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What's the most disgusting thing you have seen in the public restroom?

posted 9/30/2010 7:53:06 PM |
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I was talking with my friend Tom late this afternoon over the phone and the subject came up with public restrooms. He said how in the hell do you get shit all over the walls? I guess he had recently came back out of a public restroom at a truck stop after seeing some idiot's shit all over the walls. Now really, does anyone know how one gets shit all over the walls? I had no answer other than to almost say that person would have to have a cup and dip it right on in their own shit. But who would actually get that far to get shit all over the walls? Anyone have any ideas on what and how people get their shit on the walls?

I have always heard that womens public restrooms are the nastiest. So, what's the most disgusting stuff you have seen in a public restroom? Who do you think has the nastiest restrooms, men or women, and what is your reason for believing that?

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Sep 30 @ 8:04PM  
Well, I've never been in a men's, I can't really say for sure which is the "nastier".

But...I've seen in women's restrooms where used pads/tampons were NOT in the trash..but on the floor. Or left in the toilet, not flushed.

Oh yeah....ABOUT TIME we got a REAL Straddle blog!

Sep 30 @ 8:09PM  
Womens rooms have diapers and they are often not put in the proper place

Sep 30 @ 8:15PM  
Women are more Nasty than Men!! Except for the lil brats that toss their shit on the walls!!!

I worked at a Gro. Store...when I was 16....... and again after I was 18....
One evening when I came in...they assigned us our job for the of my Buds got stuck with cleaning the bathrooms!...
2 Girls...had just walked out....before he entered....they were crazy..and Hauled ass!
They Left Bloody tampons and the Bloody ..cardboard tubes Everywhere!!!
The toilet was full, the trash can was running over....and Bloody toilet paper was everywhere!!!
He made all of us check it out!!!!
This is...1976 Have women changed?

Sep 30 @ 8:17PM  
Except for the lil brats that toss their shit on the walls!!!

Sep 30 @ 8:19PM  
Turds all the way to rim and spiiling out onto the floor. This was at Galveston Beach.

Sep 30 @ 8:29PM  
Public bathrooms are just gross anyway... . But yes... women are the worst! ..

You reeeeeally don't want to know what we see in there!

Sep 30 @ 8:30PM  
The most disgusting thing I have seen is someone use a store's fitting room as a rest room and I don't mean to pee.

Sep 30 @ 8:32PM  
You reeeeeally don't want to know what we see in there!
Yes I do....try me!

Sep 30 @ 8:38PM  
What's the most disgusting thing you have seen in the public restroom?

The public restroom??


Sep 30 @ 8:40PM  
Yes I do....try me!

Sep 30 @ 8:44PM  
The nastyest I've ever seen were in a camp grown where a bunch of young RUBs [rich urban bikers} had rented all the cabins. I would rather piss myself than walk into that again! They had put shit on the walls pissed all over the place and throw all the paper towels and unrolled all the shit paper all over the floor and even stuck it to there shit on the walls, We emptyed the cabins and the rest of the of the week was alot better. The park manager cleaned up the heads and thanked us for getting rid of the RUBS.What assholes they are what give real biker a bad name!!!!

Sep 30 @ 8:46PM  

I walked into one one morning and a fellow standing there with his pants down
looked at me and done this . There were two guys kneeling at his feet
slapping the hell out of each other to see who was going to blow him.

Sep 30 @ 8:48PM  
Yes I do....try me!



Sep 30 @ 8:51PM  
But who would actually get that far to get shit all over the walls?

I forgot to answer that- a shithead???


Sep 30 @ 8:52PM  
Yes I do....try me!


C'mon, Donna, lets here some details!

Sep 30 @ 8:57PM  
I can't discuss that right now Shawn...

I'm eating a piece of rye bread.....

Sep 30 @ 8:59PM  
the wierdest and grossest thing ive heard of is someone shit in a urinal in the mens room at the theater i work at

Sep 30 @ 9:10PM  
Babies like to play with shit, guessing they haven't grown up. I have seen shit wiped on walls, hope they washed their hands. Often there is urine and shit all over the seat. Some people are nasty pigs!

Sep 30 @ 9:11PM  
the wierdest and grossest thing ive heard of is someone shit in a urinal in the mens room at the theater i work at

There ya go Shawn!!! Does it get any worse than that? Well. it can!

Makes you wonder how people live at home if they don't care to put shit on the walls or shit in a sink or something!
I stopped at a restroom of a storage unit where a friends band practiced, that someone went in and shit and was apparently "hovering" and there was shit all over the toilet, the seat and the wall behind it........... I feel sorry for those who have to clean up behind John Q public....and Jane of course......

