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I Need an Attitude Adjustment!

posted 9/27/2010 7:11:10 PM |
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Nope, I am frigging serious here. Gawd damn.. I'm so sick and tired of being the only person capable of washing a dish, cooking a meal, taking out the trash, cleaning a cat box, picking up after themselves and everyone else, changing the goddamned toilet paper roll when it's empty.. sonofafreakinbitch! WTF?

I just happened to take stock of all the shit I do for everyone else in my household today. Yeah, I don't have an out of the home job.. that's because I'm classified as disabled.. do people not get that disabled means not able to do all that stuff?

I am the only one capable of making Kool Aid the way my partner likes it.. he's obviously not capable. If I don't put his work lunch together the night before he'll go hungry rather than doing it himself. If I don't cook the meal, nothing gets eaten. If I don't do the dishes, they pile up in the sink. If I don't pack the trash down the stairs (which I'm not supposed to do btw.) it sits on the balcony until I do.

I do the laundry.. why? because no one else is capable. I do the vacuuming, because no one else thinks about it. And then.. then they have the fucking nerve to complain that my house is not clean? Oh fuck no.. I don't think so.

I don't fuckin think so.

I am now officially on strike.

Now, just to inform the culprits that I'm on strike. Oh well.. so much for dinner.


Your turn, Hijack this blog and rant your ass off. I don't care about what.. just do it.

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Sep 27 @ 7:15PM  
LOL...ok my rant is '?????, Im so fucking glad im single...............

Sep 27 @ 7:17PM  
Go on strike!! That's showing em!!!!!

I've tried to teach my dogs to do some of the work around here...haven't had any luck with that. They think it's playtime.

Sep 27 @ 7:18PM  
*sneaks back in to leave a kudo*

Sep 27 @ 7:27PM  
Well tell them it's time they chip in and help you out!! Dole out dish days!! If you are the one cooking then someone else should be doing the dishes! Make the man take the trash out!! Tell them you're doling out duties and if they don't like it than well.... they can get over it and do it anyway! Tell the culprits some shit's gonna be changing around there starting now!!! And stand your ground! If they want clean clothes, show them how to do the damn laundry... and not just THEIR laundry but everyones! Let one do the whites! Let one do the darks! Let one do the towels!!
I hate having to be the one that does everything!! BUT Now that I'm living alone again, it doesn't bother me to do it all cause it's only MY mess that needs to be cleaned up!

Good luck girl!! You need a break! And help!

Sep 27 @ 7:36PM  
I am now officially on strike.

Heh... I don't blame ya! Sometimes ya don't appreciate what ya gots- until ya don't gots it no more!!!

BTW... I already did my rant the other day- I'm kewl with that!


Sep 27 @ 8:30PM  

Damn: I do all that stuff and more too. Is there room in that line for ME ?

Yeah I know,. I have to make my own freatin sign.

Here's your cookie hun.

Sep 27 @ 8:45PM  
I am the only one capable of making Kool Aid the way my partner likes it.. he's obviously not capable. If I don't put his work lunch together the night before he'll go hungry rather than doing it himself. If I don't cook the meal, nothing gets eaten. If I don't do the dishes.

Just say no. If he gets hungry or thirsty enough he will do it for himself.

As for the garbage sit it on top of his shoes with a note saying take me out. He might get the message. I have found through the years the more you do for some people the more they dump on you to do.

Sep 27 @ 8:50PM  
Hey Skwirly Girl...come to Canada. I need some company during the day while I'm off on medical leave. I'm already getting bored with reading novels and watching TV all day long.

I'm sure we could find someway to make a lil' mischief one way or the other...PLUS I won't make you do ANY chores because you would be my guest Skwirl for as long as you like.

Sep 27 @ 9:00PM  
Oh poor Skwirly Girl!!!
Sounds like PMS...or You are as Horny as I am!!! Just saying!!
You know I'm just joking.....right?

Take a break!!! Go visit some friends..for a few days..or even a week or two!!! That will teachem!!!

Sep 27 @ 9:04PM  

Sounds like PMS...

Oh noooooooooooo you didn't!!!!!!!!!


Sep 27 @ 9:39PM  
Do not think, for one little moment, that if I could afford a bus ticket to anywhere.. that I'd not be on it this week.

Nope, not PMS.. It's fuck this mess!

Funny, back when I was healthy, I worked two physically hard jobs, driving bus and cleaning hotel rooms.. 7 days a week.. and still came home and did all the mom stuff.. yanno what? I'm done!

So they starve to death.. I've got nuff canned chili socked away to tide me over for a few weeks.

Gorram it I'm just mad.. sure nobody wants to fight?

Sep 27 @ 10:14PM  
I'm a Lover,... not a fighter...but if You wanna fuck!! I'm in!!!

Sep 27 @ 10:42PM  
I'm right there with ya Skwirl....! It's Monday, ain't it???

Sep 27 @ 11:58PM  
I've tried the on strike thing a couple of times... It does work....
Good luck it does get harder till they wise up and start fending for themselves...

Sep 28 @ 12:29AM  
For years my late husband hung his jackets on the back of kitchen chairs. Now mind you...he walked right past the coat closet to do this...and he was prone to wear 3 different coats in a day. I harped and harped and nothing changed so I tried the humor tactic...

I made 2 bright signs, one said...

This is a CHAIR. A CHAIR is meant to sit on, It was NOT designed to hang your coats on.

The other said...

This is a COAT hanger. You don't sit on COAT hangers, you use them to hang your coats on

Then I placed them appropriately and well in his view...then I waited for him to come in from work....on pins 'n needles mind you because I knew it would either tickle his funnybone or he'd be pissed as hell and he'd make me regret it.

But he thought it was funny and best of all...I never saw his coat hanging over a kitchen chair again.

Honest to gaud Skwirl...I could talk to him until I was blue in the face without any results but I COULD and DID on occasion draw him pictures. It became a joke between us. I teased him in frustration that he'd NEVER come home from the grocery store with the right stuff so one time I drew pictures..a gallon jug of mild, a loaf of bread and so forth.

I look back now and figure I shouldn't bitch about his blindness to things that needed done or I needed help with. I let him get by with too much..partly to keep peace and partly it made me feel like a martyr and that's hard for me to admit now.

With much embarrassment I look back on those years and although he really didn't need any help to look like an ass, I have to admit I "fed" off of people consoling me for "what I had to put up with".

Regrets....I have a few............

Sep 28 @ 5:17AM  
you should come and live with me skwirl and we can both go on strike together
I just got through roaring at a lazy ass 12 and a 13 yr old just like that.

* oh and for christ sakes,delete this friggin losers comments will ya
it reminds me of that unwanted graffiti tagging by brainless no-hopers.

Sep 28 @ 6:21AM  
Even sober, which I'm sure is rare, you couldn't hold whapper's attention for longer than 10 seconds.


and why would i want to hold whap attention? dumb fuck!

Sep 28 @ 10:02PM  
Wow, FYI it was the Moderator, not I, who removed offending posts. So.. go Moderator!!! You kick ASS!

Sep 30 @ 7:38PM  
Sqwirl, Go on strike, We will rub your feet give you a warm oil back rub A hot bath with bubbles candle lite and soft music , And will even cook for you name your dish and its yours...

cashues,roasted peanuts, sunflower seeds, and any other nuts to suit your taste..

Smile skwirl it all will work out out

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I Need an Attitude Adjustment!