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posted 10/4/2010 10:30:31 AM |
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tagged: pets

Let me introduce my kitty, Apache. You can see him on my pics here...he's "lounging" on a couch. That pic was taken shortly after getting moved in, I hadn't even come close to unpacking.

Anyway..the "beginning". A cat I used to have, CJ, (Cougar sister's cat, Cougar, was CJ's momma), was an outdoors cat through and through, she was miserable being indoors all the time. BTW...she was what is called a "turquoise" calico, a very pretty cat. Her colors were bright, and she had these slanted, yellow eyes..and the sweetest personality. But, she always wanted to be outside...and, since I was at my parents house when I got her, that was a no go. Not with a major highway a block away. Well, CJ, went into heat...and let me tell you, a cat in heat determined to get outside, WILL get outside...and CJ did just that...I was letting King out on the chain, and did not realize that CJ was in the utility room at the time. I saw the streak run out before King even got out the door. Ever try to catch a cat that doesn't want to be caught? Yeah, ain't gonna happen. So yeah, CJ was outside...the brat! She showed up later that day wanting in. Got her in the house....and, even though I knew it was futile, I was really hoping she didn't get knocked up. So much for hoping.

It was Thanksgiving day, Mom was on the very first ever computer our parents ever was so old, it was one of the first bought through FingerHut. Anyone remember that magazine? Mom used to order from it all the time. This was before the internet, hell, even before Windows. One had to know DOS commands in order to use this computer. It had card game on it that a friend of my sister installed for Mom. Now that I think of it...Mom sure has been hooked on those computer games for a while. So, Mom had this god awful ugly orange chair she used for when she sat at the computer, it was comfy, just ugly. CJ had gotten up on the chair with her and Mom thought she was behind her sleeping. Mom found out shortly after, when she felt a wetness on her behind, that CJ had picked that spot to give birth to her litter. Mom wasn't too thrilled with that btw. Good thing it had a pleather material...easy to clean up later. This litter CJ had, there were 5 kittens, one a mini CJ, one that was gray tabby and white, then there were 3 kittens that were white, one was solid white, one had one little black stripe on it's forehead, and the other had 2 black stripes on it's forehead. When CJ was done birthing, Mom got a box with a blanket set up for her and her litter and put it in a quiet area of the house.

Ever notice kittens are so adorable when their little eyes open? The look of wonder they have seeing the world? Puppies have that too...but that's a different blog. Oh yeah, and when kittens eyes open...any hope of keeping those buggers in the box is GONE. Once they learn they can jump and use those claws to climb their way out...there was 5 little puff balls running around the house. The dogs at the time...their curiosity lasted all of half a day..then they ignored them. The one white kitten with the 2 black stripes on his forehead...was hell on little paws. He was a definite trouble maker. He thought he was tough too...he would walk up to the dogs...arch his little back and pretend he was a tough guy. Hissing....and when the dog he was trying to intimidate would sniff at him....he'd run. And Mom, those days for her were "fun" to say the least. Mom wears polyester pants. Kittens and polyester don't mix to well.

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Oct 4 @ 10:41AM  
Well, the kittens thought so, Mom didn't. The kittens all thought it was great fun to "climb" up those pants. They could get a good hold on that polyester. And it always seemed like the first one to climb up was the white kitten with the 2 stripes. After a while, Mom would refer to him as a "Little Apache on the war path". And, about the time CJ was starting to wean, I noticed she seemed "down". No, she wasn't sick, she was healthy, a vet checked her out. Like I mentioned before, CJ liked being outdoors. And one day at work, I was talking about CJ and the kittens, and a co worker, who lives out in the sticks...said she had been looking for a barn cat. So I told her to stop by to check out the kittens. When she wasn't the kittens that caught her eye, it was CJ. And CJ actually went up to her. CJ wasn't what I called "sociable". If she didn't know someone, she ignored them. So, her cuddling up to my co worker prompted her to ask if she could have the mamma cat. I told her I'd think it over.

After a couple of days, I decided CJ would most likely be happier with my co worker where she could run outside without that much risk of being hit by a car. Along that time, I had gotten attached to the "Little Apache". He was such a trouble maker, and, for some reason, Raggs liked him too. And believe me, Raggs wasn't a sharing type cat herself. So came to be...CJ found a new home where she spent the rest of her life happy, and I got Apache. I shortened his name a little. Our vet had told me about a program he has where they take in kittens and find them homes....and so when the time came, I called and asked him if I could bring the kittens in..and he said he had plenty of room. Around here, I will never put kittens in the paper...too many stories of people combing the ads to find kittens for snake food or bait to train fighting dogs. So, I gave those kittens the best chance at a good life, cause through the vet...people had to have references, and show a history of responsible ownership. with Apache got under way. He was hell on wheels. I can still hear Mom yelping when he'd climb her pant legs, or yelling at him for walking through dinner preparations. Oh, and loved the "ambush". Any of you who have had kittens in the know what that is. Little monsters hide behind a piece of furniture, waiting for their "victim" to walk by, and then they pounce! And, Apache also loved shoe laces.

