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Not My Style....but.......

posted 9/19/2010 9:49:03 PM |
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I don't act this way and it takes a lot of pushing to really make me react; whether it be physically or emotionally, but....this time I just lost my cool. Oh yeah, diplomatic me lost it! HA!...and it could of been funny, but it wasn't. Someone just had to go and try to ruin my evening...I just took half a codeine because my upper back hurts so bad I could cry, but my nipple is what is really hurting. Yeah I said NIPPLE!
so.....are ya wondering why???...yeah wondering who???...well I'll tell ya...

ok...I am starting to feel better, but I will tell you anyway...

After work Friday night I went to Bar dogs to have a beer and relax. Yeah, Amalia (she is from Spain) was there and she is high maintenance, but I deal with it cause she really is nice and harmless. One of my other buds was there too, not to mention the sexiest man alive that I have known forever...and his "sex on a stick" (I invented that term) friends. They all hang out together...they are the beautiful guys...the ones you see and maybe know, but don't ever get to touch...welll I get to touch them, but they consider me one of the guys, or there big the sibling that was born WAY before you were an accident!...I have to go get a beer...hang on a sec....ok...and I didn't fall down the stairs, so I guess half a pain pill is just dandy.
I was having a nice time as I arrived and was greeted by the ones I was speaking of. My other friend I mentioned, Holly was with her husband and friends. She is a bartender at one of the bars I go to every now and then. I have known her forever. She is really loud when she drinks and I am not, but when I see her out and she screams my name, I always scream back...kinda cracks me up! So, we chit chatted and had some drinks and was genuinely glad to see each other. Her husband was there and he is always nice to me, but in a kinda sketchy sorta way, so I am always a tad bit stand offish when he is around. I would never be overly friendly with others SO. well....(unfortunately not everyone else's SO thinks the way I do)...
They were going to leave and Holly hugged me bye and her husband decided to be a little more friendly with his hug. He reached around my neck with his arm and down to my Nipple and instead of a little tweak (which I would have looked over and giggled) he pinched my right Nipple as hard as he could! I don't think soooooooooooo...and Wham...I reacted fast with a quick and hard slap to his right check with my left hand. I mean it was as if I had been accousted! I just slapped the fuck out of him and screamed ow!!!!!
That just pissed me the fuck off. I don't fuck with people like that, nor do I fuck with people verbally. Yeah, I have made mistakes before in the past; teasing someone and they didn't handle it well time...I just let loose and lost my control.
Was I I care...I only care cause his wife is my friend. I do care also because I never loose my cool. They call me calm cool and collected Murphey...not Friday night...geeeeeeezzzzzzzz and Saturday it still Nipple that what the fuck do you think about that???

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Sep 19 @ 9:58PM  
First off, that was incredibly inappropriate!!!! What was wrong with him? Was he drunk? Secondly, what did his wife say to him? She should have slapped the guitar shit right out of him too!! Thirdly, hooray to you FOR slapping this shit out of him!! What a pig!
Hope your nippie stops hurting soon! I'm sure someone would offer to kiss it and make it better for you....

Sep 19 @ 10:03PM  
...but, seriously...I let everyone be themselves...I don't bother anyone...yes he was drunk, but I don't care. I don't act like a shit head when I am drunk...well I don't get drunk anymore. I have a few drinks and I go home...I know when to stop.
She saw my face, but was on her way out the door. I think she wondered. but didn't see me slap him, just heard me hollar OW!
I won't say anything to her about it, unless she asks.I am going to stay away fom where she works so that it won't come up. I don't want to tell her that her husband is a dick head on the night they went out when they very rarely get to go out....but, still it hurt...or I would have laughed.

Sep 19 @ 10:03PM  
damn...can't imagine doing that YET ALONE with my wife/woman there i've known women who'd have took my head off for some shit like mom being one of em

Sep 19 @ 10:03PM  
I'm so sorry that happened to you Bunny.

Geesssh...if that had been me...I would have done more than just slapped his face. Seriously...your friend's husband was waaaaay out of line. I can't believe he did that to you...and right in front of his own wife. He's got some nerve is all I got to say...and if she takes his side...then I'd stop hanging out with her. JMHO.

Sep 19 @ 10:04PM  
I think you had every right to slap him silly. Like Pink just said, that was totally inappropriate! I hope his wife gives him hell for doing that.


Sep 19 @ 10:07PM  
You should have broken a bottle over his head....good for you. With just a slap, I'd say you kept your cool. Next time you see him just slap him again just for general purposes and the pain you endured.

Sep 19 @ 10:14PM  
He had it coming even if it wouldn't have hurt.

Sep 19 @ 10:33PM  
well kids...I can't remember ever hitting anyone. I don't get violent. I don't even get pissed when people fuck with me. I have known this couple for years and like I said, he has always acted sketchy.I don't think my girl friend saw what he did because after she hugged me good night, she turned to walk away. He slipped in and did it. I was sitting at the bar and there were lots of people around. She did turn when I screamed OW...or ouch...but I don't think she knows what he did...
I won't just slap him the next time I see him...not my style. I would rather avoid then be in another situation like that.Seriously...I am just glad I am not his wife.
I really like Holly, but if her husband is going to act like that I will just avoid them.
It isn't like I did anything to provoke it. I don't flirt with SO....hell...I don't flirt with anyone. Thanks for the support....

Sep 19 @ 10:37PM  
oh yeah...if I do run into them and she knows what happens and she takes his side...well I don't care enough to become diplomatic and make light of it. I will just walk away.
funny part about it is, I went into the same bar last night and told the cooks (friends of mine...I know everyone)...they think my stories are funny...they said, "damn Murphey, you alwys have funny stories to tell...and then they proceeded to tweak my tits...and it was funny....just not when it happened...

