of what a PLAIN JANE IS IN CA.....Alot of Models and Movie Stars were found as Plain Janes....but their Makeup Artist bring out their features....Just My Thought.....Lena

Jan 12 @ 9:18AM  
The term plain jane refers to a woman who is neither ugly or particularly attractive. It's a derisory term as we all have our own ideas as to who is attractive and it is also sexist as I do not know of a male equivalent. If there was such a thing I would probably be one!

Jan 12 @ 9:39AM  
Let's get something straight here. First...I'm not offended by tuna's opinion. I did ask for honesty...and while I appreciate my friends jumping to my defense, it's really unnessesary. I happen to be one of those people who is comfortable enough in thier own skin that I can handle criticism. profile reflects my status. I'm not going to go into my reasons for being here...if you knew me (which you obviously don't) you wouldn't need to be told.
As for my pictures, if you're using Angelina Jolie (who I happen to think is beautiful, but very different from me)as a bar by which to judge then I feel sorry for any woman who happens to express an interest in you. I'm afraid most would probably fall short of your standard...and it would probably show. Regardless of your cry "embrace your plainness"...being plain has not just to do with looks. It's about how a woman (or a man) carries themself.
Your's is just one opinion...well, it's shared by one other person. are in the minority here. And more importantly...I disagree. I am not plain. That's my opinion...and in my case it's the only one that counts. answer to your first comment...which I still think is a joke. I was not asking if anyone thought I was plain. I don't need validation of my physical beauty. I know I'm beautiful. No...I'm no Angelina...I'm me. That's all I need to be.

Jan 12 @ 11:45AM  
Sunny I happen to think you are a hundred times better looking than Angelina Jolie and Canu is a lucky guy. Good luck with your move and I hope it all works out for you both.

Jan 12 @ 1:01PM  
Hey sunny you sexy beautiful vivacious WOMAN!!!! plain, wow no way!! plain is more than looks its personality or lack there of. I think mousey is a good description of a plain jane. All women are beautiful in there own way, sometimes they just don't know how to highlight the inner beauty to come out in their outer beauty.

Jan 12 @ 5:33PM  
LOL actually, it took me a while to think of a woman that MOST men would think is hot. Jollie and Alba were all that came to mind. My opinion of who I think passes as hot definitely differs from mainstream male opinions.

I in particular am into the intelligent looking kind. The librarian in glasses if you will. Unfortunately I can't think of a celebrity with such a look. I guess either Jillian Anderson (Skully from X-Files) or that "One time, in band camp" ladie from the American Pie movies would be the closest examples I can think of.

LOL so after all this attacking, arguing, debating, screaming, name calling and attacking one liners, did we answer your question about what a Plain Jane is?

Jan 12 @ 8:08PM  
First I hate people who first insult, then tell you they weren't insulting you. That is cowardly, and it serves to attempt to insult ones intelligence. Suppose I clarify my early comment by adding: I just thought you would enjoy the chemo and dragging an IV pole around while you shit your pants.

Did that lesson my wish that this nerdy little idiot get sun cancer?

No honey, to your question, beauty is entirely in the eye of the beholder, societal standards of beauty vary from culture to culture, and change with the times. In today times a plain jane figure would wear frumpy over sized clothes never revealing either cleavage, butt cleavage with low rise jeans, or wear a mid drift. A plain jane would shyly in the shadows and think the craziness most call their lives was just to much excitment.

Now we can go back a decade, but the 90's sucked, or to the 80's where plain janes dressed conservative and the other girls dressed slutty.

I let the cat out to soon, ah well, a plain jane is a woman who dresses to please herself not conform to fashion trends, and does not doll herself up to be more appealing to men.

Plain sweetheart you are not, never let anyone tell you differently. Though if you wish to be Jane, I'll play Tarzan.

P.S. in the future don't mistake my being so pissed as to only scribble a single line insult as a lack of intelligence, you are to fucking new here to throw any stones!

Jan 12 @ 9:39PM  
canuhelpme258 Don't be an arrogant prick. I never apoligized for what I said. I'll only apoligize when I find that I'm wrong about something.

sundance64 asked a question and I answered. Get over yourself.

Jan 12 @ 9:42PM  
he's not the one being an arrogant are! Just admit you're opinion doesn't carry any weight here and move the fuck on.

Jan 12 @ 10:00PM  
sundance64 You asked for our honest opinion and you wanted to know why I thought you were a plain jane. You're not one of the pretty ones. But who cares?

Jan 12 @ 10:10PM  
Are you really that stupid? Have you read anything except your own comments? I never asked you or anyone else if they thought I was plain. Get the fuck over yourself. Better yet...keep posting comments so all the ladies here can see just what kind of person you really are.

