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An "all time favorite".....

posted 9/26/2010 7:35:59 PM |
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We've seen blogs about "all time favorite......", movies, songs, groups/singers, etc...and, well, I got to thinking about a favorite pet of mine..he was a shepherd mix named King.

An old friend of mine picked up this cute puppy while rummaging at rummage sales, the puppy was a shepherd mix, and was about 7, maybe 8 weeks old when she saw him.And her oldest daughter named him King. At the time, she also had a pit bull..awesome dog..friendly too. And, this was at a time where there wasn't strict leash laws...things were pretty relaxed back then, so, my friend, she never had the two dogs on chains. She would let them outside without putting them on a chain. There was really no need as the 2 dogs pretty much stuck around the immediate neighborhood. They would come down to my parents house a lot because her kids were usually over there too. I used to baby sit for her on occasion, and, if the kids knew I was home, they would come over for a visit. And...of course, the dogs would follow them. The older daughter had a friend in the neighborhood who she hung out with a lot. One day, she went over to her friends house, the 2 dogs followed her, and she didn't think anything of it. Anyway, her friend knew full well that the pit bull didn't like cats...and she brought her cat out because she was going to try to make the dog like cats. Didn't work. Cats aren't stupid, they can sense danger....and this cat hissed at the dog, making the dog go after it. In the ensuing chaos...the friend tried to grab the dog...and got scratched in the face. And my friends daughter managed to get her dog under control and took her home, and of course, King was there too...he was a mellow dog..and hung back when the ruckus broke out.

Anyway, the girls mother freaked out, called the cops, said the pit bull attacked her kid. She was the "drama queen" of the neighborhood. But anyway, the cops talked to my friend and her daughter, got their side of the story, and advised my friend to not let the dogs run loose anymore. So..they got a chain for when the dogs go out. Well, the mother wasn't satisfied with that...and was always calling the cops and complaining about the dogs...and it got to where my friend got tired of the hassle and decided she was going to get rid of the dogs. A friend of hers took the pit bull...but no one would take King. He was too friendly. See...the people my friend hung out with...they were into doing wanted a dog that would bark..and that wasn't King..he loved kids and he loved people. After a month or so of trying to get rid of King, my friend was discouraged, and while talking to her, she kind of cried that she didn't want to take him to the pound because he was such a good dog. At this time, King was 2 years old. I've always loved the German Shepherd, always wanted one...and I told her to give me a couple of days to talk it over with my parents about taking King. I was living at their house at the, obviously I wanted to get their ok about me getting a dog. I was working at the that wouldn't have been an issue..but, they already had 2 dogs themselves at that time.

I talked to Dad, and he agreed I could keep King. So, I told my friend I would take King. At first, it was hard for him...his old home was just across the field, and he would see the kids outside and "cry". Of course, the kids would come over to see King, and he would be happy. The turn around for King came when the family took a week long trip up to the cottage. King had the time of his young life up there....took him for walks, he got to sleep in the trailer with my sister and me, and when my parent's would let me use the car to go up to the store...King went every time. King LOVED car rides. All he needed was to either see the car keys, or hear them rattle, and he was by the door wagging his tail, with one paw up and ears cocked forward. He always looked so happy at the prospect of a ride in the car. So, after a week of that..when we got home, King too was home. Oh he still loved to see the kids, but, he was now adjusted to his new home. And, he became my best bud.

continued in comments.....