I was taking classes at a local college, and one morning, while leaving for classes, I didn't know Apache was in the utility room The utility room has 2 steps, and, it's a cement floor. I didn't see Apache in his "ambush stance" on the other side of the furnace.....little shit popped out, made a grab for my shoelace, dummy me....I tried to "avoid it". In doing so, I totally missed the second step, landed on my ankle the wrong way. I got up, walked around, cussing of course..and that damn kitten, he had the gall to look at me with an innocent "did I do something wrong" look. So, I just left...figured I'd have a bad sprain. WRONG! I got about halfway and the throbbing kicked in...and it hurt like hell.


Oct 4 @ 10:51AM  
I turned around, went home. By the time I got back, my ankle was killing burned to walk on it. Mom told me to soak it in come ice water. That was COLD!!! But, after a while...the burning stopped, and although it still hurt like hell, the throbbing wasn't so bad. I went to the doctor, had it xrayed. Yep, hairline fracture and a really bad sprain. I had to miss 3 weeks of classes. Let's just say Apache was damned lucky he was such a cute kitten!

Holidays with the time Thanksgiving rolled around, Mom had come up with a plan to keep Apache out of the way....she simply locked out in the utility room where he could raise all the hell he wanted. And when dinner was done, she let him back in. And yes, he loves turkey, and at Christmas time, he discovered he loves ham too. And Christmas with Apache...oh yeah...he thought the presents were just for him to tear into. He loved to help opening them. And to make it even more fun, Raggs would join in we had 2 cats helping us opening presents. I remember one summer night, getting ready to go to bed. I slept upstairs, my parents don't have central air...and it was a particularly hot summer. So, we had the windows open. My sister had been using binoculars to observe the moon...(she used to love observing the night sky), and had the screen opened so she could get a good view. Apache, saw that screen open, and the little shit hopped out onto the roof of the house. I tried to call him back in, but the brat wouldn't listen. I remember the "wtf" look he got on his face when I climbed out that window after him. He was so caught by surprise I was able to just walk up him and scoop him up. Damn cat!!!

Today, Apache is about 16 years old, and he's slowed down some. He's enjoying "retirement" now. The dogs, they know to leave him alone....he's shown them he knows how to use his claws. And yes, I can still get him to play a little bit. Thankfully, he doesn't ambush anymore. He mostly sleeps and snuggles now.

Oct 4 @ 11:35AM  
Today, Apache is about 16 years old, and he's slowed down some. He's enjoying "retirement" now.

Is he on Medicare and getting Social Security now?

Rather lengthy blog but... a good one!


Oct 4 @ 11:54AM  
I tried to sign him up...but the Social Security office didn't accept his paw print as a signature. Don't know why...wasn't like it was a forgery or something.

Yeah, I know..a little lengthy, but geez!!! He is 16 ya know!

Oct 4 @ 12:18PM  
Don't know why...wasn't like it was a forgery or something.

Yeah- used to be in the 19th century, they accepted an X as a signature- go figure!

He is 16 ya know!

Well, that's true... he has been around the block a few times!


Oct 4 @ 1:33PM  
I left you a cookie. You have inspired me to perhaps write a blog about my ninjas.

Oct 4 @ 1:50PM  
I too left you a cookie cause I am so partial to cats. I have a picture of one of my cats just peeking over the edge of the table at Thanksgiving time not realizing I'm at the other end of the table. All you can see is her ears 'n eyes and she has this wild look in them with all that lays before her and what she can get into first. Poor baby...she got banned from the kitchen but I took along with her a nice piece of turkey and we were both happy.

Thanks for the enjoyable story...I needed something to just ...well....enjoy.

Oct 4 @ 7:44PM  
Funny blog sugar!! Your animals are quite entertaining when they want to be...LOL Thanks for sharing that!!! And give them all big hugs from the gang here in Pervia!!


Oct 4 @ 8:49PM  
It is a good read, but political considerations in deference to the family here make it unwise to say anymore when it comes to cats. My puppy pals have a very strong species prejudice. Homo sapiens and canines only, and then it is only on a case by case basis. They love their daddy, but really don't give a damn about each other. Each, would prefer to be an only child. Oh, well.

Oct 5 @ 12:34AM  
Kudos! I your pet stories Ms. Sugar. In fact...I've decided your "zoo" is way more exciting than mine. However...I won't be coming for a visit anytime I'm afraid the "brats" will have me sleeping on the floor...while they sleep in the bed.

Oct 6 @ 2:25AM  
I enjoy your pet stories too, Dawn.


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