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posted 10/11/2010 8:16:14 PM |
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tagged: hot, cooking, peppers, sex

A blog written by RJ53 the other day called “How hot do you like it ?” brought to mind a memory of something that happened once upon a time. It was both funny and painful at the same time and I thought maybe some of you have had a similar experience you might be willing to share ??

As I’ve said before we tend to eat a lot of hot foods in this house and one weekend when I had a gentleman friend over he asked me to make him our “famous” pepper casserole he had heard about. He asked if he could help and I happily let him cook the sausage and hamburger and make the salsa rice with instructions from me while I was busy with cleaning, seeding and chopping the peppers.

This recipe takes a lot of peppers so it took me longer to prepare the peppers than it did the rest of the dish and we chatted while I finished up with him snitching a piece of pepper every now and then. He remarked that they weren’t very hot and I tasted a couple and agreed. Some of the peppers that year weren’t very hot at all for some reason, however by the time I finished with them both my hands and lips and mouth were burning from handling and tasting them. We kissed a few times while I was chopping and joked some about the “hot sex” we would have later when he got a little of the heat from the peppers on my lips …. Little did we know.

I washed my hands, soaping up and rinsing several times and we mixed everything together and put it in the oven to cook. It came out a beautiful golden brown and we enjoyed it so much that both of us were quite stuffed by the time we finished eating.

We did up the dishes quickly afterwards, with me washing and him drying then we settled in to watch a movie. After the movie we chatted for a while and things started getting frisky so we moved to the bedroom.

I was reluctant to touch him as my hands and lips were still burning quite a bit even though I had washed them several times as well as doing the dishes ~ try making love to someone without touching or kissing them sometime ~ but he insisted that it would be ok as his lips were still mildly burning also.

As we got a little more involved I noticed that he had stopped kissing and said something about it and he said that his lips were really on fire at that point. We giggled about it together and made a few jokes about “hot lips” and what to do with them. Once again I asked him if he was sure he wanted to continue and he made it very evident that the answer was yes by asking me if I would continue on a little further south. I asked him if he was really, really sure he wanted to continue and he once again said yes and placed his hands over mine to push them lower then gently pushed my face in the same direction.

Boy was that a mistake !! Within about 10 minutes he was gasping and moaning and writhing around and it wasn’t in ecstasy !! I was both horrified and trying very hard not to laugh as he said maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. He said at first it was bearable … actually a little pleasurable but it soon began to get painful and by the time he let me know he felt like his entire groin area was on fire !!

I apologized over and over again through my giggles. Needless to say we didn’t finish what we started. He spent about ½ hour in the shower washing and washing and washing and washing and washing ……..

We are still friends and I tease him that at least he will never forget me and I have given him at least one unforgettably “hot” experience …..

So now do any of you have any similar stories ??? If so I'm sure we would all enjoy hearing about them !!

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Oct 11 @ 9:03PM  
Hmmmmmmmmmm somebody must have liked reading it judging by all the views !! Thanks !!

Oct 11 @ 9:12PM  
It'll push it to the main page!!!!! About time too! Cause between straddle and kitkat.. they have taken those spots over! Other than a few occasional blogs that come and go! Theirs just say!

I remember when you told me this story! It cracked me up!!!! I'm so glad you took the time to post it!

I'm sure your friend has recovered ....... nicely..............

Oct 11 @ 9:14PM  
I meant to say that their's just sTay!!!!!!!!

Oct 11 @ 9:27PM  
Hmmmmmmmmmm somebody must have liked reading it judging by all the views !!
Yeah, this has been done to some of my blogs as well over recent months by a certain someone that throws 10 of their blogs on the first page alone. It's nice to know some of us has fans out there that will do this for us though.


Oct 11 @ 9:49PM  
I was in California on a service call with a co-worker of mine- it was more of a OJT training service call! Sometimes, a customer will offer to take the service guy out to lunch because he's happy his manufacturing equipment will be up and running soon!

The three of us went to a Mexican restaurant! I've said before that it has to be hot enough to make my forehead sweat or it's not good enough for me anyway! My order was a fairly large burrito smothered in the restaurant's special sauce! Part of the ingredients in the sauce, were some green peppers- they kinda looked like cut up okra, with the seeds in them! I took about 6 or 7 bites of the burrito and the inside of my mouth started to heat up! It kinda of snuck up on you!

After a minute or so, my mouth started to burn bad- while I'm trying to douse the fire in my mouth with water, my co-worker starts to laugh and says: "tastes good doesn't it?" I said: "yeah... right- in about two minutes, you need to take me directly to the hospital!"

Those were the most powerful peppers I've ever had! Wish I could remember the peppers name- so I can avoid them at all costs!


Oct 11 @ 10:10PM  
WOW!! You're up to 203 views!!! That's just righteous!!

Keep it up .......who ever you are!!


Oct 11 @ 10:30PM  
I dunno about Pepper juice, though my dad found out the hard way once.. had to pee while we were making salsa.. heh.. oops..

but toothpaste.. that's a whole new experience. Oh my how .... refreshing.

Oct 12 @ 4:37AM  
I've never had that experience!!

I've done like the Skwirls dad...many times!!! I use to fix hot poppers (home made) most every weekend prior to a Race!!!
Knowing what I know now...I will use thin rubber gloves from now on..when working with hot peppers!

Did Yall try Ice? Just asking

Oct 12 @ 5:31AM  
Great story. I never had any experience like that or even heard about one.

Oct 12 @ 9:21AM  
ummm well...dependns on WHAT part of the story i comment on ...but..i can tell you this....let's pass on HALL cough drops

Oct 12 @ 9:37AM  
OMG!! That is too funny!

No, I've never had anything like that happen. Closest to "hot" I ever got was when I was at my friends parents and they were making batch hot, the other batch mild. I love tamales..and I just grabbed one. I remember her Mom starting to tell me I wouldn't want that one..but, too late. Already bit into it.....took all of maybe 15 seconds to head for the sink and down some water. Her parents had a good chuckle over that.

Oct 16 @ 7:28PM  
he asked me to make him our “famous” pepper casserole he had heard about.

any chance ya make it without the rice and i'll have a few bowls

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