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What Did You Do For Fun While You Were In High School?

posted 9/23/2010 9:18:47 PM |
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tagged: fun, memories, life, school, entertainment

I’ll admit it. I love the TV show Glee (no…that doesn’t make me a Gleek ). I think it’s because it reminds me of the days when I was very involved with my high school drama department.

When I say involved...I’m talking really involved. I participated in a lot of speech competitions at various high schools across Oklahoma…as well taking part in the many school plays that were performed each year. And yes…half of them were musicals.

This particular time in my life was quite magical because I had so much fun with all the different plays and competitions that I participated in…and a lot of my high school memories seemed centered around this particular activity.

To say I was involved in theatre is an understatement…because I spent most of my weekends during my sophomore…junior…and senior years competing in speech competitions. I quickly found I could only work during the summer months… because my weekends were so jam packed during the school year…and this made it impossible to find a part-time job…since most of the local employers wanted high school students to work weekends. So…I would save all my summer income for the upcoming school year.

It was worth it though...because by my junior and senior years….I was placing at regional…state…and national levels in most of my speech events.

The events I competed in seemed to be varied. I guess I needed variety in my life even back then. Most of the kids competing in the original oration category were debaters…so I was considered quite the novelty when I arrived on the scene. Most of the girls wore suits…while I wore more girlie clothes. You had 10 minutes to give your speech…and some of the rounds could be quite nerve racking to say the least. I remember writing about the teenager’s perspective of “Who Am I?” during my junior year…and “how damaging extremely critical people could be to a person” in my senior year. Both times…I qualified for state…and one time…I qualified for nationals. This was quite a big deal in my corner of the world…because most kids didn’t get this far in speech competitions.

A couple of the other events I took part in included prose and poetry. I once made it all the way to state with a story another teenager wrote and published in the teen magazine Seventeen. This was a hoot because I was considered the underdog…and ended up placing 1st in the end.

I also participated in dramatic interpretation (All About Eve) and humorous interpretation...and did quite well considering I felt like I was going to be sick before each of these rounds. I realize now that it was my lack of confidence that had me so stressed...because I didn’t think I was as talented as some of the other kids. Heck…I didn’t even think I was a very funny person until I became an adult. I thought everyone was just being polite up until that point.

I would sometimes participate in dramatic or humorous duets with other kids…or fill in on the debate team if they needed an extra body. These weren’t my preferences because I liked competing by myself…and on my own merits.

One thing’s for sure…during these 3 years...I made a lot of friends…and got to see a lot of Oklahoma…because there was always down time between the different rounds…as long as you didn’t try to compete in more than 2 or 3 events per competition.

Yep…those were definitely good times.

So peeps…What did you do for fun while you were in high school?

I’m suddenly feeling very nostalgic …but I’ll still kick your arse if you call me a Gleek.

Your turn…

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Sep 23 @ 9:38PM  
Hmm.. Ok the stuff that's fit to print..

I was a dancer. Yup, spent all my time dancing. Ballet, Jazz, that kinda thing.
I was also in all the musicals.. in fact got to play Annie in a production of the same name.

I like Glee too.. and don't mind being a Gleek.


Sep 23 @ 10:05PM  
Gleek, Gleek, Gleek!!! Get your ass kickers out!!!

Awesome write...and a good read!!!
Greenie for the "Gleek"

Well, I Took a 9pt. buck in my freshman year!! Back then...I had kicked a Lot of Old men asses,...Including my Dad's!!! Hell... he even offered me a Beer...WTF? (but i told him I didn't drink!!! )
My Senior year..I Knocked up my GF!!! Best thing I ever did!!!
Hey...I'm Southern Red....WTH?

Sep 23 @ 10:07PM  
I taught myself the last two years of high school and spent a lot of time travelling. That was a lot of fun and I learned more from that than I could have ever learned in a classroom. Other than that I spent a lot of time writing and painting.

