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Back to School (First Erotic short I ever wrote)

posted 10/13/2010 1:15:52 AM |
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tagged: fiction, sex story, erotica

Hello everyone,

Just a brief introduction. A couple of years ago I was an extremely sexually frustrated virgin (hence my username which I now cannot change) and I used to vent my sexual frustrations by writing short little erotic stories about some dreams and fantasies I had. (Of course they are purely fictional). In any event, I was cleaning off my computer today and stumbled upon the first one I ever wrote when I was 18 or 19. I honestly didnt even realize I still had any of them, but thought I would share it, maybe some of you can tell me what you think....

I walked out of the school office, visitor pass in hand, making my way to the classroom designated on the pass. I was not looking forward to today I had just left high school and I didn’t really want to go back, even if it was just for a day to promote college and my university in particular to the students. I cursed my luck as I stepped into a big puddle of water splashing cold water up my leg, I looked up at the sky wondering where the sunny skies of only a few hours ago had gone, replaced by the rain and lightning pouring down on me. I was really cold; I was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans not expecting a cold rainy day. I looked at my watch, I was early too and the classroom door was locked. I closed my eyes, thinking back to the morning, waking up curled up naked in a warm blanket, warm blood flowing with a smile on my face from the good dream I was having, climbing into the shower, warm water running down my body...I was awakened abruptly from my day dream by a passing security guard who graciously let me into the classroom out of the cold rain. I closed the classroom door behind me locking it as the security instructed so as no students could get in before the teacher had arrived. I paced the room a little, warming up while my body adjusted to the warmer classroom. I didn’t have to wait long when I heard the classroom door opening, I stopped pacing and faced the door, waiting to greet the teacher and introduce myself. When the door opened I could hear her voice, it was soft, inviting, she laughed a little and I heard her say thanks as she backed in through the door. I figured she was talking to the security guard who was telling her that he had let me in, but I found out quickly I was mistaken. She closed the door behind her, her back still to the classroom. I probably should have said something right then but I was at a loss for words, I had never had a teacher that looked like this when I was in high school. She must have been in the rain for quite sometime because her hair was soaking wet. Without even realizing it I began to quickly scan her body. She was much shorter then I, and I scanned from the floor up I realized she too must have mistaken the mornings weather and assumed it would continue, she was wearing jeans that hugged her body and my eyes lingered a moment on her perfectly shaped butt. I could feel my pants tighten as my cock started to grow. She was wearing a very light colored top, that was literally soaked, but it may as well have been white cause I could clearly see her bra strap through the back of her shirt. I was literally entranced, I tried again to open my mouth to say hi, but I was cut off by her. Just perfect she muttered to herself, I cant wear this in front of my students. I realized quickly she was talking to herself and with her back to most of the classroom she still had not noticed I was there. I tried desperately to say something, but I couldn’t, all I could manage to do was stare. I couldn't believe my eyes when she quickly took off her soaked top. What was wrong with me, I blushed a deep red as I knew I was about to get caught as she begin to turn around wet shirt in her hand wearing nothing but a bra and skin tight jeans, it was as if each moment was a lifetime as she turned around to walk towards her desk. I took a mental image of each moment etching her figure into my mind every frame as she turned, as if I was examining individually the pages in a flipbook. As she turned completely around facing out into the room her eyes met mine. She just stood there for a moment staring at me, I was expecting her to scream, or run, or cover up, but she didn’t, she just stood there, her dripping shirt in her hand. I looked at her up and down, her perfectly formed breasts barely held back by her skimpy bra. Almost a full minute had passed and neither of us said a word or made a sound. I started to say something, to break the awkward silence between us, but she stopped me, walking closer, and holding her finger up to my lips to silence me, the second her finger touched my lips I quivered a little, I was extremely aroused my cock hard against my pants, I hoped she couldn’t tell, and I tried readjusting my pants a little as she walked by, but I could tell by the awkward, almost seducing grin on her face, she already knew. She brushed passed me purposely letting her body brush against mine and running her finger from my lips down the front of my shirt. I stared at her as she walked past me toward the door only a few steps away. I tried to speak again, but I couldn’t, it was as if she had some sort of power over me, all I could do was stare in amazement and try desperately to conceal my raging hard cock that was throbbing in my pants begging to be released. Walking straight to the door I watched tentatively as her hand reached up towards the door handle, I panicked, but only for a moment, thinking maybe she had intended to call for help, but it was quite the contrary, her hand reached gently up and turned the lock, the slight click breaking the otherwise total silence of the classroom. She turned around and smiled, her back against the door and looking dead into my eyes, she bit her lower lip a little and I watched as her eyes scanned down my body stopping on my pants, and the smile on her face widened as she realized just how aroused I was. She took a step back towards me pushing her body against mine, and forcing me back. I knew I could resist, I was much bigger and probably stronger then her, but I didn’t want to, she had total and completely control, I was powerless I left myself completely and quite literally in the palm of my hands. All she had to do was look at me, and it was if I could read her exact command in her eyes. I pulled off my shirt as she forced me back towards her desk. She smiled again, looking right into my eyes and moved her face closer, letting her lips touch mine for only a brief moment. Her lips were soft, supple, and I closed my eyes and quivered a little just from the very brief touch. I hardly even noticed her hand running down my chest as I quivered in ecstasy from just the feeling of her lips. She kissed me again this time longer and pulling me closer her breast pressed hard against me. My pants loosened a little and I realized she had unbuttoned my pants with her free hand. I could feel every click of the

