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A Blog Series…Your Opinion Of PinkToeNails

posted 10/6/2010 8:22:31 PM |
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tagged: fun, friends, opinion, life, amd

Continuing on with our blog series…our next peep to be showcased from the land of Pervia is our very own “Queen of Pink”…Ms. PinkToeNails.

With Ms. Pink…you never know what’s going to come out of her mouth …but you know it will be entertaining…and something worth listening to because with this peep…humor and fun go hand-and-hand.

Ms. Pink is a true lover of all things pink. I’ve been trying to get her to see other colors…but she’s still not buying what I’m selling…and has pledged her allegiance to the almighty pink. I keep telling her it’s a work in progress…but she just smiles sweetly …and continues to buy more pink!

All joking aside…this peep has a huge heart…and isn’t afraid to stand by her convictions. She is quick to embrace new people and old friends alike …but she will not put up with any unnecessary crap …and will tell you what you can do with said crap with lots of humor…style…and colorful words.

Ms. Pink is our resident "Birthday Coordinator"…and she’s quite good at her job. Since she took over this post…I don’t think a single birthday in Pervia has snuck past her. I truly love the way she makes each birthday peep feel very special on their big day…with her incredibly fun and engaging birthday blogs. She pens them with such warmth and hospitality each and every time she writes one. Yes…to say she is good at her job…is actually a huge understatement because IMHO…she rawks!
I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know Ms. Pink over the past year…and it has been an absolute joy indeed. She is the kind of person that people are proud to call a friend…and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be one of those lucky souls.

So this blog is for you Ms. Pink. May you always have a birthday blog to write…a sassy peep to put in their place …and as much pink in your world as you truly desire.

Feel free to leave a comment about Pink…and stay tuned next week…when I will shine the spotlight on another talented and much loved peep residing in the city limits of Pervia.

Your turn…

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Oct 6 @ 8:37PM  
Donna is one cool chick. I had the pleasure of talking with her a couple of times over the phone recently. Her accent is very thick, and she has a heart of gold. She doesn't put up with crap and speaks her mind, and never lets people run over her. I respect that in person. I'm honored to call her a friend of mine.

Oct 6 @ 8:54PM  
short answer ..this is EASY . ...he he he *slaps his face for the comment he ALMOST posted *

she's ALL


Oct 6 @ 9:11PM  
She is one of the coolest people on here and never afraid to say what she thinks. A lot of fun with a great sense of humor.

Oct 6 @ 9:13PM  

All I can say about her is {"censored"} and she really is {"censored"}. But the best thing of all is {"censored"}.

And that's the truth.

Oct 6 @ 9:31PM  
Ahh yes... Donna, PTN or how ever you know her by, is a fun loving lady and I enjoy her blogs and comments! Do you really think she loves the color 'pink'? I dunno, it's questionable! Coulda been worse, she could've adopted the color pink in a hot, glow-in-the-dark pink! Oops... I shouldn't give her ideas!

I've seen her photos with her long hair streaming over her face and shoulders- in my book, she's hot!!! It's my pleasure to read what she thinks about!


Oct 6 @ 9:33PM  
Pink is........."Pink"... I slept in her House, and I did not have sex.. or get my ass Whooped!!!!!! WTF?
Although... My Whore-moans fucked up her kitty!!!!
I'm still trying to figure that one out!!!

She's a Great Gal!!!
You should see the Ponds she built for her Mom!!!
Shes a good friend......and she takes up for her a Friend should!!!
Roses to Our "Pink" (Pink Roses..)

Oct 6 @ 9:35PM  
My hubby and I have met Donna in person...she is a she portrays showboating there!!

We love ya, Donna and are planning a trip there soon!!

Oct 6 @ 9:42PM  
She is a sweetheart. I love her sense of humor, and I always get a chuckle out of her "hotter than dammit" phrase.

She is fun to hang out with in the blogs and chat with on messenger. She isn't afraid to tell anyone "how it is" when they need to be told. Her honesty and humor make her a wonderful friend.

Oct 6 @ 9:44PM  
My opinion is.. she's still wearing too many clothes!

Oct 6 @ 9:53PM  
Oh ya'll!!! I'm getting the BIG head here!! And feeling a little teary eyed!! LOL I love each and every one of you!!!

Toad...................I'm still not convince that you didn't "fix' him too! He's STILL out prowling!!

Thelma!! Loved meeting you and hubby! can't wait to see you again!!

Skwirl.... we don't have to take our clothes have a good time *singing*

just singing mind you............. I'd love to take my clothes off!!

Thanks Som........ I'm bad! what can I sau!?!??!

Oct 6 @ 9:55PM  
I meant............say! LOL

ynot... I love Iron Maiden!!!!!

Night... you are just special!

sugar..............thank you!!! I love ya!!! [e62

And RJ thank you

Oct 6 @ 11:38PM  
Well I haven't been here long enough to really get to know her but she seems to be one hell of a fine lady. I'm glad to have her in my friends list and hope we become better friends as we learn more about each other.

Oct 7 @ 3:17AM  
...skwirl....HA!...tht was funny....she is loud!

Oct 7 @ 11:54AM  
She's one of my best friends so you could say I'm a bit prejudiced but she is absolutely and unquestionably one of the greatest !! We've cried on each other's shoulders and shared each other's joys. We've watched each other's kids grow up and wondered and moaned about how they were doing or going to turn out and we've rejoiced when things went well for them. She even took me in for a few months after I got divorced and was looking for a place to live and was the best hostess that ever could have been. She's kind and thoughtful and sweet but she pulls no punches and will tell you like it is if that's what's needed. Thanks Pink for being my friend ~ you're the best girl !! I love you !!

Oct 7 @ 7:06PM  
love her!

Jan 21 @ 8:53AM  
What can I say that hasn't already been said??
If I was 25 years younger she'd be my 'main squeeze..Back then I was one hell of a
good squeezer too for you Donna

Feb 23 @ 9:50AM  
Do you know how many shades of pink exist? Here's just a few:
amaranth pink, brink pink, carmine pink, carnation pink, cerise pink: cherry blossom pink, coral pink, dark pink, deep carmine pink, light pink, hot pink, deep pink, pale pink, baby pink, pastel pink, alizaron crimson.... and more

Just belly-up to a cosmetic counter and check out the lipsticks and nail polish... you will discover more shades of pink than you ever imagined.

There's a whole psychology devoted to PINK.

In Major League Baseball, pink bats are used by baseball players on Mother's Day as part of a week-long program to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

There's even a magazine, "Shades of Pink"...dedicated to every phase of a woman's life - there is a shade of pink!

I used to hate pink (the color-not the person OK!), but I've found myself drawn to it in the past few months. I think Pink has had an influence in that category...

PTN is a cool person, obviously, since there are so many who consider her a great friend... I know I do!

Good blog... I'd slide ya a "pinkie", but green must suffice, but here's the closest i can get on AMD...

Feb 23 @ 12:27PM  
I loved these blogs you did Kit. Who's next??? ...since it has popped up again...I love Pink!

Feb 23 @ 5:40PM  
Ewwww Pink Toenails? Yuck.. can't stand that broad.

That crazy lady rawks, that's what my opinion is.. even if her pink obsession has started seeping into the real world :D


Feb 23 @ 5:56PM  
Thank you... you guys really warm my heart.....

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A Blog Series…Your Opinion Of PinkToeNails