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Our Little Pervian Family

posted 10/8/2010 8:28:14 PM |
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tagged: fun, life, amd, thoughts

I was reading WhisperingComet’s blog BWI earlier today…and before I knew it…I was laughing so hard…I couldn’t stop for a couple of minutes. The banter between some of the peeps in her blog comment section is what got me so tickled…and I thought to myself…OMG…we are such a dysfunctional family. I mean a REALLY dysfunctional family. Now…before you get on some darn soapbox…and begin telling me how nuts I am…simply take a moment and really think about it.

This is how I see our little Pervian family.

WoW is the somewhat grumpy…sometimes rude…occasionally crude patriarch of the family. He has good days and bad days…and his moods dictate how he interacts with the group.

Ms. Comet would be the delightful…yet goofy mom…who really loves her wine…and her sex…just not necessarily with the patriarch…and is not afraid to flirt with any hunk of a specimen who might cross her path. She even has her very own furry sidekick to complete the picture. Can you say Jake?

Night would be the wise elder grandfather of the group who doesn’t put up with rudeness or fighting…and is loyal to the very end when it comes to his family and friends. His words spark awe in those around him…and his roosts are the talk of the town.

Ms. Softie would be another one of those elders we look up she’s the spinner of great stories that make you laugh your arse off…or have you fantasizing about the cutie next door. Either way…her stories are the cat’s meow.

Skwirl is that madcap aunt who everyone wants to live with because she lets you drink…get high…play with kewl art stuff…and experiment with fun “toys”…if you promise to wash them off. She also tells really wacky fairytales…and she likes nuts…so don’t forget the nuts when you go for a visit.

OneHornyToad is that crazy uncle who lets you play with his power tools…loves hanging out with his dog…and LOVES TO YELL AT ALL THE RELATIVES IN EMAILS. He’s a huge jokester …a sports lover…and a beer drinker to the very end. But he’s got a huge heart…and that’s why all the kiddos love to visit him.

Straddle is that distant second cousin who sparks both irritation and curiosity …because he seems to be one of the last true conservative republicans alive …and he takes great pride in schooling all of those around him. He’s also one of those kinky types who really love specific types of sex…and isn’t afraid to share his preferences.

LadyRamRod is another distant cousin who loves to tell jokes and won’t take crap from anyone. If you get on her bad side…she's not likely to forgive…before making the offender eat lots of crow. Just ask WoW. Rumor has it that he’s been eating crow for years.

Ms. Bunny is the big sister who knows a little bit about everything…from modeling to gardening…and is always quick to offer a shoulder to cry on if the need should arise. She’s friendly …yet very discreet …and she never fails to fling a “big humdinger” if someone is being unfair to one of her family members. She can be quite outspoken if she feels compelled to step up and offer her support. In other words…if you’re being a “dick”…she’s probably going call you one. My advice…don’t be a dick…and you’ll get along famously with this sis.

Ynot is the defender in the family…and is everyone’s favorite great-uncle. He’s quick to defend the picked on…and has little patience for idiots. Although…he has no problem toying with so-called idiots…until he decides to eventually dispose of them. He’s also a huge jokester …and he’s very dependable when it comes to his family. In other words…you don’t want to be on his bad side.

Ewe_Wish is everyone’s favorite great-aunt because she’s so much fun to be around. She’s incredibly witty…very endearing…and quick to find different ways to get into mischief. She’s happiest when she’s up to something…and Ynot is usually her sidekick in crime. Her stories are amazing…and her pranks are a work of art. Many aspire to walk in her shoes…but few ever reach her level of expertise.

Aftershox is another aunt who is known for being a bit mysterious. She can come off as somewhat stand offish…but she’s really just being discreet. Rumors surround her…yet she never feels compelled to answer to anyone. She’s a true explorer when it comes to sex…and her tastes are a bit left of center…but that’s what makes her so intriguing to the rest of the family.