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Back to School (First Erotic short I ever wrote)


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Oct 13 @ 1:19AM  
Hmm, didnt realize the blogs were so limited in length. If anyone is interested in reading the rest of this story, let me know and I can email it to you privately. Thanks for reading!

Oct 13 @ 1:34AM  
yeah we would tell how we got laid in detail male comrades and i. how you
got to it, and what happened. did ya fuck her? etc. did you eat her pussy? seems
silly somewhat. did ya get second base??? what kinda bra did she have on?
vicarious love.

Oct 13 @ 2:03AM  
Post the rest of the Story!!

Oct 13 @ 2:29AM  
Holy Christ,! my rocks are melting....

Oct 13 @ 9:25AM  
Yes, by all means, post the rest of it.

Oct 13 @ 11:24AM  
To be honest, I didnt expect such a response Ill post the rest here in the comments, it probably wont fit in one, since it seems like everything else is limited in length, so if comments arent to limited Ill post the rest in the next few comments...

I could feel every click of the zipper as my cock became slowly freer from the confines of my unbelievably tight pants. I breathed heavily as my cock finally sprang free hitting against the front of her pants as our lips were still locked and our bodies pressed together. She spun us around, putting her back to her desk and pushed me back a little. I kicked off my pants from around my ankles and stood there in front of her completely naked, my cock throbbing begging for attention. I stared at her trying desperately not to blink, not to miss a single moment of time basking in her beauty. She reached her hand down and unbuttoned her jeans sliding them down ever so slowly, until finally she was wearing only her bra and panties. She sat back on her desk, looking at me again, with those eyes, I took a step back towards her, closer enough to reach out and touch her, but I didn’t, not at first. I looked her over, she was wet, and I even through her panties I could tell she was excited, I rubbed my right hand up her leg gently making my way slowly towards her soaked panties. My left hand free I reached around her back and unhooked her bra, I was amazed how easily it came undone, falling quickly to the floor and I truly realized how restrictive her bra truly was, her erect nipples teasing me. I let my hand run down her body, my left hand reaching her waste just as my right hand did. My cock was unbelievably hard now, every second without attention felt like an eternity, but I ignored it. I knew I wouldn’t last long if I gave in temptation, and I wanted this moment to last forever. I slid off her panties with both hands leaving her completely naked sitting on the desk in front of me. I bent down over her, kissing her neck just below her ear while my hands explored the perfect curves of her body. Kissing her again, this time slightly lower at the base of neck. I cupped her breast in my hand gently squeezing it and I could feel her breath quicken a little. My free hand ran down her thigh as her juices began to run down her leg. I let my tongue wander her body finding my way her breast. I kissed her softly on the top of her breast just above her nipple. She leaned back a little but I held her in an upright position as my tongue and lips made my way further down her body. I bit gently on her nipple, first on her right, then on her left, letting my tongue flick across them, moistening them. I was so hard, I thought I was going to explode before I was even touched, I really didn’t think I could stand it anymore, but all I had to do was look in her eyes, and I was able to fight the urge of self gratification. I ran my tongue further down her body kissing down her stomach, lingering only momentarily between each soft press of my lips. Just as I reached her inner thigh, I felt once again her body quiver, tighten a little in my arms. I let her fall back, laying her gently on her desk as I knelt down before her. I kissed her clit, keeping my tongue in my mouth at first. I let my tongue run around her inner thigh, drinking in her spilled juices, but stopping just short of letting my tongue slide inside. I felt her hands touch my head, and push me, but only gently. Following her subtle command, I buried my head between her legs and kissed her again, this time letting my tongue lash out quickly and repeatedly. It didn’t take long to get going, with every flick of the tongue, she pushed harder and harder on the back my head, and despite my own extreme arousal and struggle to keep myself from Cumming I was still able to flick my tongue in and out. After what seemed like eternity but was probably only a couple of moments, I felt her body tense in my arms. Suddenly I felt her hands come off the back of my head and instead she pulled on my hair a little, forcing me to look up. She was once again sitting in an upright position, panting heavily with a wide smile on her face. She gently ran her hands on my cheek pulling my face towards hers; she kissed me drinking her own juices that remained on my tongue. Still kissing me she stood up, pushing her body against me once again. I thought for sure I was going to cum at the very touch of her body against my cock, but somehow I did not. She turned us around, this time forcing me back onto her desk. This time though she wasted no time with me in a sitting position. Forcing me quickly onto my back she climbed on top of my chest resting her body just above the top of my cock as if teasing me even further. She stared into my eyes, smiling rubbing her body against mine. I closed my eyes, fighting desperately the urge to cum. My moment had finally come; I felt her pussy press against the head of my cock, but despite her obvious arousal I could still taste on my tongue and the obvious fact that I wanted nothing more then to feel myself in side of her, she restrained from allowing the head of my cock to enter. I opened my eyes, and looked into hers, pleading her, but she ignored my gaze, and continued to simply grind herself against my cock. I closed my eyes again, and just as I did I felt my cock plunge deep inside her, taking me to the hilt. That was all it took, but not for me, I thought sure I was going to cum but I did not, it her instead that screamed loudly in ecstasy as her muscled tightened and squeezed my cock, holding her deep inside me. She collapsed onto my chest, my cock still buried deep inside her and still raging hard. She lay there for a second moaning, her full weight rested on me, muscles still contracted squeezing me tighter and tighter as if trying to milk me. Her breathing slowed slightly, and pushed her self up off my chest, but only half way, still letting her palms rest on my chest to support most of her weight and started to slide her self up and down on my cock. She was still squeezing me tighter and tighter but somehow she still managed to slide her self up and down on top of me. I could hear her breath quicken again, with every push, more and more of her weight resting back on me as she became closer and closer to Cumming again. I felt my cock pulse inside her, growing harder with every throb and every push. As she got tighter, I got harder, m

