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It's a choice

posted 9/28/2010 11:03:10 AM |
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To blog or not blog. I've noticed a recent................nuisance(?) I'll call it, around here. Which, some have said they choose not to blog because of it. Well, it's a choice. Whatever. Myself, I fully intend to blog when the mood strikes, and comment on blogs that catch my interest.

Blogging here is provided for ALL members, not just a select few. Step out of line according to the rules and guidelines, and one's blog will eventually get deleted. Comes with the territory here. It isn't my's the rules of those who created and run this site. We are allowed to blog here on their dime, so to speak. Granted, they are not always "watching" here....but wtf? Are we adults here or kids? Do we really need a babysitter here to make sure we play nice?

Yeah, there has been a troll popping in, making an "ass" of them self lately. Two easy the abuse, block the person from commenting on your blogs. Like the title of this blog....."it's a choice". Want to combat the troublemakers? Go ahead. Just don't belly ache about it when it wears thin. Myself, I'm choosing to set my blogs to where only those on my friends list can comment...and all others cannot. I'm not going to "babysit" my blogs 24/7 to watch for those whose are so bored in life their only highlight is to come on a site and antagonize others. That's called "feeding the troll". I'd rather starve them. But I'll be damned if some pathetic soul out there who is so miserable in life is going to make my life miserable.

Besides...the Mods have been busy here lately. So...trolls really don't stick around as long anymore.

Like I said, it's a choice, and my choice is to continuing to enjoy what the creators of this site let us use.

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Sep 28 @ 11:11AM  
Well said Sugar !!

Sep 28 @ 11:16AM  
I choose to stay and blog too! And comment on the blogs I like. I'm not going to let someone who has mental issues stop me. I wish I was religious, I would pray for the troll... but I'm not, so I won't!

Did you see ynots picture comment last night? It said something like this... "Jesus loves you..............but I think you're a cunt"


Sep 28 @ 11:18AM  
But I'll be damned if some pathetic soul out there who is so miserable in life is going to make my life miserable.

You're right about that- I totally agree- forget the freak'n troll!

Leave the "making your life miserable part"... to ME!!!


Sep 28 @ 11:22AM  
Leave the "making your life miserable part"... to ME!!!


Sep 28 @ 11:37AM  

Well said; Giving you a kudo.

Sep 28 @ 11:52AM  
I can comment
I agree have all the fun you want and set limits to keep the trolls from having theirs...

Sep 28 @ 12:55PM  
to ME he's just entertainment BUT THEN ..he ...IT?? can't say ANYTHING BOUT ME that will bother ME..and IT knows were it near me face to face IT would eat it's TEETH first time IT opened IT'S away

Sep 28 @ 1:27PM  
I feel that the proposal by some to reset the comments preference to friends only is one fucked up idea if you ask me. I pissed a couple of people off when I told them so in email too. I can hear cockfail laughing all the way from Maryland when he sees people rein in their settings because of him at the expense of anyone not on a friends list. He will feel so victorious. What a bunch of shit.

Sep 28 @ 1:45PM  
I feel that the proposal by some to reset the comments preference to friends only is one fucked up idea if you ask me.

It's a choice. I for one, have set my comments so only friends can comment because I'm not always here.....and I don't want to deal with a "all hells breaking loose" on a blog if a troll decides to be snotty. MY choice.

I get what you are saying...even respect it. I agree, there will be decent people who will want to comment....some newbies.

As for cockfail "laughing" about it...................ain't my fault his life is so boring/miserable that this is his only form of entertainment. Personally, and yes, I'll say it on the blog here...........I think he needs a permanent vacation in a mental ward.

Sep 28 @ 3:03PM  
Whatever works for the blogger. It is their choice. There is a woman here that only lets men post comments. I don't think it is because of the troll. Maybe only men are on her friends list...who knows?? anywhoo...have a great time bloggin, I like your I am glad I am on your friends list...for that reason and others too.

Sep 28 @ 3:19PM  
Exactly. Trolls are like flies at a picnic they are going to happen but you don't let them ruin your whole day. Good blog with a lot of good points and a greenie for you.


Sep 28 @ 3:34PM  
I wonder if there will be a marked up tick in friends requests as a result? You know, it might be an idea for anyone doing this to encourage people to send friends requests to them, just a thought.

Sep 28 @ 3:47PM  
Bruce, you just love the entertainment of people fighting on here, and you know it. You really don't have a clue!

Sep 28 @ 4:18PM  
I just usually let anyone comment if I am here or not and then edit it if I have to later. I just love the little trash can on the comments.

Sep 28 @ 10:10PM  
I gived you Kudzoo for being awesome!

Sep 28 @ 10:16PM  
I blog when I feel like it...or if I feeling well enough to do so. If someone is disrespectful on one of my blogs...I delete their comment. End of story.

Kudos for making some really good points within your blog Ms. Sugar.

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