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Wondering where I have been????

posted 10/3/2010 2:23:17 AM |
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Just been a bit busy...but here is what I have been up to....and this is what I look like......or so they say. The days are getting closer and the beginning of the end is getting near, but I have had a place in the sunlight and this will show how it's been, but nothing is perfect and sometimes you just have to let it all end.
You know, how your mind wanders through your past and the good times don't always pop up as much as the bad...ya have to sit down and think, have I made up for the sorrow I have caused and am I more a joy to be around now...have I changed...have I grown....
Just you ever do that??? and thinking if I have done all that I should have done to keep the peace within me and my friends and families lives...just hoping, and still learning...and still have so much more to be better....thoughts...they are mine to share.

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Oct 3 @ 3:31AM  
Life is a process...and I've found myself looking back over my own life lately. I think it's a really good thing to do. Yanno...taking counting your blessings. For what it's worth...I think you're an absolute joy to be around...and you bring so much to the blogs with all your wonderful bunnyisms.

Oct 3 @ 4:46AM  
Just you ever do that???

A lot.

Oct 3 @ 4:53AM  
some vevo mob blocked it from being viewed in Australia
party poopers

Oct 3 @ 11:41AM  
and this is what I look like......

Well... that certainly works for ME!!!

the good times don't always pop up as much as the bad...

Actually, I'm kinda the opposite, which is why I would love to go back in time and re-live those days again!

Just you ever do that???

Sure do!! I think of reminiscing as a kind of data base of your life, stored in the sub-conscious part of your brain, for reviewing at times to remind you of what not to do to under certain conditions, to keep you out of trouble and what to do, to help maintain a positive direction going through life! JMHO


Oct 3 @ 1:39PM  
I don't always think about the bad just haunts me sometimes. Good advice...we adore your advice!


Oct 3 @ 1:49PM  
sorry peep friends that aren't on my friends list...I changed my comment approval...I apologize.

Oct 3 @ 1:55PM  
Always glad to see you Bunny. You Sound kinda depressed. No advice no great thoghts just these.

Oct 3 @ 1:56PM  
Thanks honey!...I always get depressed this time of year...I'll work on it for ya! Thanks for the flowers and such!

Oct 3 @ 2:01PM  
oh...ha!...My title sounds like maybe I haven't been around...but the wondering where I have been me asking where the hell have I been and boy does time sure fly by!

Oct 3 @ 2:20PM  
We all go through it. It will all work out in the wash.

Oct 3 @ 2:23PM Flav...ya telling me I just need a bath???

Oct 3 @ 2:30PM  
No way would I say that !!!! Only if you need one & by all means jump in the water & get to scrubbing.

Oct 3 @ 2:39PM  
What a great blog.........

Oct 3 @ 3:20PM Flav...ya telling me I just need a bath???

There... Ya see?? By the 10th comment, we got you to laughing three times!! Ain't friends who like you... too KEWL... or what???


Oct 3 @ 4:12PM  
Alot of us as we age grow mentally, and our emotions change. I know that's almost a given, but believe it or not, there are people out there that never grow mentally like the rest of us do. I do reflect, but I don't do it as often as I use to do.

Oct 3 @ 4:23PM  
Thank you...Flav and Som...and all those who I call my friends...Hugs...big hugs...big bear hugs...and anothe hug...after I ate the one at the end of the bar hug...beers are great.....

Oct 3 @ 8:15PM  
Oh geebus you skeered me there for a mo.. I thought you were saying your life was over.. I was gonna have to walk my unhappy sick ass to your house and slap that shit right outta ya.

There's so much of my past that I've completely blocked out.. only the highlights remain.. so lucky for me.. the reveries always lead to a happy smile.

Oct 3 @ 9:55PM  
Well bunbun ....wonderin' where I been? Veggin' that's where. I read this earlier and thought "I'll comment later when I feel better"...well I feel better yet the frikkin' naggin' pain...'s the best I can do for the shape I'm in....

You've followed my blogs for how long now? I made a good yo-yo...yep I did. I have written thousands of words here in blogland and in my journals and lay awake at night going back...going back...

I've made gigantic leaps forwards yet there have been time and time again that breath-catching descent into a land of questions. Always questioning, wondering...

These journeys the past 3 years have taken me places that I cannot find words to be adequate for. I felt crazy...and maybe I was. But a time came when I began to see truth. The forever sifting of "then" and "now" eventually allowed the ashes of long ago to settle....separated from who I am today and the prize? I could see so many answers to so many things, then I could blow the dust of the past away and keep only what mattered.

Not to fear little bunny...keep searching....keep analyzing...answers will be forthcoming albeit probably not in your desired time frame. But nevertheless, they are there.

And always look up... for your answers will come from above and when least expected and wrapped in a peace that surpasses all understanding.

And that's the best I can do. You will be are maturing and that's a very good thing.

Oct 4 @ 10:59AM  
Just you ever do that???

Yep, I do that. Sometimes it's the good, and sometimes it's the bad. Depends on the mood I'm in.

Work has slowed down for I get a lot of time to look back. I may not have always made the wisest decisions, but, those bad ones helped make me who I am today.

Sure, there are some things I would have liked to have done differently, but, dwelling on it isn't going to change what today is. I look forward and greet each new day as fun. Doesn't always work that way....I swear sometimes my dogs have other plans for me.


Jan 12 @ 9:54AM  
Actually you do look a lot like Annie. Did you know she got a CBE in the New Years Honours list? I think you deserve at least that and then some. Dave XX.

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Wondering where I have been????