People need to learn how to act!

Sep 30 @ 9:37PM  
Hmmmm.... nasty.....................a certain shower stall comes to mind about now.....

Sep 30 @ 9:39PM  
Hmmmm.... nasty.....................a certain shower stall comes to mind about now.....

Sep 30 @ 9:47PM  

for my friend.......................yano ..the guy here from the short bus

Sep 30 @ 9:54PM  
Yes, Ynot, that loser certainly is. I can think of some other names for the fucktard as well.

Sep 30 @ 10:53PM  
It wasn't what I saw but what I heard in the next stall while I was taking a crap, one guy sucking off another.

Sep 30 @ 11:11PM  
i swear this is true...about 12 years ago in elizabethtown kentucky at the big T truckstop i wached two homeless guys shit in a cup and eat it like a sunday.

Nov 24 @ 2:07PM  
My wife's cell phone number.

I kid....i kid...

Dec 1 @ 3:20PM  
The nastiest thing I saw (so far) was in a men's restroom at a public park in Kentucky. The line for the women's restroom was really long and there was no one in the mens so I did what any lady with a ready to explode bladder would do. I walked into the men's bathroom and there was a pile of shit in front of the toilet. To make matters worse, whoever did it turned up the heat in the bathroom....this was in July.

Dec 4 @ 8:51AM  
I don't know witch one is the worst but do Woman shit in the wash bowls or close the stopper and pee in the wash bowl and leave it for the next guy. I saw this and more while I drove over the road semi. Or how about walking into a mens john at a truck stop and finding a woman in there with a bunch of guys haveing sex on the counter.

Dec 4 @ 11:25AM  
I have another one. I had to take a dump at a public restroom with one stall and there was cum all over the seat. Needless to say, high altitude precision bombing was in order.

Dec 31 @ 3:29PM  
A homeless man...

washing up in the toilet in the public woman's room of a Hospital

There was a functional sink... but I guess he couldn't get his foot that high to step in

Jan 5 @ 3:39AM  
In the men's bathroom at a nightclub there was this girl who was blowing every guy that lined up in front of her. Rumor had it that she got into a fight with her boyfriend and she was getting even.

That's a f*cked up way of getting even.

Jan 5 @ 9:00PM  
Lemme just say that like most of the toilet and a portion of the floor was brown. the worst smell/scene ever in a bathroom.

Feb 26 @ 12:12AM  
Well back in my rave days, I saw someone lying in the filthy bathroom floor after too much X. What a shame. Clean and sober wins the race.

Jun 4 @ 2:32PM  
A lot of the public restrooms in Russia are very ill kept. And it costs 25 kopecs to use them. They give you about 4 or 5 squares of toilet paper. Bad thing was, you have to stand up to take a crap, and hit a 8 inch hole, I only needed to do # 1. Nastiest damm thing i'd ever seen in my life.

Sep 17 @ 9:35PM  
crap all over the walls, sombody decided to write a message in there crap. menstral blood on the toilet seat and used tampons all over the floor

Sep 23 @ 6:40PM  
In my younger days, I worked at a Pizza Hut. I went from busboy to Assistant Manager there, and I thought I had seen it all. Nope, not close.

There, and this was way back, it was the ladies who had the worst messes. In most cases, they were drunk, and had "accidents." Vomit and other "misses" were common. But, the worst was a flushed tampon or pad, that didn't go down, and then caused overflows of other wastes. This was pre-diaper days, or at least before we had the trays for babies to lay on and change diapers. Still, a flushed one didn't make it down, and...

The guys, however, seemed to delight in Friday Night messes. THis was about once a month, tops. But, wall to wall was common, including the ceiling. Here, the guys did it on purpose, and the ladies by accident (usually). Big difference.

Later, well, it got worse.

I have caught two homosexual males going at it in the men's room. While this wouldn't be "nasty" really, it was the fact it was a messy anal that was to me. I'm just glad I didn't have to clean that mess up.

The ladies have been caught with two guys, one girl, doing it in the ladies room. Here, I was a jerk and arrested the guy for being in the ladies room (illegal where I am), and for being on property after hours. I let the girls go, but they got fired anyway as he was the third guy that night, and they weren't supposed to be doing that at all. I didn't catch the others, other girls did.

Drugs, illegal weapons, I think today I can say I've seen it all. But, with Golden Showers and Scat on the rise, I suspect I haven't. I hope I never do.

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What's the most disgusting thing you have seen in the public restroom?