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posted 10/11/2010 12:12:35 PM |
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Yep,the picture to the left, that's her. My little Sasha. She's part of the reason I have 5 dogs. Wasn't her idea was my German Shepherd's idea.

I had just gotten settled into the new house the time, it was me, Apache, Ming, Kitana, and Buddy. Now...let me explain here before I confuse anyone...I've already blogged about Apache, Ming was Mick's cat...a smokey Himalayan with blue eyes...beautiful cat. She died 2 years ago..old age. Kitana..that is my bird (cockatiel) who will be going to my parents house for the winter. And Buddy, he was a Quaker Parrot I had. So..all in all, when I moved into this house, I had 1 dog, 2 cats, and 2 birds. Wow!! How it's all changed now.

So...onto Sasha's story. A year after I had moved in here, my sister's lab mix, Tara, had a litter of puppies. Out of a litter of 7 puppies, 5 were black, and 2 were brown/tan colored. I tried staying away from my parents house...I love puppies...and knew if I went over there and saw them...I'd fall in love with one of them. Well, as it would happen, I had to go to my parents house for something..don't quite remember now. And silly me...I checked out the puppies. Their eyes weren't quite opened yet...and their little noises were so cute!! And Tara, she came out to greet me and "show off" her brood. I remember hearing one of the puppies start crying in a distressed manner, and Tara was upset. What had happened was this puppy got itself caught up under the blanket and couldn't get out..and Tara was upset. So, I "saved" this little wanderer. It was one of the brown puppies...actually, sandy in color..the other "brown" puppy was more of a ginger color. And, you guessed it....I got attached to this little puppy I saved. But...I was telling myself I don't need another dog. Yeah...I really listened to myself.

When the puppies eyes opened, and they were starting to romp, I found myself falling more in love with the sandy colored pup. She was a rowdy little brat..always picking on the others...and barking. (Should have known she would be loud back then! ) And my sister kept pushing me to "adopt" her. And when the puppy was 4 weeks old, I told my sister I would take her...and I named her Sasha. Of course, I left her with her mother until she was properly weaned. And about that time, my sister had a bit of a blow up with our Dad, and asked if she could stay with me. I said yes, but she had to help with bills and do her part in keeping the house clean. I remember the day she was to move in, I was laid up with a damn stomach flu I called my sister to let her know, and that it was up to her if she wanted to wait or not. She chose to move in anyway. She already had a key to the house, so I told her to go ahead. I knew when she arrived...she had Sasha and Ben (he was one of the puppies she kept) and Tara with her...and Ben is vocal also. He was barking when she came in. She came into the bedroom with the 2 puppies, and put them on the bed. I could have killed her at that moment!!! with Sasha began.

She was such an adorable pup....big brown eyes in that little brown face. And she was so playful. Actually, she still is. She and Ben were always romping...and my German Shepherd, he was trying to be pack leader with them..but those stubborn pups were bent on ignoring him. It was chaotic at times, but the kind of chaos one can laugh at. Anything breakable I had already put up or away. Been around enough puppies to know if it's valuable...they zero in and will chew on it and forget the toys you buy for them. Eventually, my sister and our Dad patched up their argument..and she moved back home. Mainly because she wouldn't keep a job and knew I was getting a bit fed up with her lack of employment. So, now it's down to me, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 birds. And for any wondering, no, the cats were most definitely NOT happy about 2 rambunctious puppies in their house!


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Oct 11 @ 12:26PM  
When Sasha turned 6 months old, she went into her first heat. I had it all planned out. When she went into heat, she was to stay at my parent's house till she was out of heat. About a week and a half there, my Mom told me it appeared she was done with her, I brought her home. Took only 5 minutes for my German Shepherd to show me that Sasha was NOT out of heat. I was really hoping she was past her fertile stage. Nope, no such luck. I noticed a month or so after that her tits were filling and her belly was growing. She gave birth on New Years day...I remember that well because she and I had a very serious discussion about her choice of my bed being the place where she was going to have them. I won btw. And, I had to miss work that day. I got her set up in a little area away from the other animals where it was quiet. For her first litter, it was big...would have been 8 puppies, but one was a still born. And Sasha, for being so young, was a good mamma dog. Very protective. She wouldn't let the "proud papa" anywhere near the puppies for the first 3 weeks. If he tried, my gentle little Sasha would show her teeth..quite surprising since she's always so lovable. btw...I do still have pictures of that litter here on my profile.

And out of that litter, there was one little pup that just caught my attention, she was so cute. And such a little a little tasmanian devil..I nicknamed her Tazz at that time. And yeah, I had decided I was going to keep her. Eventually the time came to put the puppies in the paper to find them homes. I wasn't going to put them in the free ads....too many jerks around here with pit bulls who comb the free ads for puppies and kittens to use to make their pits mean. I was charging for them. People would come to look, and I began to notice one puppy in particular would run and hide behind the couch and bark nonstop whenever people were around. And it was a challenge getting him out from under that couch!!! That turned out to be Buddy. Kind of hard to convince people to want a pup that doesn't shut up. And then there was the one pup, she looked like a golden retriever, and just the friendliest little pup...always the first to greet people...yet, no one wanted her because she was "too friendly". wtf???? Well, that is Princess. original intent of only 2 dogs turned into 5.

And all "know the rest of the story."

Oct 11 @ 2:47PM  
I feel ya.. I feel ya a lot. it's so easy to fall in love with the adorable lil critters.

Oct 11 @ 6:51PM  
I really love your pet stories Sugar.

I'm sitting here drinking my chai latte...while I read all about your furry family members. A wonderful treat indeed...and definitely a nice way to spend a few minutes on a lazy afternoon. Thanks so much for sharing.

Here's a green cookie for Sasha.

Oct 11 @ 7:24PM  
Nice story sugar, i can see you really love your animals

Oct 11 @ 7:27PM  
Love the stories about your dogs. A greenie for you to share with Sasha

Oct 11 @ 9:29PM  
I can totally relate with you on this, Dawn.

Oct 24 @ 10:38PM  
Max is cooler and oh,by the way...Hawks Ruke!!!.... Had to do it You know how I

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