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Does religion matter when finding a spouse?

posted 10/14/2010 12:35:06 AM |
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Rhonda just posted a blog asking if politics mattered in a relationship. That reminded me of a blog I posted back in June 2009 asking if religion matters in finding a spouse. So I thought that I would post this tonight.

When searching for a soulmate, does religion really matter? Some people have a problem with this, while others don't care about a spouse's religion if it's different from theirs. Can it really work in a relationship and/or marriage for you if this was the case? What if your soulmate was an athiest, or agnostic, or even muslim, while you were a Christian, Catholic, Jewish, or any new religion, would you still marry that person? With so many newbies on here today, I thought that I would post this same question to them in an updated blog. Anyone is welcome to comment on this however.

For me, I don't think it used to be an issue with me when I was younger, but I certainly feel differently about it now. I would like for my spouse to share my faith.

The original June 2009 blog

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Oct 14 @ 12:38AM  
I'm an agnostic- next question please!!


Oct 14 @ 1:02AM  
As long as the person is not a fundamentalist of any religion I am ok with it. I do not deal with fanatics very well. I have dated people of other religions. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it did not, usually about the time I was invited to meet mom and dad who were pretty much old school about things. I did have one boyfriend's mother up north upon learning I was pagan said "Thank God, I was afraid you might be Southern Baptist. " She was Jewish and was afraid she was going to have to deal with a bible thumper. I had one on the other end of the scale who turned pale as a ghost and I thought she was going to pass out. Her son and I did not see each other very much after that. The point is that the difference of religion goes way beyond just the two people in the relationship. Somewhere along the line you are also going to have to deal with the religion of the family as well.

Oct 14 @ 1:10AM  
some people follow very obscure, obsolete religions, far out ones, real weird
ones. like they go the temple of aphrodite every night to pray for constant love.
or go to the temple of eros, to pray for constant eroticism to cum their way.
they have their secret religions they tell no one about. just becuz outwardly
they seem to be a certain religion is not necessarily what their heart believes
or thinks. they are just faking it, to stay alive in a world rather a mad mad world.
by james magner. collectivization of thought is not wise to my mind. and experience. you'll end up being everything and nothing. not even an individual
at all. unable to function independently ever again. the put your heads together
theory may not be good for the individual at all. who will decide what the
group will think? follow the leader. he who leads only himself no one else,
leads best. our leaders can't even lead themselves let alone us.

Oct 14 @ 1:21AM  
I don't care if they don't care, but I really don't want to be involved with anyone who is fanatic..

Oct 14 @ 1:23AM  
Absolutely. But that's all I gotta say about it. I don't discuss religion here....of politics.

Oct 14 @ 6:21AM  
As long as somebody is not overly zealous it would be workable if they didn't try to ram it down my throat.

Oct 14 @ 2:11PM  
I respect a person's beliefs as long as they respect mine. As I commented in the original blog, Mick's beliefs were different from what I was familiar with growing up...and, with my parents, Mom has Christian beliefs whereas my Dad has an Agnostic view.

It can work, as long as both respect the others views and beliefs.

Oct 17 @ 12:13PM  
Big Question is what drew you to that person, there smile there laugh kiss body or brains.
you care for who the person is and just care for every thing eles about them

its not about ass size breasts size or even dick size.

its about the brains and who the person is that drew you to them and left you head over heels in love with them

Oct 17 @ 4:33PM  
Religious values are very important. But not so much about the "what" religion. I happen to be Lutheran, so it might seem as though another Lutheran or perhaps Protestant Christian would be ideal. But that is not true.

A very narrow minded Lutheran would be a terrible fit for me. A very broad minded Jew, Buddhist or Wiccan or Agnostic might be a better fit. As long as he were not hostile towards Christians, church and organized religion as a whole. He should also not be apathetic about the ideals of religion, spirituality or philosophy either.

I see religions as being much like brands of detergent, and I am not about to argue about brands of religion or laundry detergent in this blog or any other...

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Does religion matter when finding a spouse?