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posted 9/20/2010 2:15:24 PM |
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I have been having problems with getting my water bill on time which is affiliated with the apartment complex so I paid in the ball park of what I thought it would be & asked them to send me a remaining balance if anything was owed & sure enough I had a remaining balance of 10.91 well I gave them 12.00 in the onslaught of being busy & forgetting the correct amount down to the red cent. Before I left that fucking office they said payment was received & all was good. The very next day I got this on my door.

We received your check; however, it is not the correct amount. Your account is now past due. As of the above date the following amount is outstanding $ 10.91
Well to me it makes about as much sense as a bucket of shit if they took the twelve bucks. How can that be outstanding ? I already know it's because they don't want to have to do any extra book work & the end of the year but I'll be damned if they are going to double pump me of my hard earned money even if it is as little as twenty dollars. Some of you gifted folks might say just buy a house but unfortunately it's just not that easy right now so I have to stick with the air castle I built in my mind which is basically wishful thinking of a dream home I'll never have. I don't know about you guys but I hate trying to make ends meet & feeling bottled up in a place where I live which is supposed to be your retreat to get away from it all. I'm about ready to go postal on that ass !!! That's all I got now so return to your regularly scheduled program ..... WAIT !!!!...... Does anyone sympathize ?

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WTF !!!! BITCH ... BITCH ... BITCH !!!


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Sep 20 @ 2:31PM  
I have had a few times where I sent in a payment and the company did not process the payment before for it became past due which triggered a collector. So to keep it simple and avoid having to spend time fucking with it, I send the payment in as soon as I can if it is possible economically. For me historically, the biggest pains in the ass and fuck ups are in the health care sector.

Sep 20 @ 2:43PM  
So to keep it simple and avoid having to spend time fucking with it, I send the payment in as soon as I can if it is possible economically.
I agree whole heartedly & I used to do that until things got so backed up that I lost all the tread on my tires to have any traction to go forward so to speak.

Sep 20 @ 3:01PM  
Another dimension that has really reduced my pain and inconvenience is electronic banking. Many accounts support the electronic transfers and are paid same day. Some take a day or two and a few up to five. But that eliminated a lot of getting lost in the mail issues, human errors, number of steps and multiple people handling it, etc. Plus, I can easily track the transactions with easily verifiable evidence if it is, indeed, paid and the problem is within their organization.

Once in a while, I will go online to my bank and note that a bill is outstanding but I never got it. Rather than Jack around with it with a call if I can't find out the amount really fast, I will just overshoot the amount a bit and send it in. That doesn't work for gas or electric, but it will for everything else.

I regularly go into my online banking and bring up my online billing and it will list when somebody was last paid. It only takes me a couple of minutes. I can then see at a glance who got paid and who didn't. In this fashion, it is really a very efficient way to keep the whole process in an optimized and efficient way, thusly saving me considerable time in having to deal with issues that may fall through the cracks that I don't want to be bothered with.

Sep 20 @ 3:19PM  
I do sympathize. Sigh.. that's just stoooooooopid! You sent money.. they should shut hte hell up and take it.

Sep 20 @ 3:24PM  
If I am getting all this right, it sounds like you guesstimated your bill and then paid the balance and the letter that they sent you that said you still owed was just sent already before you paid your balnce. Your paid up...what's the worry?

Sep 20 @ 3:37PM  
what's the worry?

The worry? How about having to deal with shit you don't want to deal with, shouldn't have to deal with, but do need to address?

For me, it is all about devising a system so I don't have to fuck with it by avoiding long stories through being proactive regardless of why the crap comes up.

My life is much better now with fewer distractions and beets on my plate as a result of the changes I have made in how I go about all of this. It is now very rare that I have to put up with these sort of distractions as a result. It is simply a minor quality of life issue that has improved.

Sep 20 @ 3:50PM  
uhhhhhhh...I was talking to Flavor.....

Sep 20 @ 4:07PM  
I agree with WoW! I do my bill paying online! Soon as I confirm the transaction, I get a confirmation page of how much was paid and when, along with a confirmation number! Then I save the page displayed on a thumb nail drive to keep a running record! I also store all of my username/passwords I can't remember off hand, on to a thumbnail drive! I plug it in a USB port when I need to look up information! I never store important personal info on my PC!


Sep 20 @ 4:11PM  
I do the same thing Som. but apparently Flavor doesn't have his bills set up like that. It sounds like this electric bill is a percentage of all the peoples apartments where he stays, so he probably can't get a bill on line.

Sep 20 @ 4:16PM  
It sounds like this electric bill is a percentage of all the peoples apartments

Hmmm... never experienced that before- don't think I'd want to either- weird! Most apartment complexes have each unit metered by itself!


Sep 20 @ 4:22PM  
uhhhhhhh...I was talking to Flavor.....