Flavorbuster is that crazy younger brother that can NEVER control his mouth. Things jump into his brain…and then spill out of his mouth…without any editing whatsoever. You frequently hear FLAVOR being yelled throughout any given day…and we’ve all come to realize that it’s just Flavor being Flavor. I guess that’s what makes him so endearing.

Ms. Pink is that fun-loving sister who loves to shop…do fun girlie things…and undertake fun projects. She is quick to accompany you into any situation…and she will have your back until the very end. Just don’t share a room with her…unless you LOVE the color pink. Just think Pepto-Bismol poured all over everything in sight…and you’ll get the picture.

Tassie is that crazy second cousin that lives in the “Land Down Under”. He’s great about telling jokes…stirring the pot…and jumping in and creating chaos whenever the mood might strike. He also talks kinda funny…but you didn’t hear that from me.

Hog is that long-lost cousin who just returned from the longest motorcycle road trip ever to be taken. No one knows where he’s been all this time …but he came back with tons of funny stories and jokes to share.

RevDocLove is our beloved great-uncle who has been MIA since his computer bit the dust a few months ago. Speculation is rampant about where he is…what he’s doing…and when he’s coming back. One thing’s for sure…his missed a lot.

Somnium is the big brother of the clan who knows a little bit about everything…and is really great at problem solving all those pesky little technical problems that might arise. He’s also really into cuddles …so don’t be surprised if he up and gives you a big bear hug…because that’s just the way he rolls.

Sunshine is the baby of the family. But don’t let that fact fool you… because this sis likes her toys…and she could probably teach as all a thing or two about the best toys out there. She’s also known for asking “Wanna Fuck?” throughout any given day. A few lucky souls have been blessed…but most still wish for the impossible dream to occur.

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Oct 8 @ 8:32PM  
SugarnSpice is the sister who is very wise…but isn’t afraid to throw caution to the wind…and have a little bit of fun. She is very diplomatic…when she’s not pissed…and she is as loyal as they come. She’s a the person to take along when you need to sweet talk someone…or put someone in their place. The bonus is her awesome taste in music…and her super silly pet stories.

Yep…we definitely have a very eclectic family. Some might call it dysfunctional…or weird…or maybe even bizarre. I just call it Pervia…and that’s good enough for me.

Feel free to add any peeps I forgot to mention…or your own observations about our little online family.

In other words...You're turn...

Oct 8 @ 8:45PM  
I just think you are wonderful for posting this!!!!!!!!!!!

You pretty much nailed everyone!!!

And like bunny... you are so very diplomatic too!!

I love you Kat!!!

Oct 8 @ 8:58PM  
I miss Sunshine..... and revdoc.......... and ewe.... and well... those that haven't been here for a while.


Oct 8 @ 9:03PM  
Straddle is that distant second cousin who sparks both irritation and curiosity …because he seems to be one of the last true conservative republicans alive
There's more conservative republicans out there than you think. Maybe not so much on here, but there's a lot of us.

He’s also one of those kinky types who really love specific types of sex…and isn’t afraid to share his preferences.
Oh yeah, you nailed this about me.


Oct 8 @ 9:10PM  

Grandfather But I'm sooo young darling.

Here kitty,kitty. Come to grampa

Oct 8 @ 9:16PM  
Well darn it ,can't I at least be a neighbor. I'll try to keep the pipes on the Harley quite when I come home.

Oct 8 @ 9:18PM  


Oct 8 @ 9:27PM  
I am Misunderstood! Is that My Bad?
Hey..... yall need to learn Southern Red!!!
Thanks for the mention!!!

Oct 8 @ 9:58PM  
because that’s just the way he rolls.

Heh... are your insinuating I'm a rolly polly??

Thanks for the mention KitKat!


Oct 8 @ 10:50PM  
WoW is the somewhat grumpy


Oct 8 @ 11:33PM  
BWI....and loving me some kitkat!

