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A quiet day today

posted 9/27/2010 12:59:10 PM |
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tagged: thoughts

I know..everyone is at work. I've got the day off..just hanging out in Pervia. Actually, the quiet is kinda nice. No one is bitching about anyone, or, bitching at someone.

Here, it's cloudy and cool..typical fall day. It's actually kind of nice after a scorcher of summer. Not quite ready to let go of the warm temps, but, embracing the new season. It's starting to get a bit colorful around here..leaves changing. Pretty soon they will be at peak color. Why am I writing about this? Because I can. Actually, here in Mid Michigan, those of us who work at hotels like this time of year after summer because we get folks staying at the hotels who like to take what is called "colors tours". They usually arrive in coaches/buses, stay at different hotels while touring the state to see all of the colors in their glory. Those of us who clean the rooms love these people. Not only because it gives us more hours of work, but, because they are so tidy. These groups usually consist of seniors who enjoy the idea of relaxing and enjoying the sites.

Then, after that, it slows for a little while again..till November, the opening of deer hunting season here. Then we get the "deer hunting widows". No, not that kind where the husband is actually deceased. They are the women who stay home while the guys go up north hunting. They like to take their own little "vacations" and stay at hotels. Some are getting a jump on the Christmas season with gifts, decorations etc. Some, just to "get away" and have a "ladies weekend". Between this time and New Years we remain a bit steady. But it's so much more laid back than the insanity of summer.

Then after New all but dies in tourist towns. Most of the more popular sky slopes in Michigan seem to be up by the Mighty Mac...guess it's because they get more snow up there. They can have it. One of the things I don't mind about this time of the year is I can "rest up" for the next round of Summer insanity. Don't think it's insane? Try working at a hotel. Kids running all over, parents trying to tell them no running in the halls. That's always a good one. I give them credit for trying. But, I'm sure there are some parents out there who know and understand the futility of that when the kids are excited.

I've heard some who say my job must be hard and how is it I've dealt with it for 16 years. Easy. While there are times I may feel like this , most of the time people are fun, easy going, and will crack jokes. I've had my sister tell me I'm a "people person", that I interact very well with people. Well, it can be fun most of the time. I won't kid ya, there are times I've run across a guest who I'm so glad to see leaving and hope they never come back. Those are usually the chronic bitchers whose only goal at any hotel is to bitch enough to get their room free or discounted. We call them the "discount shoppers". They fail to realize that, at least where I'm working, the rooms get a thorough inspection after they are cleaned. So...when trying to claim a room smells like smoke, or, the tub isn't clean....they don't get that discount or freebie they're aiming to get.

Why am I rambling about this? Because, I'm thinking about how nice it is to have a day off today. The weekend was a bit crazy at work. Just the usual stuff.

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Sep 27 @ 1:09PM  
And thanks to all who enjoyed my tribute to King. Just been thinking about him a lot. He was definitely a one of a kind dog.

Sep 27 @ 1:24PM  

I felt that way about several of my dogs over the years. It was a very nice tribute.
Kinda like the one I posted to my Duke on here.
I try very hard not to bitch about anyone or anything. Life is to short.

But it's nice to start the day with a little Sugarnspice.

Sep 27 @ 1:37PM  
I took off today...My electric was off from last night till 8ish this am.
Plus, I have a Phone interview at 2pm...with a Co. Out of Pa. Wish me luck with that please After watching the Steelers play ball yesterday.....Hell ..I could be a Steelers fan...NP!!!!!!!

No colors here yet!!! But I do love the Fall!!!

Our Archery Hunting season begins this sat. So that's cool!!! A nice juicy Deer Steak would be good about right Now!!!
We call them the "discount shoppers".
My X bro in-law very rarely paid for a meal...they(he and his wife) would find something wrong with every meal!!!
Cute blog!

Sep 27 @ 2:16PM  
Those are usually the chronic bitchers whose only goal at any hotel is to bitch enough to get their room free or discounted. We call them the "discount shoppers".
Now ^^^ that's ^^^ funny. I've never heard this term before...but I like it. Thank goodness I'm not a bitcher when I stay in hotels.

I've got the day off too. Wait a minute...I have every day off right now. Yanno...I'm on "forced temporary retirement" right now. Oh least I've gotten caught up on my reading list. I've read 4 novels (500+ pages) in the past two weeks.

I really enjoyed your blog Sugar. It's so nice to hear about other peep's towns and jobs. It's like a mini tour of Sugarville.
Btw...I definitely agree with's very nice to start the day with a little bit of Sugarnspice.

Sep 27 @ 2:35PM  
My Interview went Great...!!! So.... I'll be going to the Pittsburgh area..for another Interview in the next week or two!!!!!!! Anyone from AMD live in that Area? Just asking

Sep 27 @ 3:06PM  
Wow what a great gretting from all my friends...some haven't arrived yet, but I am sure they will. We all have differnet times we get on here. weren't greeting me personally, but just saying...what a way to wake up...ya, I slept late...I am exhausted...
First I noticed Softie read my email, so that meant she is home...I doubt her sisters know her password, so it was to assume she was back from the hospital!
Then I hit blog land and hers was the first to pop Softie is home. I know we all think this is great news!!!
Next, some sweetness from Sugar. I have the day off too...thank god...6 days straight made me hurt. We had a big week at the hotel to, yes I work at a hotel like Sugar. I am in the restaurant and bar, but I definately can relate to our housekeepers, laundry, front desk, valet and engineer....not to mention the chef and the in room dinning person. We all worked our asses off all week. I feel ya Sugar!
Then...Night pops in with a sweet note, we all love having our Night around. Toad pps in to tell us some great news, and we are excited for him...then our pretty miss Kit Kat fiollows up with a hug and a kudo for the great blog and tells us what she has been up to.
What a nice read...thanks for sharing and it is good to see my buds!

Sep 27 @ 3:20PM  

Dog gone it. I forgot to leave your greenie. Here it is.

Sep 27 @ 3:59PM  
I left ya a cookie made my day!

Sep 27 @ 5:27PM  
we get folks staying at the hotels who like to take what is called "colors tours".

I think Santa has a female counter-part that flits around much like Santa does, when delivering toys, and spreads what I'll call: 'Fall color Pixie dust' all over the trees in the North to change the colors of the leaves- that's what I think! Let's call her: 'Colorbell' [in reference to Tinkerbell- kinda, sorta]- I figure she flits about, emptying bags of this special dust, that changes the colors of the leaves seemingly overnight! I mean, how else could the leaves change colors so quickly?

I came up with this theory because here in Michigan anyway, there seems to be an abrupt change from Summer to Fall to Winter and an agonizingly slow transition from Spring to Summer- what's up with that???

Anyway, that's my 2¢ worth- with 1½¢ in change coming back!

I need !!! Maybe a drink- 'cause I am sober ya know!!


Sep 27 @ 5:33PM  
Those days off are so wonderful, aren't they?

Sep 27 @ 6:30PM  
Glad you were off today!! I'm off tomorrow and so happy about it! My feet are killing me... I'm sitting here now with a heating pad beneath my feet... and it's actually rather chilly so this is warming me up, well, feet anyway! I'm ready to get my fuzzy robe out and put it on!!

Sep 27 @ 6:33PM  
Fuzzy robe? Sounds like a good idea....just put my jammies on and lounge the rest of the night.

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A quiet day today