Oct 13 @ 11:26AM  
As she got tighter, I got harder, making it more and more difficult to slide in and out, and as a result making each push, each penetration more forceful and more fulfilling. We were both panting now, our breaths made in unison. I couldn’t hold out anymore, I bit my lip fighting the urge to explode inside her, wanting desperately to satisfy her once more before I came. My balls tightened and my cock pulsed with the final push, and just as I knew there was no stopping it, I felt myself burst inside her just as she collapsed once again into my lap, and we both just laid there, breathing heavily unable to move, my cock still buried deep inside her, and amazingly still hard. She climbed off me and smiled walking back towards the pile of clothes, purposely shaking her butt with every step, teasing and enticing me. She reached down to pick up her clothes, making it a point to bend completely over and again show off her perfect body. She stood up slowly, and walked a few steps further, once again bending over slowly to pick up my clothes in a pile beside hers. My cock was still hard, and I wanted nothing more then to take her again, but I didn’t, she stood back up and looked into my eyes, still naked standing before me and threw me my clothes. I wanted more, but I was of course completely at her disposal. And just as I buttoned my pants, I heard the unmistaken sound of the bell ringing to begin first period, and the knock on the door of her first period class was my queue to leave. I walked out the classroom door passing by the oblivious students as the entered the classroom to their well dressed, well mannered and un-mistakenly beautiful teacher unaware of anything that had transpired. And as I stepped into my car I to was unsure if what had happened, had really happened, and despite my cock still hard in my pants as I drove away as evidence I was still left in a state of disbelief. But it wasn’t until right as I pulled around the corner near my home that I realized I had left without ever giving my presentation to the students. I smiled to myself a little realizing I would “have to” return tomorrow to complete my task, but this time I thought, I would arrive even earlier.

Thanks again for reading! Glad you enjoyed it. If I find any more of my archived stories on this old computer Ill post them too for everyone to enjoy.

And I'm going to be a little biased here, but if you are a female, and you really enjoyed it, message me and maybe I can write a new one just for you .

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Back to School (First Erotic short I ever wrote)