Oct 8 @ 11:45PM  
Aw thanks for the mention Kat...I started a Halloween story but I haven't had time to post it...afraid I can't keep it going until I get this packing done.

Good blog....kudo...

Oct 9 @ 12:01AM  
This was great....

I might have to start writing blogs so you can get to know me....

Oct 9 @ 12:55AM  
Very nice thank you

Oct 9 @ 1:19AM  
OMG…we are such a dysfunctional family.

You think?

Oct 9 @ 1:44AM  
wow! I didn't expect to come home to such a wonderful welcoming blog!If it is to be done, our lil Kit Kat is the one that can do it, Thanks so much for putting the cards into place. it really helps when thinking of us as a whole to know the pieces. If ya really knew me, ya would just say...Oh...that's Auntie Mame...but ya did good and I am proud of you, ...when did I ever call anyone a dick???? ...kudo honey!

Oct 9 @ 3:21AM  
and on a good day, we put the fun in dysFUNctional!

Oct 9 @ 7:49AM  
Oh my you nailed it on everyone LOL great maybe you should put this in the beginning of our family tree??

Oct 9 @ 9:25AM  

and I am honored!

Oct 9 @ 10:12AM  

..peeking in this Sat morning incognito...You must have known I was gonna peek. I saw this blog and thought I wouldn't be part of the family anymore...LOL..

Thanks! I guess I really do feel like part of this dys FUN ctional family!

Oct 9 @ 6:04PM  
Don't you just love our little Pervian family? I know I do.

Oct 9 @ 7:17PM  
I think you hit the nail on the head, Kat! Very perceptive of you! A green thingy for ya!

Oct 10 @ 4:58PM  
Ahh but you left out KitKat.. the adorable, lovable lil sex kitten. Everyone loves her for being so unique and open and caring.

Oct 16 @ 9:40PM  
Don't you just love our little Pervian family? I know I do.
I agree!

Oct 16 @ 10:14PM  
Ahh but you left out KitKat.. the adorable, lovable lil sex kitten. Everyone loves her for being so unique and open and caring.
A kitten? I thought she was a piece of chocolate that everyone enjoyed nibbling on!

I spose we can all nibble on a kitten too, so cute and adorable.

Oct 17 @ 10:53PM  
I see... not even an honarable mention... hell... not even a dishonorable mention at that.... I feel... left out.

I'll just go sit in my corner now...

Oct 18 @ 2:50AM  
Internet imitating life, tsk. My real family leaves me out, too. I'll be over here with Shadow

Oct 18 @ 7:26AM  
Luna dear, as I recall this was posting during the time that you were leaving, as you had no peers here, and was never coming back,

I find your comment to be uncalled 2cents

Oct 18 @ 7:37AM  
hmm, how did i miss this ....

He also talks kinda funny…but you didn’t hear that from me.

pfft, hasn't stopped you from wanting this lean mean luvin machine

Nov 7 @ 8:12PM  
I have noticed over the past 4 years that the Pervia family has grown, yet through our trials and tribulations there has always been one who stuck out as not being part of the camaraderie. If there is a problem we might need help with, a situation we might need advice about, or a serious problem with family, friends or a death or accident that has changed our lives; this person has NEVER offered any concern or condolences or prayers.
A family cares for each other. We are that way. We should be on each others sides about anything that happens. I got your back, you have mine sort of situation. Some just care about their selves, and that is unfortunate.
Thank you all for having my back and realizing as I have the ones that disappear unless it is about them...they are the unfortunate that will never have anyone on their side and it is always about the "mines" in their life....they will never understand that until you give wholeheartedly they will never be perceived as a loving individual.

Nov 7 @ 8:19PM  
WAM!! nuff said!

Nov 7 @ 8:38PM  
...ditto!...thanks Pink for being there when I had to make a point. It is "WAM"...and can't be is what is is and very sad.

Jan 21 @ 8:46AM  
Wham Bam, Thank you ma'am and my buddy Miss Pink too

And all others who were concerned

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