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AMD Week in Review

posted 9/21/2010 6:14:28 PM |
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tagged: review

Ok, by popular demand…(and the fact the sheep with the red heels has demanded for it ) here is a Review. I know, been a few months hasn’t it? Well, got busy with work and I had noticed blogs were far a few between. Ok, so fine, I’ll admit it…I was too lazy to wade through whapper’s blogs. we go.

I’m going to start this one off with a lovely blog by NightofOld, I HAD TO DO THIS BLOG, he has been through a lot. Hand surgery, but, most important, a woman he has loved his whole life, who he had been caring for, passed away on 9/11/10. This person was his mother. She was 92. This Review is for Chuck.

Ynot7769 told us “I CAN” Yeah, go figure. He was right. He blogged about bullshit, and got us to read it, and even got members to comment. Ya know..admitting he was right……now you all know we’re gonna be in trouble. There’s going to be no stopping him now. And Ynot? Do we really want to stop him?

whisperingcomet asked, “Wht the hell is wrong with me?” Seems she let herself run out of booze. Makes it hard for to BWD. (that’s Blog While Drunk for those who don’t know.) A couple of Pervians offered up they would smoke a bowl and all with her..but, alas, they were too far away.

KitKat25 came in to tell us “I Made the Right Decision” Kit, yes you did. And your son will come around. Give him time.

bandit892 said “I hate to cheat but…” I’m telling ya bandit…if that right hand finds out you cheated with that leftie… .things will not be the same. You might want to try convincing them to try a threesome to keep all happy.

PinkToeNails said, “Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yeah, that stuff stinks!!!! Oh..ha ha..wait. She was talking about her Redskins beating the Cowboys.

tassie1 told us about “sexual problems” Well, guess the “moral” of that story is to remember to close the curtains or blinds in the room you’re having sex in.

lilofval, first of all, welcome to Pervia and Blogland, hope you stick around and have fun here. We’re not perfect, which, makes us all that more fun, despite what some may say! Ok, lil’s blog, “Are you ready???” Ready for what? Oh yeah! Lol Fall. I love Fall, crisp evenings, warm days..and when the leaves on the trees here in Michigan change, the colors are so pretty! So yes, I’m ready for Fall…just not Winter.

whisperingcomet is back on track and bwi. She blogged about “emergency blankets”. I need one of those for this coming winter…only I call them “electric blankets”. Keep the sheets warm. I do need to find some affordable heavy drapes for my patio window this year. Gotta keep a watch on the thrift stores around here.

continued in comments....

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Sep 21 @ 6:19PM  
LadyRamRod told us about “A cat goes to heaven”. Well, how do ya like that? Cats get “meals on wheels” in kitty heaven!!! What do the dogs get I wonder? I mean, I got 5 here, and when it’s their time, I don’t want them coming back to haunt me if Doggy Heaven doesn’t have something up there for them to chase!

fckmhrdtnght told us about “A Work Of Art - Gorgeous Hard Cock” I’m thinking maybe she can open an art gallery for cocks.

bandit892 says “i think i have figured out what’s wrong” He’s planning on getting a ball washer so women will play with his clean balls.

tassie1 shared “just when you thought you’d heard it all.” Oh, how sweet!!! tassie got a love letter! Maybe he can make a new friend when teaching his admirer to spell correctly.

luvrgrl askes “Ummmm WTF? She wanted to know why our beloved OneHornyToad took off on us.

ynot7769 asked “WTF part 2??” So……has anyone helped him to figure out what happened to him? I mean…..he was asking. Btw…if anyone did find out…please tell me cause I’m still clueless.

lilofval told us “I’m SOOOOOOOO Excited!!!!!!” She’s going on a “sister vacation” in Florida at Disney World. Just hopefully none of her sister’s are like my one sister who tried to catch a skunk. For those who are wondering what I’m talking about…well…you’re gonna have to read lilofval’s blog to find out.

PinkToeNails followed up with her own “I’m excited too!!!!!” She’s been watching America’s Got Talent, and one of the contestants, Prince Poppycock, was still in the running. He’s a flashy character, but can sing. Wonder how he did?

needsomenow789 gave us some “Firearms Refresher Course…………………………” I like #7 on there, “You only have the rights you are willing to fight for”.

And from ynot7789 we got “Sighhh so the shit just gits deeper n deeper. here.....oh fart!” Looks like he got a new soul mate. NOT!!!! Don’t you all just love the scammer’s?


Sep 21 @ 6:24PM  
somnium talked about “Cuddling-I may have blogged about this before” Oh yeah!! Starting off with clothes on and then working till totally nekkid and cuddling….who doesn’t enjoy that?

donnickers wandered in to “chat” He was wondering what happened to the chat rooms. I used to hang out in chat…and I remember him as a regular back then in the chat rooms. He’s a good person…hopefully he finds blogging to be fun.

