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posted 10/1/2010 12:20:15 PM |
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People my age & older know all too well about getting their mouths washed out with soap & I was just curious if anyone still uses this tactic these days with their kids when they have been bad. With the bad little rascals growing up today it's doubtful this will work. In some cases like a kid in my neighborhood who would get in trouble for eating all the bars of soap in the bathroom. That kid ate so much that he could jump in a full tub of clean water & fart to get a bubble bath. A rectum bath sounds bad but he probably had the cleanest system out of all of us. I know I've had my mom try to shove a whole bar of soap in my mouth for cursing. So what say you ? Is getting the bad taste out of your mouth still practiced in this day & time ?

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Oct 1 @ 12:35PM  
I dunno about the average bar of soap but... LAVA might work!


Oct 1 @ 1:07PM  
when I was a kid mom would use the liquid soap....I would foam at the mouth like a rabbid dog for hours...

Oct 1 @ 1:10PM  
I did a blog on this subject well over a year ago and there were a lot of comments. Most people do not employ the soap anymore. I remember on parent saying they put a small amount of dishwashing detergent on a wash cloth to apply the punishment. There were quite a few comments about it representing child abuse. I will put a link to that blog if I can remember what I called it.

Now, in my case, I became familiar with the flavor of ivory, zest and dial. Dial was the worst. One time my little brother, Tommy, shouted out an expletive in the front yard when a bunch of kids were out front playing. My mom came out with dial in hand and commanded him to open his mouth. He clenched his jaws and shook his head no. That really fried her. She exclaimed, "Open you damned mouth!" Again, he refused, so she reached over to his earlobe and jerked on it. He let out a howl and she shoved that bar of dial into his mouth and really worked it in deep for quite a while. All of the kids were laughing and hooting. When she was done, she stomped back in house as Tommy cried while the laughter continued.

Oct 1 @ 1:13PM  
With all the crap they add in soap now I don't think it would be safe to wash a kid's mouth out with it. Might make them sick.

Oct 1 @ 1:29PM  
I did a blog on this subject well over a year ago and there were a lot of comments
Sorry Bruce I'm not trying to steal anybodies thunder I didn't know.
There were quite a few comments about it representing child abuse.
Well considering RJ53's comment there is a possibility it could be argued today but back then they'd just make fun of you for being a cry baby.
When she was done, she stomped back in house as Tommy cried while the laughter continued.
I bet you were one of the kids laughing.

Oct 1 @ 1:29PM  
Here is the link to the blog I was referring to. It was on corporal punishment and included references to getting your mouth washed out with soap. There is also a reference to a blog by featherone in it with some good comments in her blog.

Oct 1 @ 1:35PM  
Sorry Bruce I'm not trying to steal anybodies thunder I didn't know.

It is not a problem at all, Jeff. It was done in January 2009. Yes, I was laughing the loudest and imitating him clenching his jaws, then I would tug my earlobe, briefly howl then make gagging noises. We had fun with that all afternoon.

Oct 1 @ 1:38PM  
Well damn Bruce If I would have seen your blog I would have posted a comment on it because it was an interesting read.

Oct 1 @ 1:42PM  
My gran fed me Fells Naptha.. one time. I learned to be a whole lot sneakier:S

no.. i don't do that.. but I have backhanded my kid in the mouth a couple of times.

Oct 1 @ 1:59PM  
Go figure !!!

Oct 1 @ 3:06PM  
I noticed in that article someone got arrested aftere their kid ended up in the hospital after washing their kid's mouth out with soap. You do know that all soap has a small amount of lye in it which is what makes it a solid bar of soap. Yep the same lye that is in drain cleaner. Some soap has more of it than other soaps. I am not about to put something in someone's mouth that has to be made outside because just the fumes from making it could kill you.

There are better ways to punish a kid. If mine mouthed off they had to clean the toilets for a week for having a potty mouth. If they did not do that then they got their butt whipped with a flyswatter that had bug juice on it. It was not the fact that I hit them hard enough to hurtbecause I rarely did it was the idea of what was on that swatter. LOL

Oct 1 @ 3:35PM  
You crack me up, Flav.

I have never had this done to me when I was young. I was very respectful when I was young. I still pretty much respectful today, but I do use some foul language every now and then. Not too proud of it, but at least i'm not overly bad with the foul language.

I know when I see adults going off with a tirade laced with cursing and expletives in public, I get hugely turned off at people like that, and actually feel embarrassed for them. When people do this in publc around young kids, it makes me want to step in and say something to that person. I know if I took that kind of approach, it would most likely add fuel to the fire and turn ugly with the other person losing control even more. Some adults actually need their mouths washed out with soap.

Oct 1 @ 3:36PM  
Give them the bug butt, or is it insect ass?

Oct 1 @ 4:41PM  
I remember when my sisters set me up. You all remember when teenagers use to write on the sidewalk with chalk? Well I read the F.U. word and asked my sisters what it meant. They told me to "go ask mom" well I guess I didn't phrase it properly cause yep me and the old Ivory soap got acquainted real quick And yeah Bruce my middle sister was you just a younger version

Oct 1 @ 7:05PM  

You aren't old enough to remember Grandma's Lye Soap.

Oct 1 @ 7:48PM  
I don't ever recall having my mouth was out with soap but I sure do remember getting my ass whooped with a belt! OUCH! that shit hurt!! I've been backhanded a few times....
With Shauna, I never really had to whoop her too much. She did get her ass busted a number of times tho and a couple of backhands as well...They say your kids will put you through more than you put your parents through and I was bound and determined that my kid wasn't going to be worse than I was to raise!!

Oct 1 @ 7:53PM  
Oh... my daughter waited til she turned 20 to lose her mind! It wouldn't be a whooping I could give her at this'd be a


Oct 1 @ 8:11PM  
I've never been to bad when it came to fowl mouth and if there is someone using vulger language in front of my lady I'm going to ask him to watch his mouth in front of a lady.

Oct 1 @ 9:31PM  
Oh hell...I grew up during the soap mouth-washing and belt-spanking era. I didn't want either of these things to occur very often in my I was angelic-like most times.

I rarely spanked my son when he was little...and I never washed his mouth out with soap. I didn't really like the whole concept of washing a kid's mouth out with soap. But I did have the mean "mom look" down...and I could scare the shit out of my son by simply whispering through clinched teeth that he'd better change his behavior quick...while at the same time giving him my best "mom look".

This technique worked like a charm.

Oct 1 @ 9:44PM  
I got backhanded by my mom for saying, "fuck you" to her during an argument when I was 14. And she told me if I ever talked to her like that again...I'd be knocked into the next universe.

The soap in the mouth....all three of us girls got that at least one time in our lives...let's just say I don't like using Irish Spring.

My youngest sister has two teenagers...she doesn't really get on their case if the occasional cuss word comes out of their mouth...she knows they hear it out there in the real world. Funny thing is, her kids don't really swear. And if they happen to let one slip, they apologize for it immediately.

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