Jan 13 @ 5:32AM  
Okay, sundance64, what then was the point of you starting this blog? Were you concerned with how other Plain Janes faired in the eyes of men?

Jan 13 @ 5:37AM  
Yes honey, he is that stupid. Ignorance is curable, but this guy has a case of the terminally stupids. Let me type real slow for him. You read a blog asking if Plain Janes ever get guys, decided a discussion on Plain Janes was a good idea. This guy glanced at the cover of a book and read what he wanted to in between the lines. Now if I’m following this warped logic, first he is mildly insulting by calling you plain, attempts to correct that by telling you to be happy that you’re plain, then goes so far as to state he is attracted to plain. Somewhere his train of thought went off the tracks, had he started with “I’m attracted to Plain Jane types, extolled their virtues a bit, then made the statement that he found you a Plain Jane, he could have avoided being viewed as a condescending asshole.
Moi arrogant? Yeah, I’m a tad bit cocky, but I’m skeptical of anyone who pops up and simply starts causing trouble on one blog in particular, and pretty much has done nothing else since. Along the lines of the troll living in Straddle’s old blog, this one lives here. I will amend your phrase “stupidfuckingpeople” to stupidfuckingphoneypeople” to cover the bull shit going on right now.

Bottom line, you offended me, I never said I want an apology dip shit, just for you to stop attempting to talk yourself in friggin’ circles to confuse people into thinking you meant something entirely different from what you said. Insulting the intelligence level here at the grown up’s table never works, so run along little boy, beat your ole lady before you cuddle or whatever it is you get off on, and let the grown ups talk about grown up things. Just block the guy sweetheart and be done with him.

Jan 13 @ 6:09AM first I found you mildly amusing...only because I truly thought you were joking and I was willing, as always, to give the benefit of the doubt.
Now I believe you are just as previously described...a troll. If you had read the blog all the way thru, you would see what the original question was. If you didn't understand the should've just asked for further explanation. Instead, you come in here and keep up a line of discussion that has long since gotten tiring. I've explained these things to you more than once and you still don't get it...and you obviously won't get it since you seem to only hear what you want to hear. So...since you're remarks have gotten pointless and you refuse to stop and stay on topic...I'm blocking you. Not because I'm afraid of what you have to say or because I'm even a little insulted by your comments. As I explained before...your opinion carries no weight here and you're only here to try to gain attention by posting comments on popular blog.

Jan 13 @ 6:15AM  
oh...and just to prove MY point...why is it out of 15 or so people who posted comments on this blog...only one didn't get the point of it? Says something, doesn't it?

Jan 13 @ 4:39PM  
Man, this has gotten a little out of hand. To be honest, her blog asked a few little simple questions to people out there. Why would you (Tuna) take a shot at her and call her a "plain Jane" when she wanted to only know what a plain jane was? You could have given your opinion without really having to offend a person by calling her one. I don't think she's a plain jane at all. But I'm not here questioning your taste as far as women go. I just question the way you took a shot at her when that was undeserved.

Jan 14 @ 1:10AM  
guess i fall into the plain jane catagory

Jan 15 @ 8:32AM  
I believe its a lady that could really be hot if they would change the hair, apply a little make up. Also, some plain janes dress very conservative. A little change in the dressing.

Sometimes, plain janes are really great once they get their clothes off.

Jan 28 @ 12:10PM  
There seem to be a lot of double standards around here. When someone posts something others don't like to hear...they are immediately bashed and called a "troll"

Yet when I said Straddle sounded like a pig with his blog.....I received a bunch of replies telling me how wrong the name calling thing is.

This guy posted an opposing view in here and is immediately labeled a "troll" -- and straddle telling this guy to grow up is just comical.

I agree....after the initial comment he got carried away a bit, but so did several others.

As for the initial question......don't really know the answer. What appeals to one person may not appeal to another and I don't really consider anyone to be a plain jane.


Jan 28 @ 12:15PM  
Don't know why you call yourself "Plain" Raven....just read your essay and you seem "unique" and thats a great way to be!

As far as your career goes.......there's a special place in heaven for people like you.

Mar 2 @ 4:23PM  
plain = average

does average = ugly ?!?!

not always, but maybe

Mar 3 @ 11:04PM  
well to attack one in a blog seems like the norm here and it has its affect on me cause i stopped posting along time ago cause of the constant attacks on the blogs creater or others in the group so the ones that do the nitpicking will end the blog format in the end it willbe an empty space for them not to attack with a dull boaring plain mind

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