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I saw the strangest thing....

posted 10/8/2010 3:42:23 PM |
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so, im at the grocery store, the same one that my dress blew up to my arm pits...

I am standing calmly in line, I glance around...and make a weird eye contact with a young girl about 13 or 14, as she is taking a pair of sunglasses off the display spinner....

I really think she had planned to pocket them, but after we made this weird eye contact, she walked over to what i assume was her mother, and demanded $13...then she said she would settle for $8, as she had $5...

as i contunied to put my groceries on the check out stand, i hear the mother say..."well, I can put the milk back"

PUT THE MILK BACK.... to buy

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Oct 8 @ 4:12PM  

Reads as if she is, one very spoiled brat.I was the best Mum in the World at saying "No", to my children.


Oct 8 @ 4:18PM  
ahhh shit, my kids knew better than to ask something that stupid...putting back a gallon of milk for pink sunglasses, just because she wanted to prove to "me" that she never planned to steal them...i say again...what the fuck?

Oct 8 @ 4:28PM  
I would have made her put them back. I have done it more than once in a store. I remember one time when my oldest son was about five he had a meltdown because I would not buy him a toy. I walked calmly out of the store with him kicking and screaming tucked under my arm like a football. Took him home and gave him something to kick and scream about. For some reason this generation of parents do not seem to have the word no in their vocabulary. Those kids are in for a rude awakening when they hit the real world on their own.

Oct 8 @ 4:55PM  
well rj, after i have given it some thought....i think it was her grand mother, coz this lady was at least as old as me...only ":rode hard and put up wet" but they didnt "appear" to be in a financaly position to buy $13 sunglasses

Oct 8 @ 5:36PM  
so, im at the grocery store, the same one that my dress blew up to my arm pits...

a visual i might mention will live in my mind forever...and ever.... i'd say sorry for lalffing at your situation BUT you know me too well and you'd never buy my story so lets say i'm laffing WITH You ....


ummm short comment....MY MOM woulda said NO .ONCE...2nd time i'd have (her phrase) ''spit my teeth out like Chicoletts* (old chewing gum for the young crowd)

Oct 8 @ 5:39PM  
But they were PINK though!!

Nah... I wouldn't have done that.... milk is more important than some silly sunglasses for a spoiled ass kid... bet she was pissed when she got home and had no milk for her cereal!!!!!

Oct 8 @ 5:44PM  
umm should i add that MY last pair of sunglasses weren't that much???? and PTN ....NO they weren't pink either

Oct 8 @ 5:56PM  
{email address removed},in pink sunglasses

Oct 8 @ 7:11PM  
Her ass would have been at least pink If she even tried something like that on my watch!

Oct 8 @ 7:12PM  
My Mom wouldn't have put the milk back, the sunglasses would have been put back. And if any of us pitched a fit...she would give us a good reason to be pitching a fit when we got home.

I think some of why parents today don't say no is that they don't want to deal with the tantrums in public.

Oct 8 @ 8:02PM  
My mom would have given the weird eye contact... at which point, you would automatically turn around, put the sunglasses back on the rack, helped her put the milk in the cart, and then tried to avoid further eye contact with her for the rest of the day while being completely silent. She never really had to spank us... she had a stare that would have made Hitler disband his army, the SS, and tell everyone to go home and forget about world domination.

Oct 8 @ 8:56PM  
What I wanna know is .... where were you shopping that milk costs $8 ???

Oct 8 @ 9:11PM  
Definitely not the best example of parenting...but something that is seen more and more unfortunately.

Oct 8 @ 11:42PM  
WHO DE WHO...bwi!

Oct 9 @ 7:00AM  
I have to say my mother and I would have handled this situation the same...there would have been "the look" that said "if you say one more word without putting those glasses back you WILL regret it" and if that word was spoken...MAY THE ASS BEATING COMMENCE right then and there...the embarrassment is part of the punishment...

I have seen similar where I live and it is all I can do to not personally teach the little shit a lesson myself

Oct 9 @ 10:35AM  
Some things shouldn't cost $13 dollars. Like sunglasses, especially if you are not spending that $13 as a result of the fruits of your own labors.

I have $1 sunglasses and I actually do also have $13 sunglasses -- except they are prescription sunglasses I bought online ($8 for frames and lenses ply $5 for tint). I would never pay $13 for grocery store sunglasses.

I worked hard to teach my daughter the meaning of "No" and "That is too expensive" at a very young age. Instead of asking if I will buy something for her, she would ask "Is this too expensive?".

Once in the Dollar Store, she asked in a very loud voice "Is this too expensive, Mommy?" and I responded with a straight face and a clear voice "Yes, that is too expensive?" and made the rest of the customers in the store laugh. It was probably something that wasn;t worth $.50 so it really was "too expensive" when priced at a dollar!

Oct 9 @ 11:38AM  
that reminds me of a story about my nephew....he was about 4 years old and at the grocery store with his father,

he picked up a package of country ham and said "dad, if we win the lottery, can we buy this"

oh, and i would pay$13 for sunglasses either

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I saw the strangest thing....