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Why Men Don't Ask for Directions..when Traveling!!!!!!

posted 10/5/2010 6:51:50 PM |
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I learned this the hard way...Sunday Evening!!!!
I left for Pa. around 6 am.....and got to the general Location of where the Co. was by 3:30 or so....
But my Google map was just a tad bit off...(so I thought! ) I wanted to find the Co. before settling down in a Motel...
It was Raining like crazy..when I got that hindered me from seeing the road sign....somewhat!!!!
I had passed the road I about 2 miles or so!(This is Downtown type of "City"..I am speaking of..btw!) I spotted someone at a car wash...and I stopped and asked him....If he knew where the Company...or where the Street was.
He had never heard of the Company(which has been there for 60 YEARS!) but he gave me a "Point" up the road about 5 mins(for the street I am seeking!)..can't miss it!!! Thanks a bunch I said!! Oh BTW...are there any Motel/Hotels around I asked? OH Nooooooo You have to get back on the Busy ass Hwy....and follow it to the next town!!! Fuck me I said!! OKies...thanks Man!!! I told him....!

So I be-bopped it on down the road.......and went all the way into the next town...Nothing!!!!
By now...I am LOOOOOOOOOOOW on Gas....
There was a BP Station...with a Subway...., I stopped there....Mainly for Directions.....but got gas also(because i don't like walking that much ).
I asked the Young Man that works there...,Do you Know where such and such street is? Do you know where such in such Co. is?
Well he has never heard of this Co. either But he says...
Oh yeah I know where that Street is!....Go back down such and such road...turn the Opposite way that your directions tell you too...and you will find it..NP!!! OIC...Cool thanks Man..You are a Lot of Help!!! you know where any Hotels/Motels are..Close By? He Rolls his eyes back in head for a few seconds...and replies....NOOOOOOoooooo None around here....!! I said damn-it Man!!!
His Female Co. worker Rolled her eyes at him and said....keep straight down this road...and you will run into another town that has some!! I asked how far....she said 10 mins!!! I said...Oh Hell yeah!!! TY TY TYTYTYTYTY..

When I left there...I went like the Young man told me too...and Fuck no...Nothing!!!
By Now.....I am a little Flustered..and said fuck it..I'll leave early in the AM and find it!!!
So I did like the young lady told me too..and Hell...I was Checked In in ten Mins!!!!(The hell of it was...The 1st Guy I asked...was only 3 mins from the Damn Motel!! WTH? ) Gotta Love it when someone Get it Right!!! She far as the Motel went!

I woke up at 2 am....wide the fuck after a hour of flipping channels on the TV.....I went after Coffee....and looked for the Co.
I found it on my 1st Try!!!
The Road that I was Seeking Was RIGHT BESIDE where I asked for Direction and got Gas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?
The sign was about the size of your hand....

The interview went great...I was there 1/2 of the Day!!!
My recruiter called me while I was on the road coming home last night...and Said that I knocked their Socks off!!!
I'm suppose to have their offer by Tomorrow!!!
And Before I get my butt kicked....I was told by someone that works at that co. That motels were lined up off of the Exit for that town!! But I came a Different Direction!!!!!

How Well Do You Know Your TOWN?

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Oct 5 @ 7:11PM  
after you get to you a GPS...greatest invention since the napkin!

Oct 5 @ 7:12PM  

Glad your interview went well. I'm hoping you get it.

I know my town pretty good.

I have never got lost because where ever I end up is where I was going.

Here's a kudo for luck.

Oct 5 @ 7:24PM  
You're funny Sweetheart...and I feel good vibes all over my body that you'll get the job. Then it'll be me 'n you doin' a new start....just awesome! And Hun, if ya wanna know something...ANYTHING....just ask a woman...didn't ya know that awready???

Oct 5 @ 7:53PM  
Well, sounds like a "fun" trip.

That's great that the interview went well........Got a good feeling you're going to get this job.

btw....I know my home town fairly well.

Oct 5 @ 8:22PM  
Outside of the directional harassment you put up with to even find a hotel, it sounds like you're in for a job! I hope everything works out for ya man!

I used to travel from one coast to the other driving or flying, then driving- anytime I stopped to ask directions, they didn't know the company, road or they just moved there two weeks ago and didn't know where anything was!

The funniest answer I got was in Massachusetts at a convenience store, looking for a town called: Peabody! I got stares when I said Peabody! I kept saying Peabody- more stares! Finally, I asked how they're spelling it: P-e-a-b-o-d-y! I said "that's right- Peabody!" Come to find out, they pronounce it: 'Peabuddy'! After all that, they gave me the directions!

Now, I use Microsoft's Streets & Trips 2009 (software)- give it an address, city & state and you can drill right down to the street! Good for the U.S., Canada and most of Mexico, looks like! Has many other features too!


Oct 5 @ 9:50PM  
Between the streets that change names three times and new roads built and new detours around the base I know how to get to the mall, Walmart, and the grocery store and if anyone wants to know where any place else is they sell city maps up the street at Roses.

Oct 5 @ 10:55PM  
sorry...I have never been lost...

Oct 5 @ 11:19PM  
sorry...I have never been lost...
..... OK then..I'm next in line behind Bunny!!! She can take me anywhere!!!

Oct 6 @ 12:12AM  
If you go to a gas station around here, they not only don't know my city, they don't know my nation.

Oct 6 @ 1:06AM  
You're one funny Toad.
Kudos for making me giggle.

Oct 6 @ 2:23AM  
Shhh... You weren't suppose to tell this about us guys.


Oct 6 @ 6:37PM  
My home town? I can get ya to anyone's house as long as you don't ask me what hte street name is. Here? there's still streets I've never been down.

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Why Men Don't Ask for Directions..when Traveling!!!!!!