So was I

Sep 20 @ 4:36PM  
well WOW...when you use someones words as a quote, it appears that you are talking to them...

Sep 20 @ 5:29PM  
I pay a majority of my bills online also. So much easier...only bill I can't set up for an online payment is my water, but it only comes every 3rd month. No biggie...I write the check and drop it down to the township office.

The overdue notice you got may have been sent out before the payment was processed. Give it a day or two, and if you prove they cashed the check..get a copy from your bank and go down to where you pay your water bill and show them that's it's been paid.

Oh...and try to be calm and polite....hollering and all results in them acting like bigger assholes.

Sep 20 @ 5:41PM  
good point..cashed check is ACCEPTANCE of payment...

Sep 20 @ 5:47PM  
Murph, you are a fuckin crack up!

Flav- I feel ya....I have the same situation where my water and Trash run thru the apt complex I live in and mine is NEVER's such a pain....I had to go into my office and sit down with them and go thru number by number......just so they would get it right. I have even done what you have done, paid extra, assuming that they would apply it to any lingering balance and THEY DON'T!!!!

My take-must be rocket science to try to figure out the difference between $12.00 and $10.91. I don't know the answer do you????

Sep 20 @ 6:20PM  
good point..cashed check is ACCEPTANCE of payment...
When this happens...I give the company the check number...or the reference number from a credit card payment...and tell them to hunt it down...because that's their job...not mine. I further tell them to stop harassing me...and to tell me when the matter will be resolved...and I take down all their information and tell them if the situation isn't resolved quickly... I will be speaking to a supervisor.

Yeah...with this "pain in the ass" shit...I can be a real bitch...because playing nice gets you nowhere when it comes to bill collectors. JMO.

Sep 20 @ 7:29PM  
I would think that they would give you credit on your next bill since you paid a little more on this bill instead of them acting all pissy about it.

Sep 20 @ 7:37PM  
If things happen there,...... like they do here..., Their left hand.. don't Know what their right hand has done!!!
Good luck with that!!

Sep 21 @ 12:32AM  
I'm reminded of some comedian (whose name isn't coming to me) who said:

"I had $23 dollars in my account. I wanted to buy some smokes. But, of course, you can only take out twenties. So, I take $20 and now I have $3 left over. Apparently, the bank wasn't to happy with me being so poor. I can't blame them, I wasn't happy with only have $3, either. Anyway, they charge me a fee for being under the minimum balance. It was $10. What the fuck? How can you charge me $10 for having less than $10? Somehow they did, and if you do the math, I now have negative seven dollars in my account. Negative seven dollars! How does that work? Now I have to make money just to be broke?!"

or something like that.

But seriously, what is wrong with a company when you can't even give them money?

Sep 21 @ 4:00AM  
charge them interest on the extra money you sent them and watch them back peddle

Sep 21 @ 6:15AM  
LOL...this couldnt have come at a better time....

last thursday we had a small storm, and when i got home i didnt have biggy, the power goes off here during every storm.

the next morning (friday) i still dont have power....errrr, so as im driving to work, i call the power company and ask "whats the deal"

the answer "your power has been disconnected due to non payment" i know this is incorrect, but as i said im driving.

i get to work, pull up my account, and sure nuf, clearly, i paid the bill on line, and the funds have been taken from my account.

I call the power company again, she assures me that i have not paid my bill, and my services will not be restored until i do.

I get off work early on fridays, so i take my print out, and head to the power company, i show the girl at the counter my print out, again she assures me that they have not recieved my payment...finally a light bulb goes off in her pretty little head, and she is convinced that ...well, yes, the money has been taken from my account, and the only way that could happen would be for the power company to have cashed my check.

but she reminds me..."there is a 25 dollar reconnect fee" lol....i dont think so honey!

i get home and there is a large puddle of water in front of my frig....after a few moments thought, i call the power company yet again...explain that due to their error, all of the food in my freezer has thawed, and is now in the process of refreezing, what did they intent to do to make this right?

i guess by this time, someone has found the mistake, maybe my check was applied to someone else account..or just not posted, but i understand that mistakes happen, and wasnt really pissed or anything, by this time.

but we finally agreed, they credited my account 300 dollars toward my future electric bills, i threw away a few 1/2 eaten bags of vegatables, and all is well in my world.

Sep 21 @ 10:33AM  
It sounds like this electric bill is a percentage of all the peoples apartments
There would be an all out war if they did that with electricity & you are correct but it's with water & they talked about installing individual meters in which they decided it would be too costly.
My next step is to throw all the junk memos that they leave on my door inviting residents to events in the rent night drop box & see how they like it. I tried throwing the shit on the ground but it didn't give a positive message. I've already complained & they keep doing it.
Thanks for all your comments ... I liked them all.

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