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Another installment

posted 9/28/2010 3:17:30 PM |
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tagged: pets

A couple of days ago, I blogged about King. Now, it's Raggs' turn. Raggs was a cat my parents had while I was growing up...well...I was 13 or 14 when she came into our family. So this is for my pal, Raggs.

My one sister and I had found a stray cat, she was pretty, had the tabby tiger stripes, but she wasn't solid..she had white and patches of the gray tabby stripes. Pretty green eyes with a slight slant..and all four paws were white, like she was wearing socks. So, we called her Socks. Oh yeah, she had medium length fur. She was a pretty cat. My sister and I wanted to keep her, but Dad said no, to get rid of her. We begged, said she would be our cat and that we would get her food, litter, etc...and Dad said no. The day we were to put Socks in the paper, we were sitting on the couch with her, complaining about Dad not letting us keep her when I saw a small "something" dash through the hallway. My sister saw it too. We followed this "something" into my parent's bedroom, and at first I thought I was looking at a rat..and when I looked closer, it was the DIRTIEST, most filthy "raggedy" looking kitten I had ever seen. I asked Mom and Dad where that "thing" had come from, and Dad said it had been hanging around his van when he got out of work. He said he spent 15 minutes trying to chase it off, but it kept coming back. He finally got frustrated with it, and instead of leaving it in the parking lot to get ran over, he tossed it into the van and brought it home.

So....after about 3, maybe 4, baths (yes, this kitten was not only filthy, but covered in motor oil too) we finally got to see what color she would be...a gray tabby. And she had the brightest green eyes I had ever seen on a cat. And, yes, typical of a cat...quite insulted over the repeated baths. But, she forgave pretty quick. Well, of course we asked what Dad was going to do about this one since he wasn't letting us keep Socks. Well...good timing on that question as the phone rang at that time. It was the mother of one of our neighborhood friends who had heard about Socks and was asking if she could have her. So, we found Socks a good home, and could see her whenever we wanted. That worked out. Now, onto this "shop cat" Dad had brought home. For those who don't Dad worked 25 years for one of the GM plants. And there are always stray cats around them....thus calling them "shop cats". We asked Dad what he planned on doing about this kitten he brought home, and he said he was going to keep it. And Mom was the one who came up with naming her Raggs. Why spelled with 2 g's? Mom said she was unique. That was soon to be proven with this cat. At first, she appeared to be like any typical kitten, playful, full of mischief, and cuddly when time for naps. She also showed she was a take no shit kitten. One of the dogs got in her face while she was trying to eat, she arched her little back, and hissed and swatted. She did not back down from this dog that could have easily snapped her in half cause at the time, she was lucky to have weighed 2 pounds.

After a while, we started noticing this "regal" attitude she had. Mom started calling her, "Your Royal Highness". Yes, this cat would sit on the counter with this half eyed, hurry your ass up, look when her food bowl was half full. She would not eat out of it till it was full. And water, she only wanted it out of the tap. And what I mean about that...she sat on the sink, by the faucet, and waited for someone to turn the faucet on enough for the water to drip out, and she would get a drink. The only time she actually drank out of her bowl was at night when everyone was sleeping. Mom really loved her "high and mighty" persona. She thought it was cute. One day, while I was on the phone with a friend, I saw Raggs sitting on the floor by my feet, watching me...and I held my hand out, shoulder height, making it look like I was going to "grab" her....and I saw her squint her eyes, swish her tail back and forth with enough force to make her body wiggle...and next thing I knew, she jumped from the floor, to my arm, wrapped her paws around it, and didn't break any skin. This became a game of ours. She would sit on the floor and wait for me to do this. Another game we developed was one where I would hold my hand over her head like I was going to grab it, she would put her ears back, swish her tail, and then "pounce" like she was attacking. Again, she never broke skin. There were times she would, for effect, throw in a growl or hiss....I was the only one she would play this game with. I remember a guy my youngest sister was seeing thought this was "cool" and he tried it with Raggs. All of us knew that it was a special game Raggs and I had...and my sister told him not to do it because the cat might tear him up. He didn't believe her, tried it, and yeah....Raggs tore his arm up. He never tried that with her again.

Oh yes, going up north. Raggs LOVED car rides. She would see us getting our stuff together, and she would be sitting by the door waiting for one of us to open it so she could be the first one in the van.

continued in comments.

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Sep 28 @ 3:36PM  
The van Dad had at that time was Custom had a little sink in, fridge, and the back area where the table was would fold down into a bed. Raggs' favorite place to ride was the counter of the sink area. She could see out all the windows from her perch. And of course, when we got to the cottage, she was the first out of the van to sit by the door. And looking at Dad as if to be saying, "hurry up and open the door". And when she would go outside, she insisted on being on a chain. Yes, you read that right...on a chain. Since my parent's house is a block off from a busy highway, Mom started Raggs right from the beginning on a small chain if she wanted to go outside. Mom didn't want her wandering off onto the highway as we've lost one dog to that highway. And, one day, Raggs wanted to show her "independence" and sneaked out of the house. She ended up in front of our neighbors mailbox meowing. I walked up the road a little ways, she saw me and came running with her tail up. She actually jumped up into my arms, purring. And since then, she refused to be outside without a chain...except for those times she knew we were going up north, then she just ran to the van.

