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Have You Ever Had Something Funny Happen During A Doctor’s Appointment?

posted 10/1/2010 6:06:01 PM |
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tagged: humor, story, life

I was reading a blog comment today…and it made me think about a funny story that I hadn’t thought about in a long time.

This story involved a girlfriend of mine who had gone for her annual gynecologist appointment. Now this girlfriend was quite busy on this particular day…and she had stopped by the grocery store to pickup a cake mix and some icing before heading onto her doctor’s appointment.

A little bit later…while she was on the exam table with her feet in stirrups…the doctor causally asked her if she liked S&H green stamps? Now this question really confused my girlfriend…and since she didn’t really understand why her doctor would be asking her such an odd question ...she decided to humor him and said…”Yes…I do like S&H green stamps. Why do you ask?”

The doctor then proceeded to reach between my girlfriend’s legs and gently pick up something that was in her pussy area. When his hand came out from under the sheet that was draped over her legs…he was holding that “something”…which turned out to be a strip of S&H green stamps. He handed them to her...and then proceeded to laugh and tell her that this has got to be one of the strangest things he’s ever discovered down there.

Of course…my girlfriend was completely mortified. And to add insult to injury…her exam hadn’t been completed. So there she was with her legs spread apart in stirrups…turning completely beet red. To this day…she says it’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to her. I can definitely see her point.

When I asked her how she managed to get stamps stuck on her pussy. She told me that while she was at the grocery store…they had given her some green stamps…which she then placed in her purse. Before she left the grocery store…she went to the bathroom…and because the bathroom was out of toilet paper…she grabbed a tissue out of her purse. Her conclusion was that the green stamps had somehow gotten stuck to the tissue because when she wiped…that’s when the green stamps must have gotten stuck to her pussy.

To this day...I still laugh my ass off when I think of my girlfriend's story.

What about you peeps…Have you ever had something funny happen during a doctor’s appointment?

Me? The funniest thing that happened to me was when I was waiting in an exam room….and I was so sick…that I actually feel asleep on their hard ass exam table. Apparently…when I turned over in my sleep…I was too close to the edge…and fell off the damn exam table. Of course…many colorful words spilled out of my mouth and a minute later…2 nurses and my doctor come running into the room. I ended up having Strep throat…and a wicked bruise on my right hip and thigh after that doctor's visit. It wasn’t very funny at the time…cuz I felt so horrible…but when I look back at it now…I can definitely see the humor.

Your turn…

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Oct 1 @ 6:59PM  
I have a funny story actually. When I was in college, I went to a health clinic to get tested for STDs, as after I became sexually active, I tested myself regularly just to be safe. Just so everyone knows, I never have had one, and never will, I'm very safe.

For those that don't know part of what they do to take a sample and send to the lab to test for STDs, they stick what is basically a cotton swap in the small hole at the tip of the head of a cock.

So, I'm waiting in the exam room, and the nurse comes in to take my sample. She is freaking gorgeous. Wearing tight white nurses outfit, blonde, curvy, sexy, body. She almost looked like a typical nurse from a porn movie, but a little more classy and covered since it's real life.

So of course, before she takes my sample she asks me to remove my pants, so I do. Now, she then goes to wash her hands, and does so by bending over with her ass pushed out slightly. Obviously I checked her out, and I even think she caught me. She then walks over to me, and says "now, what I have to do is push my hand on the base of your penis, and push upwards to get the appropriate fluids to the tip for the sample." I thought nothing of it and just said "OK whatever you have to do." She then bends over, puts her hand at the base of my cock, and slides up and down a little slowly. she told me she was going to push up, not basically stroke it! Well, keep in mind she's also bent over, and I can see down her nurse's outfit a little, and see part of her breasts. The combination of all these events with her basically stroking me, caused me to get an erection, despite the fact that I was trying really hard not to. My face turned beat red, but at least she was nice about it. She got a little grin on her face and said "well that's a very sweet compliment." I smiled and said, "you're welcome to finish if you want" and laughed. she said "I can get fired for that hunny." Then said I was all set and I left. I never thought to ask her out or anything, but I'm sure she told a lot of people that story.

Oct 1 @ 7:09PM  
Only thing that comes to mind- a few years ago, I was at a dermatologist to check out 4 or 5 large nasty looking moles on my back! He decided that they had to go so, he prepped my back with injections of an anesthetic around each mole to prepare them to be surgically removed!

After telling me what had to be done well, me being me... I said "I understand and I'm okay with that, just so long as I don't look like a lawn sprinkler after I drink something!"

After he and his assistant quit laughing, I got a little nervous knowing he still had the scalpel in his hand! Sometimes, I just don't know when to keep my mouth shut!


Oct 1 @ 9:30PM  
Well, it's a "doctors appointment" in a sense....

When I took Buddy in to get him "snipped"....he didn't want anything to do with these people he didn't know, and he managed to wrap his leash tight around my legs to where I lost my balance and fell on my ass. Goofy dog!!!! At least he was "concerned" enough to wash my face for me.

Oct 1 @ 9:49PM  
I remember back in 1997, I had a hemorrhoid (they said that it was probably caused by a lot of chocolate that I had eaten over the years), and wanted to have it cut out of me. Never really had those before and it was very uncomfortable for me to have that. So I went to see a doctor about removing that damn thing. I was then scheduled for a same day surgery. When it came time, he had a young very attractive female assistant intern with him in the operating room. Well, I was embarrassed enough as it was, but then she too was back there looking at my hemorrhoid as well before and during the surgery with him cutting it out.

That's my only embarrassment that I have experienced with a doctor.

Oct 1 @ 10:52PM  
Mine is like Straddle's. In 1992/3 after setting up a show during a long work run, i saw blood in my shorts. Red farts are a cause for concern! I freaked and went to ER. The attending physician was a young pretty blonde female doctor. Yes, I was mortified. Yes, she handled herself in a very professional manner. The problem never recurred.

Oct 2 @ 3:07AM  
...asked me if I had any panties on under my skirt with my cute little tan cause I had just gotten back from Florida...sorry Sunshine...I didn't know you then...and he was my ear nose and throat dr....what does it matter..and he was my customer at a restaurant I worked at...and I knew his wife and what the hell was I supposed to to tell the story...not get embarassed and give Kit a topic for a blog...there ya go..... ...I'lll be 50 in 9 days...forgive me for living...

Oct 2 @ 11:18AM  
That is a good one.
My sons birth was pretty funny. I had a labor induction with an epidural so I couldn't feel or move anything below the waist. When they broke my water they put a tube with saline running inside me. They had a nurse watching the monitor telling me when to push. After about an hour she told me to stop and hold him while she went an got my doctor. Well in the mad rush no one took out that tube and now my son is plugging the hole and I am filling up with saline. When the doc got there and it was time to push he popped right out and so did all that fluid which splashed all over the front of the doctor.

Oct 5 @ 9:27PM  
The ex was pregant with second son and before his birth they cave her someting for pain and when it took effect she said she was seeing pink elephants wearing blue sunglasses and having a beach party ( Hell of a drug ) about an hour later she gave birth son was a little blue and covered in a white past looking like blue cheese and she started sing Ive seen everything when I see an elephant fly. Nurse walked out singing the them for mickey mouse soung LOL

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Have You Ever Had Something Funny Happen During A Doctor’s Appointment?