Sep 23 @ 10:36PM  
umm....errrrr..HIGH school??? your asking ME?/ moi

i learned to roll the perfect..............................................

Sep 23 @ 10:44PM  
I was busy smoking what ynot was rolling.....


Sep 23 @ 10:45PM  
Guess I'm a gleek

Hmmm what did I do in school...
Greeny for a great read here really enjoyed it...

Sep 23 @ 10:45PM  
This is a very good read. Thanks for sharing.

So peeps…What did you do for fun while you were in high school?
I had a few friends who I went to school with that also went to the same church I did while in high school. There were times where we were involved with hanging out with each other during some events with a bit of a mixure of our friends whether it was church related to where it involved such things as going camping, playing flashlight tag at church or our youth leader's business building downtown at midnight, to car washes. Aside from church events, some of us hung out with each other to where we went double and triple dating sometimes by going to movie theaters. I remember taking my ex (Ann) to go see Ghostbusters and Meatballs 2 ( it was Meatballs 2 or 3 back in 1984) with another couple that Ann and I were friends with.

Another time where we all got together and hungout with each other on New Years Eve back in 1984 going into 1985 to where we all went bowling, and then went back to one of our friends home to where we partied and celebrated the new year as it happened.

Aside from Ann and I hanging out with our friends, we both hung out with each other mostly with each other during my high school years.

Very good blog. Kudo!

Sep 23 @ 10:47PM  
So Ynot was the roller?!! Great Job man!!!

Sep 24 @ 12:13AM  
Good read kat but we better not talk about my teenage years. Some of the people may still remember and hold a grudge. Less just say I would probably get kicked out of pervia I wasn't the nice person I am now.
One of them green things for ya.

Sep 24 @ 2:39AM  
I mostly studied a broad.

Sep 24 @ 5:38AM  
miss Kitty ... a Drama Queen ? who'd have thought


Sep 24 @ 8:16AM  
Everything you could do in a car. High school itself was a bore.

Sep 24 @ 9:22AM  
My high school years....I would have been hanging out with Ynot and Pink. My friends and I were the typical "troublemakers" in high school. For us, it was fun to see how much we could get away with before being caught. And our assistant principle was so easy to pull one over on. With all the hell I raised in high school, I got suspended only once, and that was near the end of my senior year.

We would take off at lunch, roll a few, come back to class higher than a kite, or, just not come back at all. And for any who are wondering, yes, I did graduate on time. In fact, out of my sisters and I, I'm the only one with a high school diploma. I wasn't a straight A student, although, I could have been if I had spent more time studying and less time partying.

No, I wasn't into any of the clubs, like glee, theater, band, etc, in high school. Just raising hell, having fun, and hanging out.

Sep 24 @ 12:36PM  
I was one of those weird art students

Sep 24 @ 2:15PM  
I sewed, I danced, I played sports, ran track, ice skated, climb mountains, cliff dived, water skiied, had a paper route, road my racing bike all over the place, bowled, camped, road a unicycle, road horses, went on vacations with the family, hitch hiked to Calif., went to keggers in the desert, smoked abunch of pot, worked alot for my Dad...paid my way through college....

Sep 24 @ 6:37PM  
I worked full time while I was in high school to help pay the bills as my father was dying of cancer...........didn't leave much free time and Im afraid I drank most of my free time...........ok while I was in classes I was eating oranges that I had shot vodka into with a syringe..............that might explain why i dont remember much of high school .............lmao

Sep 24 @ 6:50PM  
Everything you could do in a car
Oh yeah, I had the same kind of fun as well in my car with my ex during those years.

Sep 24 @ 9:39PM  
Wearing a kilt and playing the scotish high land bagpipes and having young ladies ask what we wear under neath it and showing them

Sep 25 @ 3:38AM  
ok...I know you and Ewe are dying to hear about my first drunk experience..... ...maybe later....gotta go downstairs and get a beer....

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What Did You Do For Fun While You Were In High School?