Raggs also had this knack for when she would sleep on top of the cable box of the T.V. she would fall off. And when we would laugh about it, she would stalk off, stop in the hallway, and flick her tail at us like she was saying, "fuck you". She would also fall off window ledges with the same result. And she was never bashful about demanding things either. When we would sit at the table for wouldn't take long to find out whose lap Raggs was sitting on as soon enough, we would see a gray paw come out from under the table to snag a piece of dinner off of the plate of whoever's lap she was sitting on.

We had Raggs for 18 years. She was a joy to have. I wasn't home the day she passed on...but Mom said her last breath was a she was telling nature to "go to hell". That was Raggs, a fighter to the end. She was a one of a kind cat. Now she's with King....Gosh...I hope she isn't terrorizing him like she did when she was alive!! Ok, we already had Raggs when I got King...and one of his first "lessons' was she didn't like dogs putting their noses in her face while she was sleeping. She snagged that tender nose a good one and King, for the rest of the time she was alive, would give her a wide path.

Of course, this blog is open to those who want to share any stories about a beloved pet.

Sep 28 @ 3:43PM  
Nope nope nope nope!! Not gonna today! lol
You and I talked about Raggs the other day.... She was a sweetie pie!!

I told my Mom just the other day that I was craving a new black and white kitten.. but I better hold off... I don't need another one running around here. Peekaboo is about to drive me nuts!!

Sep 28 @ 3:53PM  
she would sleep on top of the cable box of the T.V.
My favorite cat did that at one time back in the 80's. I miss her.

Sep 28 @ 4:10PM  
I am such a cat lover! Dogs are ok but cats are independent and pretty much maintainance free. My fat cat Lucy just loves drinking out of the faucet. For so many years she was like possessed and it she thought I was heading for the sink she'd about knock me down as she flew to the sink.

I never saw a cat who would sit in the sink endlessly staring at me to turn on the faucet. For 2 months they lived on a farm when I was in AZ and when I got them back I decided not to let her get back in that routine but yanno what? Yeah, old Softie made the mistake of looking at the little face and I couldn't resist. But now she just enjoys it without being obsessed with it.

So anyhoo....good blog, good read, Here is a cookie...I know, it looks suspiciously like a hairball but trust me.....

Sep 28 @ 6:31PM  
I am a cat lover..I have had many cat's through the year's. I had one back in 1984 that would only drink from a cup on top of the tv set. She loved lettuce. When I had to move back home for a few months I couldn't take her with. I found her a home.
Right now I have 2 cat's, 1 kitten and a small dog. My orange cat was found by my deceased boyfriend on a busy street. His name is pumpkin. He was so tiny when Randy brought him home. He grew into a big tom cat. He follows me better than a dog. If I head for the laundry room so does he expecting food. Even if his dish is full. If I go into the bathroom he goes along.
I have a black and white cat that is not really a people cat. He likes to be left alone unless he want's attention.

Last week I had to go to Pittsburg for the day. My daughter sent me a text saying she found a kitten at the gas station that was homeless. I said NO MORE CATS!!
She told me it would get hit by a car if she didn't take it home. I said NO..Needless to say it now lives here. She said he followed her home. I said 6 blocks? I said how did it follow you? In your arm's? He is grey and white. Tiger striped. About 4 month's old. I really don't want him. He is cute. Another one the dog can torture. They just run from him and he gives up. The new baby don't take no shit from the dog.
I am a sucker for animals. I feel sorry for them. If I lived in the country and had money I would take in strays all the time but I can't. I am not suppose to have pet's anyway. It is in the lease. My landlord knows about the dog. She said we can keep him. I am sure she knows about the cat's..Infact she wanted us to take home a stray kitten that was at one of her other rental's, I said NO..

Sep 28 @ 6:40PM  
I've never had a kitten or a cat [BTW, why spell cat with a 'C'... why not kitten and kat??- no pun intended KitKat ].

I've always had dogs for pets- just a preference, nothing against kittens or cats! All I know about cats is that one attitude they all invariably seem to have which is: 'don't fuck with me, unless you don't mind looking like a chunk of dough that went through a noodle making machine'!

Other than that, give them a ball of yarn and it's fun watching them play with it!

Good blog- kudo for ya!


Sep 28 @ 10:18PM  
Echo echo eccchooo got a bath today.. that was PATHETIC. first bath ever.. I doubt she'll fall for it again!

Sep 28 @ 10:41PM  
I Love...Love...Love...your pet blogs Sugar.
Here's a green cookie for such an awesome read.

Sep 29 @ 3:48PM  
Last week I had to go to Pittsburg for the day. My daughter sent me a text saying she found a kitten at the gas station that was homeless. I said NO MORE CATS!!
She told me it would get hit by a car if she didn't take it home. I said NO..Needless to say it now lives here.

I can see that you are as effective at saying no to an adorable fur bundle as I am. Sigh.. I really need a freaking zoo.

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Another installment