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Sep 26 @ 7:46PM  

Sep 26 @ 7:52PM  
Wherever I went, King was usually with me. I'd go to the store behind my parents house, and I'd tie King's leash to the bike rack. Never had to worry about him, as I said before, he loved people. I'd go to my best friends house, yep, King went with me there too, and her parents never minded. They loved seeing him too, and her Dad always had a treat for him. We'd go to the park, and King would be with us. He loved walks, and if I would take walks in the woods across the street from my parents house, King didn't need a leash..I'd let him roam. He always stayed nearby. Now, the one thing that drove my Dad and me crazy about King...he KNEW how to get off a chain WITHOUT breaking it. His trick was to roll on the ground till he heard the fastener open, and he was on his way. And we had a running joke in the family about King thinking he was a "super stud". I'm not kidding, this dog BROUGHT his "girlfriends" home with him. Yeah, that was always fun...trying to find these dog's owners. Some would have tags and it was easy to call and tell them where their dog was. At first it was a little embarrassing, but, after awhile, we couldn't help but chuckle. And then, there would be times he would be gone for a day..but be home the next day. Yes, I had thought of getting him fixed, but...never did. I know, I should have. Oh well. One of his disappearances ran 2 days, and I got concerned...and decided to check the local animal shelter before putting out a "lost dog" ad. Sure enough, I got there, he knew I was there, and I recognized his bark. Cost $75 to get my dog back. And there began his "frequent visitor" period. Yep, the local shelter became a "visiting" place for him. It had gotten to where I would just walk in and joke with the lady at the window about King being in his usual row. Eventually, I got him a collar where he couldn't get off the chain. Ended that episode. After was smooth sailing with King. Just about anywhere I went, he was with me. I eventually met Mick, moved in with him, and King adored him. By now, King was 14 years old, and I was noticing at that time that his back legs were weakening. From the time he turned 15 to when he was put down, he had lost the use of his back legs..but...he was still a happy dog..and Mick discovered that when he got King's back end up, and held the tail for balance, King would walk. Let go of the tail, and his legs gave out. But, like I said, King was still a happy pooch...he would see his leash and be ready to go. Yes, he would haul himself around, had a good appetite, just couldn't use his back legs.

Then came the day, I noticed he would eat, and within minutes he was throwing it up. Same with water. I watched him for a day..and halfway through the second day of him doing that..I told Mick I need to get him to the vets office. I had always told Mick that when I noticed "the light go out" in King's eyes, I would know it was time to let him go. That morning of the vets appointment, King looked at me with that tired, "I'm ready" look, and I knew, that day, he wasn't coming home with me. At the vet's office, I did find out that the reason he lost the use of his back legs was due to a lesion on his spine. And, the vet said King's lungs sounded like they had a bad fluid build up. He said he could try to operate, but chances were high that with his age, King wouldn't survive it. Yeah, it was time to make that decision that I was dreading. I had to have my best friend put down. I couldn't let him suffer anymore. I said my goodbyes, and ran out of the vet's office bawling.

There are days I miss King like crazy...he was one of a kind. This is dedicated to my best friend. King. I love you and miss you pal.

Sep 26 @ 7:53PM  
his old home was just across the field, and he would see the kids outside and "cry".

That put a lump in my throat..... why do I think this blog is going to end up being sad?? Don't make me cry girl!!! lol Hurry and finish! I'm on the edge of my seat now!

I got bit in the ass when I was a kid by my aunt's shephard.. who's name was King.....

Sep 26 @ 7:55PM  

Mine was a Doxie. When I got her as a pup, she was long and full of wrinkles.
So I named her " Loretta Long Wrinkles "

Sep 26 @ 7:56PM  
Thank you for sharing this with us, Dawn.

Very good blog!


Sep 26 @ 7:56PM  
Oh sugar! you did!!! You made me ... it's just sooooooo painful to lose an animal! I have lost many!! Poor King.... He didn't feel good.... I'm sorry you lost King.....

Sep 26 @ 8:45PM  
There are always animals who will always hold a special place in our hearts. Kudos for a great blog.

Sep 26 @ 8:45PM  
My all time favorite cat was my Tippy....................oh sigh!! It just breaks my heart to think about her and what I did. I had gotten her when she was about 3 weeks old.... I had to feed her with an eye dropper and then we graduated to a baby bottle.. I took that cat everywhere with me in a shoebox. I even ran into the grocery store one morning and left her in the car... and the window cracked! That little girl got out of her box, out of the car and when I was coming out of the store, there she sat, at the door.... I was so thankful she didn't run off or that no one picked her up and carried her off. I loved her!! At that time, I was working at my parents greenhouse so I was able to take her to work with me and she ran around all over the place... and she even "helped" me potting plants.
She was so funny! Loved water... would get in the shower with me... sit at the sink and play with the water when it was running. Caught her one day shoulder deep into a glass of tea I had sitting on the coffee table....just swishing around!! She loved it!
One morning I had family visiting and we were going to go to the flea market. Well.. I live out of the dryer so when I go to get dressed, I just shut the dryer door and turned it on to get the wrinkles out of my clothes. Well... Tippy was in the dryer and I didn't know it... the dryer ran for about 15 minutes and when I went to get my clothes out, I opened the door and she almost tumbled out cause it was still spnning when I opened the door. I was absolutely devastated! All I could think or say for the first few days was "oh my god" "oh my god" I killed her! Not only was she dead but I had killed her! 7 years later, I still relive those words "oh my god" I will never ever get over that..........ever! I'm almost in tears now just typing this out. I've looked up to the sky so many times over the years and just said... I am sorry Tippy.. I still miss her!

