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Rocket Man

posted 9/22/2010 9:54:36 PM |
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tagged: fun, humor, life, son

This is a story about my son and his fascination with rockets.

This love affair began when my son was 6-years-old…and has continued over the past 17 years. I have no idea what caused the initial spark in my son…but his summers at space camp definitely kept the fire burning.

My son began attending space camp when he was 6-years-old. He started his journey by learning about astronauts…then it was hot air balloons…next came simulated flights in a mock F-16. Then there was a week long class dedicated to nothing but rockets. I’m talking EVERYTHING rockets. From that week forward…my son was hooked.

He would spend all of his allowance on rocket parts for his handmade rockets and eventually…when he worked out most of the kinks…I was asked if I would drive him to a particular park so that he could launch his creations.

I was very curious to see my son’s handiwork in action…so I could barely contain my excitement when he requested a ride to the park. My son had two rockets that he wanted to launch…and I watched from the car as he ran way out into the middle of a field that was usually reserved for golfers practicing their swings. Luckily…there were no golfers there on this particular day…and so my son had the field all to himself. This would prove to be a very good thing.

He began by launching the first rocket with little incident. It went fairly high…but then sort of lost some of its power towards the end…and crashed unceremoniously to the ground. Of course…I was there for moral support…so I clapped and waved …and yelled words of encouragement at the top of my lungs. I’m quite sure my son was rolling his eyes the whole time I was yelling.

My son proceeded to launch his last rocket…and I decided to walk to where he was in the field. The rocket went smoothly into the air…but as it began it’s journey back down towards us…it seemed different somehow. When the rocket got closer…I figured out what that something different was. It was on fire. Yep…my son’s rocket was on fire…and it was headed straight down towards us…and the grass.

It was at this moment that I remembered that silly me had taken the fire extinguisher out of the car the week before …because I needed it in the house when my son was doing another one of his science experiments…and the fire extinguisher that was in the house was not working properly.

I quickly told my son to move back…because I was going to have to put the fire out…before it started a grass fire. Did my son listen? Hell…no! He was right there when the rocket came down in flames…and immediately began stomping on top of the rocket with all his might…trying to extinguish the flames. Between the both of us…we stomped the shit out of that fire…and the grass ended up barely getting burned. To this day…I’m quite sure that if someone had been watching us from a far…they would have thought we had completely lost our minds. I know I would have.

Now…while I was still recovering and trying to catch my breath…my darling son turns to me and says…”I think I may have put a little too much of “this and that” in that last rocket.” To which I replied…”You think?!” Can you say understatement?

Of course…the following week…we were both back at the park for another rocket launch. Except this time…I came prepared with my fire extinguisher…and my camera.

Yanno…better safe than sorry is what I always say.

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Sep 22 @ 10:03PM  

your son in a few more years??^^^^^^^

Sep 22 @ 10:06PM  
Awesome Story!!!!!! Thx for sharing!!!! Greenie!

Sep 22 @ 10:07PM  
Heheheh.. kinda reminds me of my baby bro and his bangsite fascination.

Sep 22 @ 10:08PM  
That is funny, now we know who isn't a rocket scientist and the meaning of "don't try this at home"!

Sep 22 @ 10:19PM  
My oldest stepson loved to play with black powder, creating rockets. We had more than one scary experiment at our house! When my own son came along, he too seemed to have the firebug gene and loves to blow up stuff! Kids, gotta love em. Thanks for sharing!

Sep 22 @ 10:19PM  
I really loved and enjoyed the story.


Sep 22 @ 11:16PM  
There was a comic series, Jimmy Neutron, his dog was named 'Goddard'.
Google 'Robert H. Goddard'.
Every parent should wish these dreams on their own child.

Sep 23 @ 12:32AM  
He sounds like me with my chemistry set when I was a kid. Great story. Kudos.

Sep 23 @ 12:45AM  
That was a very interesting and fun read! Takes me back to my very early teens when I was experimenting with rockets- even to launching tadpoles in them! What used to be a 3 dimensional living creatures, came back as 2 dimensional dead creatures! But, it was a learning experience!

Good story!

One of my favorite tunes:

Rocket Man


Sep 23 @ 2:22AM  

Sep 23 @ 4:23AM  
Great story

Sep 23 @ 10:12AM  
Ok, Ynot's pic...that is funny!!!

Great story Kit. I can just picture you and your son stomping that fire out!! And I loved the "you think?" comment. Hysterical!!!

Leaving a kudo for the morning chuckle.

Sep 23 @ 1:46PM  
My brother and our cousin were science fanatics. They were always blowing things up, building rockets and launching them off the top of the house...yanno that makes them go higher...We all hady walky talky's too..they always included me in their projects...wasn't I the lucky girl. night they were downstairs in the basement in my brothers room and I was up stairs in my room and I got a 911 call on my walky talky. They had blown something up in my brothers room and had burned the carpet. I was the fixit girl and they needed me desperately!...oh well...ya gotta be good at something...I went down and assessed the situation...mind you, I was only 11...well the carpet was a mess and they were freaking.
I went and got the extra carpet kept for what...these types of accidents? Who knows...Mom was a slight hoarder...not like the TV show, but still a bit of one. I got the utility knife and some glue and replaced the old with the new and scooted the end of the bed down to cover the spot and hold the carpet in place till the glue dried....night night...all is cousin Joesph adored me, my brother tolerated me, but still gave me the thumbs up...that lasted about a week...
Mom never found out, but she did wonder why the bed had been pulled down so far...she never moved it back and till today doesn't know they blew up her new RED carpet...yeah my brother had red carpet in this bedroom...groovy huh!
I think I will tell Mom about this, she never gets made after the fact, she actually laughs at these old stories...who knew?!

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