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What's The Weirdest Thing You Came On

posted 1/11/2007 1:16:12 AM |
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tagged: kinky, cum, straddle

This has always been one of my favorite fetishes of having women cum on things, things such as stuffed animals for example. I love kinky sex, and yes, even kinky phone sex works. I have even cum on a few things such as.....nahhh, I may tell it here depending on the responses I get for this one, and yes, it's a little shocker. Haha With that said, what is the weirdest thing you have cummed on? Men and women are welcomed to share their info. The freakiest thing the better!!! Now who wants bragging rights for this one?

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Jan 11 @ 1:24AM  
On a jet ski.... in the middle of a lake

Jan 11 @ 1:28AM  
Mmmm....that lucky jet ski.

Jan 11 @ 2:29AM  
Maybe you should do a follow up blog tomorrow of "Who's the wierdest person you came on"?

Jan 11 @ 2:32AM  
Well, that would be easy, that would be me!

Jan 11 @ 2:44AM  
My eye!!!,,,,my girlfreind capped me,,and as i pulled her hand away,,,,nailed myself dead center of the eyeball...

Jan 11 @ 3:05AM  
No, Weasell, it's got to be an object, not a body part of you. lol

Jan 11 @ 3:08AM  
I don't know...his own eye? That's got to be something that doesn't happen often!

Me? Nothing truly weird. Maybe at the top of the slide at the park? Or maybe when we had a house full of company and the ex and I were sleeping in the kid's bed? Yeah, had that taboo sex in the kid's bed!

Jan 11 @ 6:03AM  
Straddle, just remember my warning about the coked-out, off her meds, crazy bitch woman from hell that you some how must have "scorned" in the past.

Jan 11 @ 8:07AM  
In my undies when i was a teen after having a WET WET DREAM.

Jan 11 @ 9:37AM  
When I was in my early twenties, one day walking down the street on a Saturday morning, I saw a pair of black hose with the lines up the back of the legs, laying in the gutter... I instantly picked them up and stuffed them quick in a bag I had, so no one would see me. I knew they had to belong to a hooker or a very happy lady from the night before, thrown out the window while flying 50 down the side street... The thought of where they had been and 'what they had seen' the night before was SUCH food for fantasy... I layed them out on my bed and hosed em down three times in a row... (Since then I've caused several to throw theirs out the window while with me... I wonder if any of those got hosed...)

My first sexual encounter (and orgasm) ever, happened with a girl, in a dumpster, behind a carpet store... (Hey, it was padded in there... kinda) *grin* So do old carpet scraps count too?

Jan 11 @ 11:36AM  
Oh Wtxman, don't I know it.

About to head on north for a 45 minute drive to take $150 to my daughter at school so she can have the money for tomorrow with paying the rest of the graduation announcements package that she ordered.

Jan 11 @ 11:44AM  
My beads,,,,over and over and over......yes,,,,,yes,,,yes,,,,

Jan 11 @ 12:07PM  
Your toothbrush!

Jan 11 @ 12:08PM  
Just a joke.... y'all relax now!!

Jan 11 @ 3:23PM  
The steering wheel of a garbage truck....

Jan 11 @ 4:11PM  
Mememe, I would love to hear more about you cumming all over those beads.

Pudge2you, that was a good one!

I just got home around 2:35pm after visiting Natasha at school. On my way there she called me on my cell phone and asked if I was coming up there, and she wanted me to stop and buy her some extra strength tylenol because she's really cramping and in pain. As I got there I see that they have a system in place up there where a student sits in a lobby for 30 minutes and greets visitors when they first come in and that person has to sign their name, and then given a tag to where when they're there. I got to visit with her there at the desk while off and on visitors came in. A few of her female friends popped up and there were two of them that were almost as tall as I was and one had colored punk hair (which I thought was very cool). I said to Tash in front of them that I loved the hair and that I thought Tash should try that look. That girl thought it was great that I loved her hairstyle. Her friend stuck her tongue out and showed me her piercing. There was another friend of hers and she asked me how old I thought she was and I said 16? She said close, but she's 15. She also told Tash right in front of me that her dad's cool, and that she wished her dad was cool as me. I thought after hearing that that it made my day. I was there for about an hour.

Jan 11 @ 6:41PM  
When I was 11, I detached Ken Doll's head from his body and nestled it deep in my pussy and kept it there most of the day.

Jan 11 @ 6:57PM  
In my adult life, I've done a stick shift in a sports car, a twisty candle stick, one of those giant candycane sticks, ....that's all I can think of right now...

Jan 11 @ 7:03PM  
Yourfacefits, I wouldn't mind if you gently straddled my nose right now and slowly rock back and forth, and grind a little till you cum numerous times on my face.

Jan 11 @ 10:13PM  
A wine bottle....the opposite end on a spatula- bumpy, rubber gripped handle, the old hour glass shaped Coke bottle.....

Jan 12 @ 1:23PM  
Sorry Shawn....I just got back to your blog....As for as meme coming all over her beads,,,,I hope you didn't think they were the ones on my dress...As I have said before I own my own shop and have all kinds of sex toys.....Have you ever seen the 12 Inch Long Plastic Beads (Anal Beads) that women insert into there vagina and as the (I might gross out some people since some have forgotten this is AMD meaning ADULT SITE) Shawn...I will personally e-mail you the info.....Lena

Jan 12 @ 1:29PM  
Yeah, I think I have heard of those. Yes, send me an email and fill me in on all the details.

Jan 12 @ 7:07PM  
Okay, in keeping with my word about me telling you all what I have cum on if this blog took off I will do that.

1. I actually came inside my old desk top phone I got back in the summer of 1986 a few years ago. I thought that it would be interesting to see how long the phone continued working before it finally shorted out. After so many cums inside it I started hearing to phone making a squealing noice and did that for about a month before it shorted totally out. (Gives a new meaning to the words phone sex... ).

2. I tried a plant before too. I thought that I would actually see if cum protien was good for a plant. I did this over a period of time and found that the plant actually flourished and did very well believe it or not. That was about three years ago and I still have that plant today, but haven't cummed on it since then.

Jan 12 @ 10:02PM  
This guy at work used to cum in paper towels, fold them up, and leave them on my desk with notes "thinking of you".

Jan 12 @ 11:25PM  
After so many cums inside it I started hearing to phone making a squealing noice and did that for about a month before it shorted totally out. (Gives a new meaning to the words phone sex... ).

Straddle by far you write the funniest stuff on AMD..... kudos to you

oh and by the way.... mine would have to be an exgirlfriends bedroom doorknob, i figured id leave her something to remember me by..

Jan 13 @ 3:15PM  
My GF bought and showed me a new ligerie set that she got and then put my new porn into her DVD player. When it was done she rolled over and went to sleep with that "I'm to tired" attitude.
So after an hour of laying there with a kick stand, wwhen she started to snore I knelt beside her and beat a load into her sleeping hair, and then went to sleep..

Jan 20 @ 8:38AM  
Some woman was watching me masturbate on my webcam

She told me she wanted to watch me cum on one of her her pictures.

So I printed her pic, while she still continued to watch me stroking.

I set her pic in front of my webcam and masturbated my nice cock til i cummed, squirting all over her pic.

Wierd but hot!!!

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What's The Weirdest Thing You Came On