Sep 26 @ 10:26PM  
When I live in Mobil, AL in the 80s, I guy I worked with and his wife became friends of mine! They lived about 8 miles or so from me! The called one night and said there was some stray dogs running around and one of them was a golden retriever! They apparently caught her and another one, then called me [they knew I was looking for a dog because my house had been broken into weeks before]. I shot over to their house and grabbed the retriever- I forget what the other one was but it had some really big teeth- kinda reminded me of a Sabre toothed cat kinda scary actually!

I brought her home, gave her a bowl of water and some leftover food I had- put it in a bowl, set it near her and pushed the bowl over to her with a broom handle, then moved the bowl around a little while she was eating- she didn't snarl or anything, so I knew it was safe! she stayed on the tiled floor in the dinette, while I was watching TV for at least an hour! Finally, she walked over to me, sat by my right leg and lifted her left paw onto my leg and I started petting her! From that point on we became buddies! I named her Tasha- after Natasha of the Bull Winkle days!

She was a funny dog- she was laying under a heavy oak dinette table and when I came in, she shot up and smacked her head hard under the table- she went "OOoooooo" and shook her head- I rubbed her head but it fucking cracked me up to tears!

When we were on our way back to MI, [the passenger seat was HER seat... period] she used to duck whenever we went under an overpass on the freeway- she did that under she realized it wasn't going to hit her- cracked me up

Another time, I took her to the vets for a checkup! We got in the car and I made a wide turn out of the parking space and backed into a tree- she turned and looked at me like she was thinking "dumbass!" That was priceless and I just cracked up then too!

Another time, were we staying at my sister's place in the country and they had other dogs they had, that she played with! Ya gotta picture this- my sister called them in for the day and her dogs came in and she shut the screen door! My dog came running around the corner and according to my brother-in-law, she ran right into the screen and stopped, with her butt flying up in the air! I didn't see it but it sounded funny as hell!

Another time she cracked me up, I was living at my daughter's house for a while and when I took her to get groomed one day! ! They shaved her so much, she was almost just skin! When I brought her home, family was outside talking- she walked out of my car and the family started laughing! This actually pissed off my dog because I knew she was embarrassed about her trim job and she started barking at my family for laughing at her- another hilarious moment!

I lost her in '95 to cancer and have never forgotten her! She was the best pet/friend I've had and miss her! One day soon, when I get into my finale digs, I'll get another female retriever- not that this one will replace her but of how laid back and friendly that breed is- she was funny and quite intelligent! We understood each other very well!!


Sep 27 @ 12:55AM  
OMG...I love all the cat and doggy stories!

Sugar: Thanks so much for sharing that lovely story about your friend King. I got a huge lump in my throat.

Pink: I feel just horrible for you. But it does sound like your cat was a it wasn't your fault. I had a cat by the name of Kirby who was just as curious...and I had to check the dryer every time...just in case.

Som: Your dog stories reminded me of a dog I used to have by the name of Bandit. She was so funny and intelligent...and was always making someone laugh. I miss her terribly some days.

Great blog Sugar!
Here's a green cookie for King.

Sep 27 @ 12:56AM  
I fell in lovwe with your pup King immediately. yes, I have a story, but I just can't bear to tell it now...I have already cried once and refuse to again tonight. Thanks for the story and I know he loved you dearly! Hugs...for your loss. M

Sep 27 @ 1:46PM  
I won't share the story again, as it breaks my heart to even think about it..

But, General Beauregard Doggington.. I miss you.

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An "all time favorite".....