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posted 10/12/2010 2:12:16 PM |
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tagged: friends, pets

Ok, I'm going to say it...this isn't about any of my pets, but, a dog my best friends parents had. Why? Read on and find out.

It was the summer I graduated high school, my best friend had just informed me she was pregnant. She was 16 at the time, and both of us had talked about going to college together. Well, now she had a baby on the way...and had the teenage can she be a mother when she's still a kid, etc... Anyway, the guy she was seeing offered marriage, and my friend agreed. Her parents weren't too keen on the idea as they knew the marriage wouldn't last..but, in the end, they agreed to let her get married. One day, she called me telling me she saw an ad for puppies, and that she wanted to go look at the puppies. She called, and was told there was only one puppy left, and it was a "first come first serve" thing. So, we got out there, and that puppy was already gone. Well, while driving out, (it was a trailer park), she spotted a mama dog in a yard with the cutest little puppy. She stopped the car, and while she was debating whether to knock on the door to ask about the puppy, a woman stepped outside and asked if we needed something. Well, my friend being who she is...simply said she was curious if they were looking to get rid of the puppy. And the woman said they were going to run an ad in the paper, but, if she really wanted the puppy, she could have it. He was this tiny little thing, fit perfectly in the palm of one's hand. So cute and tiny. And yes, he was 7 weeks old. So, she took him home. Her husband didn't know she had intended to get a puppy, but liked the little fellow anyway. Oh yeah, I should mention, the lady told us that they had called the puppy Opium. She told her husband that, and he said no way was the puppy keeping that name. He looked at the puppy and said, "well buckwheat, what are we going to call you?"..and my friend liked Buckwheat. So, that was his name.

Eventually, my friend and her husband moved out of that apartment and moved into a house. And, they were having problems. Fights. He would leave for a few days at a time, staying at his parents house. And it was like that off and on the remainder of their marriage. When she got close to her due date, they had a major blow up, and he took off to his parents house and was gone over a week. So...the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy, she, along with Buckwheat, stayed with her parents. I forgot to make one little mention...when she first got Buckwheat, her dad bitched about how she didn't need a dog. she and Buckwheat are, staying at her parents. And, she noticed her Dad, the one who bitched that she didn't need a dog, was spoiling that same dog. Little treats, food scraps, and eventually started bringing Buckwheat his own little hamburger from McDonalds. After my friend had her baby, she stayed another couple of weeks with her parents, and she noticed her Dad's spoiling of Buckwheat had gotten out of hand. She tried telling him to stop, but he wouldn't. She finally threatened her Dad that if he didn't stop spoiling Buckwheat, she would leave him there when she and the baby went home. He kept spoiling Buckwheat, and sure enough, when she was ready to move back home, she left the dog with her Dad.

So,her Dad now has Buckwheat, and like I said, he spoiled that dog rotten. How rotten? When her parents would go shopping, out to eat, visiting...when they would get home, Buckwheat would have chewed up carpeting, door frames, curtains, and area rugs. And when her Dad would scold this little monster dog...the little monster would have the nerve to hide under the car, in the garage, and growl! Eventually, her parents got tired of having to replace things when they would want to go out...and I became the "dog sitter". Don't laugh, made some good money off of that. I was paid anywhere from $10 to $50..depending on how long they were out. So it went for the next 9 years. I was taking classes, just started at the hotel, and "dog sitting". Buckwheat, he was such a cute little dog....I had this little game with him where I'd "howl" and he would answer. Every time I came over to my friend's parents house, Buckwheat would come to the door with them, and he'd run outside and sit in front of me and not move till he got me to "howl" for him.

He was a cute little dog. I miss him. My friend's Dad passed away August of 2007, so he's reunited with Buckwheat now.

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Oct 12 @ 2:36PM  
What? That's it? Not really. Buckwheat LOVED car rides. And anytime I was over to my friend's parents to visit, I'd have to be careful when I'd leave to make sure Buckwheat didn't hop in the car with me. And he was such a trip on family camping trips. My friend and I joined her parents on a camping trip one year, her son was just over a year old. Buckwheat on the first night slept with her Dad....then the second night, he slept with my friend and I, and he went back and forth like that for the week. Dinner time, he would sit by her Dad and wait for his handouts...and he would put his little paw on her Dad's knee while waiting. And, when my friend and I would take a swim out in the lake, Buckwheat would sit on the shore and bark till we came out of the water. Yeah, we learned to "sneak off" when he wasn't watching. That little dog acted more human than dog.

Christmas time....yep, her Dad ALWAYS got Buckwheat a new toy. And Buckwheat always enjoyed opening his presents. Christmas morning he was known to bark and jump on the bed to get his people up and moving so he could get his new toys. And he loved having snow balls was funny watching this little black dog plowing through a foot plus of snow. And he was so "ferocious" in that fenced yard. People walking by, or riding their bikes by would see this little black dog running the entire length of the fence just barking his little heart out. And when they were out of sight, Buckwheat would be strutting back, proud of himself for "chasing" them away.

He wasn't the friendliest of dogs...but to Buckwheat, I was family. He would jump up for me to pet him whenever he saw me. I remember my friend's Dad taking him with him when he'd go visit her, and running around like he thought he owned the place. Or when her Dad would pull in my parent's driveway, I always saw Buckwheat in the passenger seat of his truck, little tail wagging...happy to see either me or one of my sisters.

Well, that's Buckwheat. Wish I had a picture of him...he was such a cute little dog.

Oct 12 @ 2:40PM  
Sigh, isn't it amazing what we will do for and put up with from our furry little friends?

This story reminds me of my bosses dog Macapillar.. it was actually Rascal but he ran like a Mac truck and did as much damage as a Catapillar. so... anyway.. yeah.. I worked at a movie theater for 11 years and some change. Macapillar was the theater dog. Always there to greet people.. scared the crap out of some of the little kids til they got to know him.. cuz he was E Nor MOUS! Within five minutes though they were all crawling all over him. He loved it.

But Macapillar had a couple of vices.. he'd steal the popcorn out of your bucket while you were watching the movie.. and he had a very real fondness for Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.. .. yeah we knew chocolate wasn't good for dogs.. but he was so damned cute when he begged for em.. sigh. He was 13 when he stole his last popcorn. I miss that dog.

Oct 12 @ 3:13PM  
You had me at Buckwheat ...which btw is a very kewl name. Yeah...I know...I'm kinda easy. But I just can't help it...cuz I love a good pet story. And of course...this pet tale was no exception. Here's a greenie for you.

Oct 12 @ 3:34PM  
Absolutely fantastic story!

Oct 12 @ 4:10PM  
I loved the story!

Oct 12 @ 6:43PM  
What kind of dog was it or suspect he was?

Oct 12 @ 6:52PM  
great story...and everyone knows how much i love the Jaker, but I would never tolerate that type of behavior...

Oct 12 @ 7:12PM  
Buckwheat was a cockapoo mix.

This picture is one that is the closest I could find to what he looked like. Of course, Buckwheats ears were smaller, he had a white splotch on his chest and his coat wasn't quite as wavy..but it's close.

Cockapoo Mix

Oct 12 @ 7:52PM  
That was a nice story! He knows how to train people to get what he wants- which reminds me... did I ever tell you my name is Buckwheat too??


Oct 12 @ 9:48PM  
have to agree, pets are the greatest. my own, 90# pit bull has got to be the greatest dog who has ever lived with me. he is a brindle and unlike the horror stories u hear about, he would rather lick u to death rather than bite u.
thanks kiddo

Oct 13 @ 12:04AM  
I was thinking..."Oh-tay"...for some reason...WTF?!!!

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