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A completely useless blog or... a very rare rant blog

posted 9/24/2010 11:41:33 AM |
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This is my 200 and twoth blog [202]- I think I'm running neck to neck with Straddle on blog count here... not sure about that tho...

Anyway- this week was one of those 'what the fucking HELL is going on...' weeks! Monday, I was on the road, went to open my drive's side window on my Jeep and heard a 'twwaannnggggg' after I pushed the button- my window slid down into my door, leaving it wide open and of course, it was threatening to rain! Why do people stare at you going down the road, just because your window is wide open during a threatening thunder storm and theirs isn't- that's what I wanna know?? WTF!!

So, I called a Chrysler/Jeep dealership on Monday that was 16 miles in another town [because the dealership I used to go to that was 5 miles down the road, had closed during the rash of auto dealer closings, if you remember back then!

Anyway, made an appointment for Tuesday! Show up Tuesday, wait for an hour to find out what the problem with the window was and for them to tell me that the fix is to replace the 'window regulator' as they call it and it was going to cost $450 including labor [how nice of them] and about an 1½ hours of time BUT... they don't have the part in stock- they can order it and fix it Wednesday! I said I'll call you later today [which I did] for my decision! Wasted trip, time and gas!

My daughter lives 60 miles from me! She was having problems with her PC so, I figured I would get my Jeep fixed at a dealership nearby and fix her PC after getting my window fixed- they also had the part in stock too! So, I set up an appointment for Wednesday!

On the way to the dealership, my cruise control kept popping out of cruise- then I noticed that that mother (phucker) of all warning lights' the: 'Check engine' light came on! If I stepped on the gas, the engine would start missing and choking! So, I feathered the gas all the way to the dealership while driving about 10mph under the speed limit on the freeway! Ever notice how people look at you, while going around you when you're going 10mph under the speed limit?? WTF is up with that?

Anyway, get to the dealership, told them about the new problem and they came back in ½ an hour to inform me that some timing sensors were bad- but, not a problem, they have the parts and it would be another $300 to fix it! Well... that was a fucking problem price wise, with me anyway! So, what was a $450 repair bill, turned into a $750 repair bill! I was pissed, needless to say! Got it fixed and fixed my daughter's PC and drove home- cussing at my Jeep every few miles, enough that when I pulled into my driveway, got out to open my garage door- I noticed that my grillework on the front looked like this --------> !

So, that's why it was one of those: 'what the fucking HELL is going on...' weeks! Jeeps are expensive to fix anything- lose a nut and bolt from somewhere and apparently, it's gonna cost you a minimum of $450!

Ok, that's one of my rare rants and you better take notice Straddle- I'm catching up to ya!

This rounds out this week quite nicely:

FUCK it!!!

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Sep 24 @ 12:44PM  
I can relate to you rant. On my ride along the gulf I ran oner a broken beer bottle and tire on the harley went down almost as fast as a blowout. So sat 2 hr's waiting on wrecker to take me 65 miles to Dothen Ala. Had to spend the night there just to get a tire.

Sep 24 @ 12:50PM  
Sorry had to laugh. I had a Jeep for 2 months. After the breaks going out on me while driving twice and leaving it at the shop twice. Both times taking 2 weeks to fix cause they never have the parts in. I took the damn thing back to the dealer and told them to keep it.

Sep 24 @ 1:53PM  
ouch Som...that one really hurts. I guess you should be happy you had the money. I know it was there for something, but probably notwhat you expected. I am so sorry...what a week. It was very nice of you to fix your daughters pc. Hugs to you for being a great DAD!

Sep 24 @ 2:18PM  
Kinda like that earlier post 'bout Chrysler/Jeep employees
getting all fekked up on the clock. Wonder if it's crappy parts, or
poor workmanship.

Sep 24 @ 2:36PM  
Holy smokes!

I can see why you wanted to say "Fuck it!" by Wednesday evening.

Back in 1989...I had a car that needed a timing chain replaced and I was thrilled when the mechanic told me the part would only cost $30. But then he told me the labor would cost $250...and I about lost it right then and there. WTF!

And then there was another time...when a pickup truck ran a red light while I was making a left turn in the very same intersection (I had the right away)....and it hit me head on and completely totaled my car. Two days before...I had just shelled out $450 to replace the transmission. I was so pissed.

Kudos for having a great attitude about your less than awesome week by Friday...and even writing a very entertaining and humorous rant about it.

Btw...I agree with Bunny. Kudos for being a great dad and helping your daughter with her computer problems during such a hellacious week.

