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Let's go over this:

posted 9/17/2010 9:39:41 PM |
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Blog Posting Guidelines
Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! It's is a great way for others to get to know you. We've put together some guidelines to help you get started in the right direction.

See the "great way for others to get to know you."? I take that to mean we can blog about who we are, what we do...etc..

Informative Title - The title is important. You want to spark reader interest in your blog.

Well....not everyone is interested in the same things. What one might be interested in....someone else may not be.

Subject Matter - You may blog about any subject you like, perhaps a current event or an epiphany you had today. Keep it interesting. Don't just describe what you did today. Talk about ideas, thoughts, or things you might have learned for example.

Does this specifically say it has to interest everyone? says "keep it interesting"..again...what one finds interesting..another will not find interesting. Can't keep everyone interested.

A blog can be a statement, an essay or simply thoughts. If one wants discussion, they are invited to post in the discussion forums. Allowing comments or not is a personal choice, but it's not necessarily "censorship".

No where does it describe in here what makes a blog interesting or lame. Not all blogs interest all people.

Used to be people blogged about whatever the hell they wanted to...and didn't give a damn about someone complaining about a blog being "lame" or "boring". So someone finds a blog lame or boring? That isn't on the writer, it isn't even on the one who finds it lame or I said....Not everyone is going to be interested in the same things. And there will always be a "blog police", or, someone who will say they find a blog lame or boring....BIG GODDAMN DEAL! Blog away anyway.

Want to bring the fun back? Stop worrying about whether the blog will be considered "boring" or "lame". Who cares? Have fun.

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Sep 17 @ 9:47PM  
I know you stated the obvious...but here's a greenie for saying it with style.

Sep 17 @ 9:49PM  
One particular person on here who bitches and whines about peoples blogs by posting rude comments on their blogs should just stay the fuck off them and move on to other blogs that may interest them. This person doesn't seem to get it, and/or simply doesn't care.

Kudo, Dawn!

Sep 17 @ 9:49PM  
Amen sister disco!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 17 @ 9:56PM  
I'm only going to say this once:

Please no name calling. Let's remember we are supposed to be adults. Any who want to call others names, I will delete the comment.

Discussion is welcomed. All out rudeness is not.

Ok..back to playing now!

Sep 17 @ 10:09PM  
Amen sister disco!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT... ? You and sugar were disco dancers???


Sep 17 @ 10:11PM  
Yeah Som... at one time, we were Solid Gold dancers!

This is what we looked like ------------>>>

Sep 17 @ 10:12PM  
Oh shit............I'm sorry Dawn... I didnt mean to call you sister disco .. Shame on me!


Sep 17 @ 10:16PM  
Oh shit............I'm sorry Dawn... I didnt mean to call you sister disco .. Shame on me!

That's ok, I'll forgive ya.

Sep 17 @ 10:58PM  
So this means..the blog I Posted this afternoon..counts for Nothing?
Women Always Win! Fuck-it....I'm going GAY! Ladies...can Yall teach me how to suck a dick?!!!

Sep 18 @ 3:45AM  
horny toad....i can teach you many many things....yummy

Sep 18 @ 9:26AM  
@ OHT.....dude that was wwayyyy too graphic for me this morning

Sep 18 @ 12:14PM  
Ribbit !!! Why dude ? I hope you didn't mean that !!!

Sep 18 @ 2:37PM  
Just to let you know OHT...being gay is just as hard as being straight...not that I know from experience, but from talking to my gay friends....

Sep 18 @ 8:25PM  
Yanno, I was going along with this blog until someone had to dump his $.50 worth. That was cruel.

People are allowed to say that they find something boring. I find many things boring, but instead of talking about it I move on. However, why does this person not have the right to state his perspective if morons are allowed to go around posting theirs?

You choose how someone else' behavior affects YOU. yup.. that's right.. you choose. If you are offended? Whose fault is that? YOURS.

Ok.. sorry Dawn, to rag on your blog. I've just had enough judgmental bullshit from idiots this month.

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