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Mixed Bag...

posted 9/29/2010 7:06:45 PM |
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This blog is about everything that's going on in my Life...So if you bore easy or just don't give a rats ass.....You might wanna Exit Now please!!
I really dunno where to start!! This will end up being 4 or 5 blogs in one I'm sure.
I had blogged several weeks about starting my own Business......
Well that's not working out as well as Hoped for!!!
Such a shame...because I really enjoy doing that!!!
I'm the type of person...that hates letting bills Pile up...and that's Happening!!!!
I talked to a friend of mine that has his own Business....and he told me, if I did not Charge at least $50.00 a hour...than I might as well hang it up! ($60.00 is what he suggested!) He is in the "Pressure Washing Business"..and gets $60.00 an hr.! WTF? But yanno he is RIGHT!!!
I Replaced a Bathroom Faucet, Un-clogged a Shower drain (BTW...did you know that your Plumber can tell if a Lady shaves her Kitty!!! Not that I looked for Pubic hairs... ) , and fixed a Leaking toilet tank for less than 1/3 that!!! ($15.00) WTF?
I'm just not cut out for that!!!! I Can't make myself charge anyone that kind of money!!!
I posted in Sugars blog that I had a Phone interview with a Co. out of Pittsburgh,Pa. That went very well ..Thank God! So they scheduled me to come up on Monday...for an interview! (Gonna get there Sunday... their treat!! ) He wants me to stay the day...and check out the whole deal....blah blah blah...
But Yanno....since I talked to this guy..(who was a great guy on the phone!)
It feels like someone has Knocked the wind out of my Sail!!! So to speak!
It is like .....nothing I have been through in my life!!
Meaning.....Everything I have worked for....everything I Just knew that was gonna happen...ISN'T Gonna Frigging Happen!!!
I have No say so in my Own damn Life anymore!!! WTF?
So....If they Offer me the Job Monday Evening....I will Take it!!!
I have came to terms with this!! Hey...I've gotta eat right?
It's no longer My will, btw... I thought i was In Gods will before....but evidently NOT!
I'm 51 years Old...and I Learn something new around every turn!! Damnit!
So..."IF" (big if) I get the Job.....The moving WTF i hate!!!! Damn-it Man!!!
When moving 8 hours away...what do you take with ya? ( I believe they will help with the cost! I'll find out Monday..for sure!)
Right Now.....I'm thinking...I will start the fuck over!!!!
Just take some of my clothes...most of my fishing gear..and all of my hunting gear..and Personal's....Gifts from family....things like that!! Tools of course....
We are gonna have an Estate Sale Next weekend....I believe I will (If I get the Job)...take all of my shit there to sell.....and be done with it!
The "Good Will".... will be getting a bunch of clothes.....and Junk..I'm sure!
For those of you that have done this...Please tell your story!
Thanks for your time and patience!

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Sep 29 @ 7:48PM  
That's kinda how we ended up in Ashland.. but we were dumb and brought it all with us. I swear, next time I move there's gonna be a HUGE bonfire!

Sep 29 @ 8:06PM  
I have moved 22 times in the last 35 years. It can be a pain at times but I always found it a little exciting as well. Also a good time to get rid of all the crap in your life. I just always started sorting and going do I need this or that and if it was no it was thrown out or donated. Have it down to a sceince now where I can pack up a whole house in two days and be ready to roll. It helps to think of it as a new adventure rather than starting over again. New places meeting new people and having fun exploring new surroundings.

Sep 29 @ 8:08PM  
I downsized to fit all of my stuff and my son's stuff into the smallest moving truck that U-Haul had available when we moved from Oklahoma to Canada.

It's a great way to weed out all the stuff you should have gotten rid of years ago...but it's a process...and it will fuckin' suck until you finish the process.

Think of it like get to buy a new couch...and a new big screen TV.

Good luck OHT. I hope you get the job.

Sep 29 @ 8:29PM  
You're gonna get that job.....just show them that company needs a good man.

As for the move....ummmm.....have fun!

Good luck with the interview.

Sep 29 @ 9:16PM  

I moved from a 3 story, 7 bedroom home in Washington, to a two bedroom Mobile home in Oregon. I'm still getting rid of things.

Sep 29 @ 9:22PM  
He wants me to stay the day...and check out the whole deal...

Heh... last actual interview I had, had me come back three days, meeting four people! Last interview was with the president of the operations in Michigan [he was from Germany, here for temp. operations mgr.] I walked in with info I found on the internet about the company's history, products and another copy of my resume! After chatting a bit, he asked me if I had any questions- I said no! He said no?- eyebrows raised! I said I've been here for three days interviewing people and I've had all of my questions answered to my satisfaction! He said well, okay then- the interview ended and I started the following week! I was told that if I hadn't been sent to meet the president, I wouldn't have been hired! That was a harrowing three days but, worth it!

Good luck on your interview and I hope it all works out for you!


Sep 29 @ 9:31PM  
Toad, don't be so down on yourself. Life throws lots of curves at ya. I never enjoyed working for anyone but spent most of my life traveling here to there job to job looking for something. Then I fimally understood it wasn't them, it was me. Working for someone that really want's you and makes you feel welcome is much easyer than trying to be on your own. I know I failed more that once on my own.
Best of luck to ya and remember to be loved first you have to love yourself.