1bunny629 asked “What would You Do…” She had little bit of a dilemma while sitting on the porcelin god….her little Tallulah started throwing up. Like I said, if I’m in the middle of “business”, and one of my pooches started throwing up….I figure it will be there when I finish so I ain’t gonna worry about it.

needsomenow789 was showing some of the sentiment of some Americans regarding illegal immigration with his posting of “""California Coalition For Immigration Reform"""..........................”. It’s from an older article about illegal immigration and it reflects some of the mood of Americans in regards to this issue.

Ynot7769 told us about ‘FUCK BOYS…………….” Trolls that are so happy getting negative attention. Not that we know of any of course. And Ynot7769 was on a roll following up with “Something Different….” A piece written by Dale Wimbrow about looking at oneself in the mirror. It’s a really good passage.

Sunshinegal35 brought a good discussion with “Dating Someone With A Health Issue”. To reveal said health issue or not reveal…..I say, talk about it. When getting into a relationship, let the other person know.

KitKat25 has a new series she’s been working on called “A Blog Series….Your Opinion of Sugarnspice005 She has done 2 previous blogs like this, first one was for 1bunny69, and the other for tassie1. This is where fellow Pervians can share their opinions on the selected member. Way to go Kit!!!!!

cottoncandydragon has the “Problem Solved!” about showing tolerance in regards to the Mosque being built near Ground Zero… involved a topless bar and a gay bar.


Sep 21 @ 6:30PM  
shyguy140 shared “Never Argue With A Woman” That’s right! We’re always right…even when we’re wrong! So there!

Wordsofwit talked about “""California Coalition For Immigration Reform"""......the Rest of the Story” He is just putting out his desire for current, factual information rather than copy/paste emails. Nothing wrong with that.

Ynot7769 scored one for the guys in “Dads’ Always Right?” I printed that one out and showed it to my Dad and he loved it!

flavorbuster asked “WHO THREW THE TRANQUILIZER GRENEDE? ” Guess he wasn’t feeling entertained by recent blogs?

tassie1 talked about “annoying songs” Also known as “ear worms”. Those damned annoying songs that play over and over and over in your head and you just can’t seem to get them to stop.

whisperingcomet stopped in to tell us that she is “Having a good time ” She was having some red wine and watching Bewitched. I used to love that show…Endora always cracked me up…so did Uncle Arthur and Dr. Bombay. And who can forget Aunt Clara?

KitKat25 taught us how to “How To Speak About Men And Be Politically Correct ” And I still say “rear cleavage” is a plumbers crack. Oh yeah!! Also a mechanics crack too! Forgot that one!

And onehornytoad69 is “Calling all Bloggers!!” Yeah!!! Let’s liven this place back up!!!

aspiringwriter offered up “A quick thought while I have a minute”. Quick thought? Kinda looked like a smelly blog to me. Ugggg!!!! That was ……………………..NOPE ain’t gonna say it!!!!

whisperingcomet exclaimed “fuck me…fuck you” WTF??? Size 12 jeans is considered plus size now? Who makes these things up?

needsomenow789 gave us “WOW""A lame joke for a lame mind""""...............” That guy had to have been totally plastered to have missed his cut up ass and put all those band aids on the mirror!


Sep 21 @ 6:36PM  
KitKat25 asked “Does Distance Make A Difference With How You View Your Friendships?” Nope, friends are friends regardless if they are down the street, across the country, or even in a different country.

Wordsofwit said “Deja Vu and Poof” Yeah, it was a bitchy blog… but I still liked the play on the soap opera titles. “And so it goes as the world turns in the days of our lives with the young and the restless .”

And Ynot7769 had to ask “Is IT???” ummm…yeah… a whole new meaning for “tramp stamp”.

aspiringwriter stopped in to talk about “Stormy weather” Ahh yes, thunderstorms. Love them. Not the severe ones, but the average thunder storm. I like the show put on by mother nature with the lighting and hearing the grumble of the thunder. One of my favorite summer sounds.

And whisperingcomet told us “I’m in love” Yep…she loves that guy that takes on the “dirty jobs” , Mike Rowe . I’m going to have to watch his show one of these days to see this guy that has our comet in love.

OneHornyToad69 talked about “Crush Alerts!” He challenged Pervians to get brave let those who they have a crush on to tell them. Ok…I’m bashful… I admit it. Besides…my crush is in Hollywood and he’s married anyway.

KitKat25 has started another new fun thing for Pervians called “20 Questions…….Let’s Try This Again.” Yep, a new game in Pervia… it’s been played twice so far…and it’s been a hit. Good job Kit!

And flavorbuster told us about “WATCHING TOO MUCH OF ONE THING” He’s been watching so much National Geographic that he’s dreaming about hyena’s, lions, and crocodiles. I think maybe he better ease off that channel just a little bit.

whisperingcomet asked “Home remedies?” She was asking for some ideas for nausea. I had totally forgotten about the coca cola remedy. A friend of mine had told me about that last year after she heard about it from a co worker and tried it for her youngest son.