Sep 24 @ 3:55PM  
This is my 200 and twoth blog [202]-
Congrats on your 202nd blog

I think I'm running neck to neck with Straddle on blog count here

Now on to the topic at hand....

I think we all have had weeks like this to where a lot of shit happened which left us wondering wtf a lot of the times.

Kudos for being a great dad and helping your daughter with her computer problems during such a hellacious week.
I would have to agree

Sep 24 @ 5:02PM  
Well at least the crankshaft on your Jeep didn't snap in half on you. That's what happened to my other Jeep. A CarFax report showed that that Jeep had been involved in a head the mechanic looking at it say it had probably been "compromised" at that time. I miss my Jeep. The Town & Country is ok, but I like Jeeps. btw...the OTHER Grand Cherokee I had before that one...only work I ever had done on it was brakes. It was a '98...the one with the cracked crankshaft was a 97.

And that's great that even with your Jeep giving you a "wtf" helped your daughter with her PC. I agree with Straddle and Kit...kudos to you for that, and, for surviving the Jeep nightmare.

Sep 24 @ 6:32PM  
That was a pretty quiet rant Don, I think I would have been ready to burn a dealership down............J/K of course.........i would just plan it out

as bunny said good thing you had the wasnt so long ago i was trying to figure out how to get 50 bucks together to buy a used tire for my jimmy..............

Hope things get better for you soon.

Sep 24 @ 7:32PM  
Hope next week is much better. Car problems can be a pain in the butt.

Sep 24 @ 8:16PM  
I had problems with my window last week too. It came off the track, but I managed to pull it into place so that the window was more or less in the "up" position until I could get a better look at it.

Except my daughter borrowed the car. I forgot to warn her about the window. She calls from work (1/2 a block away) and tells me the window exploded when she tried to roll it up.

Except I took it to my handy guy who got a window from the junk yard and I only paid $120 total installed and everything. For an extra $240 he replaced my back brakes too. So I wasn;t happy about my $360 bill, but did get a pretty good value.

I despise dealers and am leery of most repair places. I found this guy who used to work where I do, and everyone I work with knows him and takes their cars to him. It is a real money saver and peace of mind when you can find a guy like him!

I think I had better make a quick getaway cuz you might not be done ranting...


Sep 25 @ 3:22AM  
I hope you have a better day tomorrow...or today when you get up and read this..I am late getting home from work...I hope I have a great night's getting sticky at work...and I just have to keep on keeping on...wish me luck...please!

Sep 25 @ 12:20PM  
Ouch dude! Sorry to hear about the troubles, and I'll give just a word of advice:

The dealer is awesome for a lot of things, but if the car is even somewhat older (5 years tends to be the rule of thumb), aftermarket is really the way to go at times. My sister has an '01 Grand Cherokee, and her driver side window regulator did the same thing earlier this year. I picked up an aftermarket window regulator/motor (NEW, not used or remanufactured) for $70 and had it installed in less than an hour (granted, I was a mechanic for 20+ years & can still get discounts on parts, but aftermarket is still a fraction of the cost of dealer parts nearly every time). The cam and crank sensors are readily available aftermarket as well (GC and Wrangler's have used the same ones on nearly every model since they did away with the manual distributor in '98); almost any shop is going to have the basic computer hookup to diagnose it.

The catch-22 is that you have to find a shop (and a mechanic) that you trust. Chain auto stores especially in the last decade or so have begun putting a lot of pressure on the techs to "up-sell" almost everything (find other stuff "wrong" with the car); I actually quit a job with Pep-Boys over the amount of pressure they put on us to intentionally make things sound worse than they were (the regional manager's exact words to all of us was "be sure to use lots of 'technical mumbo-jumbo' so they won't know quite what you're talking about"). I'm not saying they're all bad ...just that a lot of them place dollars over customer care, and it all boils down to the guy looking at the car; any shop is made up of individuals, and some are more willing to be honest than others. I've worked with (and for) some of the best, and some of the worst.

Dealer's seldom put that kind of pressure on their people, but you damned sure pay through the nose to get that kind of quality (honestly, they just tend to pay their people well enough that there isn't as much incentive to be dishonest). Independently owned shops who depend on word of mouth for business are often a safe bet, but it can still be a dice-roll. It's all about people, but you can sure save a lot of money ...not to mention support small business, if you go that route.

Personally, although I really like Jeep ...the peripheral "stuff" (switches, actuators, etc) have a lot to be desired for quality and durability. The engines are almost bulletproof though ...their inline 6 cylinder is probably one of the best on the road!

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A completely useless blog or... a very rare rant blog