Sep 29 @ 9:39PM  
I haven't moved for so long, so I really don't have any stories to really share about this.

Sep 29 @ 10:45PM  
Yep moving sucks... We got rid of alot of shit.. Had alot of garage sales.. And still have a storage full that could fill another house... Sucks when 2 families livedin one big house but one family left moves to a smaller house...

Sep 29 @ 10:46PM  
Oh I forgot good luck...

Sep 29 @ 11:39PM  
As you know, I've moved 6 times in 6 years and that's just counting since I became a widow. There was a BUNCH of moves throughout my life.

I'm about too tired and punchy to be coherent but let me try.

Whatever you do in your life I believe it all comes down to attitude. If your attitude is "I can't do this" then you can't or "everything sucks" then it does. Life is what you MAKE it and sometimes ya just gotta suck it up....cut your losses and take risks and lumps,

Let me tell you about my moving to Arizona. Oh gaud I wanted to take so much stuff but it turned out to be a financial impossibility so I had a huge garage sale. My motto was...If it doesn't fit in my car it doesn't go."

There was a lot of tough moments as I watched things I cherished go out the door but guess what...

After the sale was over I could hardly name one thing that I'd sold. And on top of that I felt so much freedom from stuff 'n things!

When 2 months later I returned here a friend helped me rent that tiny house I had before living here. I had pretty much nothing. Dishes, some bedding, some odds 'n ends and for 3 days I slept on the carpet until my daughter brought me an air mattress.

Little by little I accumulated the things I needed and it was so much fun doing so. It was an adventure....just like going to Phoenix was an adventure. That one didn't work out and I had to start over with pretty much nothing but what counted above all was my attitude....cut my losses and focus on what was ahead.

Everything I do now I look at as an adventure...a big new experience and I let excitement fill me instead of fear and being negative. I could be making a huge mistake in moving but ya know what? What if it is? What's the worst thing that can happen? Ya just move on to plan B or C or D...we always ALWAYS find an answer, we survive.

Then too...maybe it is exactly where God wants me to be and it will be awesome. Don't blame God Alex....God does not harm us in any way nor put us in harms way. There is another god of this earth for these times until he is cast into the furnace.

I'm not going to get into religion with anyone so I will stop there as I know that is a very touchy subject here.

Get your chin up, square your shoulders and go forward. If you get the job and have to move then look around you and ask yourself if all you see is really sentimental stuff or just stuff 'n things you've picked up and are they worth your future.

You can do this...I know you can. Good luck and I will surely send up prayers for you.


Sep 30 @ 12:00AM  
I do have one kind of funny moving story. Through the years I always sublet apartments to save money. Find someone locked into a lease at a great rent who wanted to move and finish out their lease. I never wanted to be tied to an apartment.

This time I was moving right across the street from where I was living because I could get a two bedroom apartment cheaper than the one bedroom I was living in. Quite a few friends showed up to move me so what you had was a long line of people and belongings crossing 4th Street including an apartment full of furniture and a full drum set at 4am. About half way across the street a gust of wind came and caused a box to get off balance and the belongings all were dumped out. My undies were blowing down the street and into 6th avenue. I did not run after them I just said "Nothing to see here lets just keep on moving." I felt that would be far less embarassing than trying to pick them all up and down the main street through Greenwich Village. I guess the street sweeper took care of the mess. I am sure that was not the strangest thing they ever saw in that neighborhood. From then on I always made sure to tape the boxes shut before moving.

Sep 30 @ 2:14AM  
I just wish you the best. I am kinda stuck in limbo, so I can't go anywhere if I wanted to, We did finally succeed in getting the psycho bitch suspended with maybe a firing coming I haven't told anyone here about it...or at least night the nightmare I have been going thru for a YEAR...but still...I want good things for you! I hope to hear Monday that you will get what you deserve...a great JOB! Hugs, M

Sep 30 @ 4:14AM  
Aim small miss small & you'll get what you want out of the bag.

Sep 30 @ 5:59AM  
Whatever you do in your life I believe it all comes down to attitude. If your attitude is "I can't do this" then you can't or "everything sucks" then it does. Life is what you MAKE it and sometimes ya just gotta suck it up....cut your losses and take risks and lumps,
My attitude won't pay my Bills!!! That's the bottom line..Yanno?!
Don't blame God Alex....God does not harm us in any way nor put us in harms way.
Oh I'm not..!! I'm sorry if it looks that way!! Its My Bad...Not his!!!

Sep 30 @ 6:44AM  
I'm the gal to talk to you...I moved 3 years ago, brought a lot of crap i didnt need, this house has 3 bedrooms, one is packed with crap i should have gotten rid of, the second almost packed with crap i should have let behind....

At age 54, I started a new job in a new field! But I'm doing ok, learning a new language...for example...I now know what a frenectomy and apeicotomy are (frenectomy...clipping the little piece of skin under the tongue or the little piece of skin between your top or bottom lip, to allow dentures to fit better, apeicotomy...placing a filling on the bottom of a tooth root)

As for your "stuff" I think the "if it dont fit in the car, it dont go" is great, stay in a weekly rated motel, find a place and hit yard sales...shit you can furnish a house at yard sale prices...and look fab!

Best of luck! Things are turning around for you, and I dont think a company would spend that much $$$$ on interviewing you if someone wasnt already impressed...!

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