Sep 19 @ 10:44PM  
oh...hey hurt...apparently I have a great back handed left hand! ...right handed here...but pretty much ambidextrous...

Sep 19 @ 10:47PM  
Good for you, for slapping him right into Texas!

I dunno for sure but technically... that sounds like an assault charge on your body- to me anyway! I know I'd be pissed, if some lady came up and pinched one of my nipples that hard, believe it or not... that hurts!!!


Sep 19 @ 10:52PM  
it really did hurt Som...and it almost fucked up my evening. I work hard like most do...but when I get off that is my time to relax and hang if I want. He really disturbed me...that;s ok...I had to let it out. I very rarely come here and bitch about my life, but I won't let someone mess with me when they have no reason to.

Sep 19 @ 11:46PM  
good for you for slapping him. he deserved it

Sep 19 @ 11:50PM  
I'm very sorry lady!!!
The guy was dead wrong!!!
Drunk or Not..!!! Shame on him!!!

A reaction is a reaction!....We just can't control that sometimes!
Did his wife see all that?
She should have been the one to knock his ass out!!!
Big hugs to my friend!!!
I have ice and feather kisses... if wanted!!!

Sep 19 @ 11:57PM  
...I said she didn't see what happened. I am not going to tell her...feathers and stuff would be nice if you were here...but the gesture is...well no one is here so it just doesn't matter.

Sep 20 @ 12:08AM  
Now Softie's opinion...which don't mean shit but here it is anyway. That guy wasn't just playin' around or teasing...what he did was an assault meant to be painful and it was. Drunk? Fuck that shit!! No excuse in my book. I think he had ulterior motives...probably to get your undivided attention....he knows what he can't have and he took it out on you. In other words, he's a class A jerk.

Personally I'd do more than slap him...I think his wife needs to know what he did. Just a thought...if he can hurt you like that, what does he do to her when no one is looking?

Like I said..JMHO...

Sep 20 @ 12:13AM  
I feel the same way...I don't think I stated that in my blog. but seriously...if he treats me that way, then how does he treat her when they are at home????
Of course your opinion counts. I thought the same, but she has never said anything like that about her husband, but I have always felt uncomfortable around him. Thanks for your input!...

Sep 20 @ 12:58AM  
okie dokie punkin doodles... am going to bed and watch/listen to a movie that hopefully will lul me to sleep. i have had a fough first day off. My upper back has been killin me and it seems nothing will relax it. My ex husband was supposed to call today...and no, that's not why my back hurts...he texted and said there was too much kid stuff going on and he would/will call me tomorrow...hmmmmm....wonder what he wants????...night night....

Sep 20 @ 6:50AM  
you did exactly the right thing...and perhaps a little "talk" the next time you run into him in public...

Sep 20 @ 8:35AM  
Good for you lady. Most women dont stick up for themselves.

Sep 20 @ 11:40AM  
You know Murph I knew there was a reason I liked you God help the idiot that tried that with me Your damn right I"d slap him silly but he also would have gotten a verbal let down also. And those "friends" who think its a funny story and tweaked my bewbies? Maybe not a slap but a firm dressing down PAIN is not funny I hope your nippie is better (I ain't sending soft kisses though)

Sep 20 @ 2:37PM  
Guitar Shit? I'm gettin my edumacation here...

I'da given his 'unit' a squeeze like the one he gave your nipple. Then said.. aww doesn't that feel nice? when he collapsed.

Sep 20 @ 2:53PM  
I have always stuck up for myself. I usually don't run into shit heads like that much these days...I guess most of the assholes have curved their mentality by getting the shit slapped out of them in the past...actions like his don't fly these days.
My friends that thought it was funny are some guy friends that cook where I hang out. I made it sound funny to them so that's why they tweaked me. They were being cute and gentle, not assholes.
I was just lucky that when my left hand reacted to my right nipple being pinched that I didn't knock out some poor soul that was minding his own business. The bar was very crowded that night and I reacted so fast I hit the sucker that hurt me...but if he had moved out of my range any quicker I would have looked like a fool....

Sep 20 @ 5:36PM  

Your no idiot...yes it was completely innapropriate....drunk or not.....seems to me if he has always given you that "weird" were onto something from the get your instinct was always right on. He thinks your hot, and clearly made a conscious choice to "hug" you when he knew her back was turned. What a duche bag!

Ida done the same thing..... at least now you know your gut was right about him! Sucks that it happened...but....hopefully you don't run into them again....that wouldn't be a good time!

Hope those nippers are feelin better!

Sep 20 @ 6:34PM  
apparently you got the're isn't like I sit around and talk to him. I have been polite when she has him around, but it is hers and my friendship...nother me and him...he has always been weird. I don'tmess with peopke till they push the boundries...I won't have to explain myself to her...she probably already knows...

Sep 20 @ 6:42PM  
Instead of slapping him, you should have decked that idiot

Oct 16 @ 3:06PM  
I run in circles where nipple torture (nipple clamps, squeezing, flogging, slapping, abrading, breast bondage, piercing with hypo needles, etc) as well as "torture" of areas of the body. My guess is that he engages in this sort of play with his wife, and was testing you out to see if this sort of thing interested you as well...

When held by the nipple, I think many women are actually rendered somewhat helplessly submissive, much as a kitten is when grabbed by the scruff of the neck. You are definitely not a submissive, and IMO you reaction to deck him was a very healthy reaction, nothing to be ashamed of. It was probably just as involuntary as another woman's reaction to become submissive as a response.

He needs to become better at reading women and made a bad judgement call..

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