LadyRamRod asked “Have you ever wondered__________________why” Yeah, I’ve always wondered why psychics never win the lottery. Maybe it’s against some rule or something?

And we had a new blogger, or, is it bloggers? Anyway, PanamaCouple stopped in to tell Periva about “tonight’s fun… far” Well, guess they had to take a break for a few!


Sep 21 @ 6:43PM  
sawduster stopped in to ask “whats the weather gonna be?” Like a lot of us, he’s hoping for a mild winter. He isn’t the only one who would like a break on winter heating bills.

flavorbuster said “WTF !!!! BITCH ... BITCH ... BITCH !!!” Yeah, no shit!!!!! Was sort of a bitch week wasn’t it? Guess we all had to get it out of our systems.

Soft_touc938 talked about “Sunday, Sunday….” Family picnic day and the weather was blah. Too bad one can’t order a pleasant, sunny, warm day for a family picnic. Oh, and then she talked about fairs. I used to love going to the fair here. Oh well, maybe someday I’ll go to it again now that it’s location has been moved.

OneHornyToad69 asked “Do you get Excited?” Well, yeah, who doesn’t get excited about………………………..oh….oops! He’s talking about sports.

whisperingcomet talked about THE “Pink dress” I remember the story… .she got some pictures up of her in the dress. Oh look, another blog by whisperingcomet…(she was a busy lady in the blogs this week! ) and this time she’s asking “How single are you?” Well, at least all of us ladies can agree to being so single that the toilet seat is down.

ynot7769 asked “Ya Think This Will Work” All I gotta say is..give it a try…..I mean…Ynot?

StraddleMyNose talked about “NFL games today” Don’t want to talk football…darn Lions. They had a 10 point lead and lost it! Oh well, there’s next week.

theSkwirl said “Hey, Hey! My Second Favorite Holiday!” And she gave us a Pirate’s Poem. I think we all did pretty good with out pirate accents . Good thing it was all in print…wonder how we would have sounded if we had audio.

PinkToeNails said “Well shit!!!!!” Apparently she spoke a little too soon about her Redskins and they lost. Better luck next week for both of our teams.

1bunny629 said “Not My Style....but....…” She talked about hanging out and having fun, except for one of her friend’s husband who always made Bunny feel “weird”. Well, this jerk had the nerve to give Bunny a wicked titty twister. .it hurt her… and she hauled off and smacked him a good one. I think he deserved more.

And that wraps up this Review. I was going to post it last night, but, my sister caught me on Messenger and I ran out of time to post it last night. Kudos are appreciated.

Sep 21 @ 6:50PM  
As always, Dawn, you did one hell of a job! Kudo!

Sep 21 @ 7:03PM were a Very Busy lady to do all this!! Thanks for your time and effort!!! I gave my Greenie a few mins ago!

Sep 21 @ 7:07PM  
WOW!! You did alot of catching up didn't you!?!?! Bravo girl!!!

Awesome job!!!!

Def a kudo for this one!!

Sep 21 @ 8:03PM  
Good to see your AMD Week in Review again- I enjoyed it Dawn! Kudo for you!


Sep 21 @ 9:10PM  
Week in Review

Great Job


Sep 21 @ 9:21PM  
Well written, well summarize and well=appreciated.

And it makes a great point
to those negative griping curmudgeonly types who like to complain about the quality of the blogging...yanno, those who said it isn't going to better without Whapper's annoying psychobabble blogs..

That sure isn;t the way I see it. I don;t see a problem.

Great blog. Great community.

Sep 21 @ 10:19PM  
Wow awesome job... Alot of writing in catching

Sep 21 @ 10:22PM  
Way to go Sugar!
Another great usually.

This standing "O" is just for you.

And of of those yummy green gourmet cookies...that can only be found in the land of Pervia. Mmmm...mmmm...good.

Thanks so much for all your hard work.

Sep 21 @ 10:32PM  
I don't know how you do it... Awesome job, interesting and entertaining and well done. Sending you the biggest 'n sweetest cookie I can find!

Sep 21 @ 11:52PM  
And you really thought we'd let whapper

Sep 22 @ 12:13AM  
^^^^^^^^ Looks like the cocksucking coward is back!

Sep 22 @ 2:16AM  
Love you! Hugs Hugs! Ya really do a great job! I am thinking you could get a job doing something like that is the best! Thanks for taking the time out to post, you are remarkable!.....

Sep 22 @ 2:50AM  
and the fact the sheep with the red heels has demanded for it
Hot Damn I don't even have to write a blog to get an honorable mention................ain't I special....

Great job Sugar.............kudo for you and hope many more in the future......

Sep 22 @ 8:43AM  
And you really thought we'd let whapper

Actually fucktard...Whapper isn't a problem....YOU ARE.

Sep 22 @ 4:49PM  
Here's your cookie.. but dang it ..after all that.. you should get a sammich!

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