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Another day off from work

posted 9/23/2010 10:40:10 AM |
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tagged: thoughts

What to do, what to do. I do know I will mow the lawn sometime today. Just not in the mood to do so right now.

So I decided to do a blog. Of what? Who knows? Whatever I happen to think of. Actually, I was reading another blog on another site where the poster was talking about how they weren't attracted to those who are obese who do nothing about their weight. I have to wonder. How does this person know that those with weight issues "do nothing about it"? In some cases, it can be a medical issue, or, hereditary. And, in some instances, I will agree, it is laziness and bad dieting. But, my point does one know what it is? Granted, if a person isn't "turned on" by it, I don't see any reason to "slam" them for that. A preference is a preference. They're not going to change who they are just to spare feelings...and they shouldn't have to. I have my preferences, and I wouldn't change them to spare feelings.

But, this person was asking an interesting question about does a person have a right to complain about the opposite sex not finding them attractive when they don't do anything to make themselves sexy. I thought that was interesting. I've seen comments where others say they don't find overweight people sexually attractive, and I've seen where some have said they don't find underweight people attractive. Anyway..I'm kinda wandering here. If a person just "doesn't care" about how they look, does that make them a slob? Or, is there maybe something else going on? Depression maybe?

OMG...this is too much thinking this early in the day for me. I think I'll stop here.

Oh nice. "You know who" is here.........first letter starts with "M" and end's with "D".

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Sep 23 @ 11:34AM  
.first letter starts with "M" and end's with "D".

Ahhhh yes... The MOD Squad- [broadcast 1968-73] I remember watching them on TV occasionally but, that was so I could watch the chick... Peggy Lipton as... Julie Barnes in that series!

The MOD Squad

Peggy Lipton... Look'n HOT then... and look'n HOT now!


Sep 23 @ 11:45AM  
I used to love watching that show when I was a kid.

Sep 23 @ 12:21PM  
I have been on sites where women were slammed for their weight by men who were far from GQ covers themselves. Found that a bit hypecritical. I like the Foxworthy redneck fashion tip that if you are 300 pounds yourself you cannot wear the t-shirt saying no fat chicks.

If they not attracted they are not attracted but why just not keep their mouth shut instead of making an issue out of it and hurting the feelings of people on the site that might not be a size 2. No one said he had to date overweight people. But no need to announce his opinion to a whole website.

When you see someoe overweight you do not know they do nothing or that they even eat very much. There are medications that have weight gain as a side effect like prednisone. There are also healthy looking people that have things like heart conditions where they cannot get out and exercise. Sounds like that guy was just going out of his way to be a jerk. JMO

Every site has people like that on it. I always think they need to engage the brain before typing.


Sep 23 @ 12:23PM  
oops that should have been hypocritical. I cannot type with a puppy climbing all over me. LOL

Sep 23 @ 1:00PM  
...did someone say puppies???? ...There are certain things that attract me to certain people, but it is the whole package that makes me desire their company. I can't really say what irt is till I see and feel it. I also think there are ways not to disturb others lives when you're not attracted to them. Being polite and not point out anything that would hurt their feelings is easily done by saying...I am not good enough for you. Blame it on yourself. If you are weak enough to point fingers, then you should grabe yourself by your bottom lip and suck your head into the darkness till you learn to be strong enough to blame yourself...and hey! Ya might learn something while your hiding....

Sep 23 @ 1:26PM  
We all have our preferences...but it doesn't mean we have to tear others down just because they don't fit our preferences to a tee. I gotta say...I've been turned off more times by people's horrible personalities and attitudes...than by what another person might consider as mediocre looks.

If you don't have something nice to say...then shut the fuck up!

If you are weak enough to point fingers, then you should grabe yourself by your bottom lip and suck your head into the darkness till you learn to be strong enough to blame yourself...and hey! Ya might learn something while your hiding....

I would love to see a weak person demonstrate ^^^ this ^^^ move right now. Thanks for the laugh Bunny.

Sep 23 @ 2:06PM  
he he he...giggle....

Sep 23 @ 2:20PM  
Bunny, I love you!

Yeah, sugar.. some people are just so miserable in their own skins that they feel the need to drag someone else down into the misery with them.

Hey, if you don't find me sexually attractive.. move on.. I don't care. But there's no reason to be shitty about it.

Sep 23 @ 2:43PM  
Well there are degrees in how a person doesn't care about themselves..........if they are the ones who don't wear makeup, don't wear their hair in the latest style..........wear jeans and sweaters instead of the latest fad, their bra and undies don't match (which mine never do......the only one who would ever tell if they didnt match is my honey........and you can bet your ass he doesnt give a shit what Im wearing........just getting them off me...... ) than I would say its not that they dont care about themselves.......its a matter of they are comfortable with themselves..........

if the person is one who doesn't bathe........never combs there hair...........well that person could either be homeless, depressed, or just fucking lazy..........

Each person is attracted to whom they are attracted to..........some people have an idea of what the attraction should be so if they have never been attracted to say someone who is overweight and than takes time to get to know them......they might find themselves attracted but thru some ideal of what the right person is for them they would never admit to it........

Heres my thought..............people are who they are......they are attracted to what they are attracted use getting your panties in a wad if someone isnt attracted to you..........but in the same respect no one should be abused for who they are attracted to and who they are not attracted to.......and no one should be abused for not being attractive to them. JMO

Sep 23 @ 3:15PM  
I pretty much agree with a lot of the comments on here

Sep 23 @ 4:02PM  
I get emails all the time from men that state in their profiles HWP women only. These poor dumbass men dont get any kindness from me. They get told how it is flat out I wont even talk to a guy that states no big girls. I am not a second choice cause all the hot chicks wont have anything to do with their ugly ass. I have no problem with someone not liking bigger girls but just say so an stick to it. Dont go down the search hitting on every profile hoping someone will give in. I will admit I am very shallow when it comes to personal care. I take pride in how I present myself and expect my partner to be the same.

Sep 23 @ 8:19PM  

The way I see it is...If You like my looks..that's cool!! If You don't..STFU..and get the hell away from me!!! Its not my fault you lack good taste!!!

Sep 23 @ 8:51PM  
Oh nice. "You know who" is here.........first letter starts with "M" and end's with "D".

Oh... don't worry.... he won't do anything!! He never does!! We have to email HER to get anything done around here!!

Glad to know he's up on the picture thing .... .......for now! That will end soon too!

Hope you had a good day off!!

OHT"s comment was pretty funny!

Nov 3 @ 8:16PM  
She loves being brushed,

Hey... I love being brushed too ya know!

Nice blog!

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Another day off from work