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A quick thought while I have a minute

posted 9/17/2010 7:41:48 PM |
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I rarely hear descriptions of smell that capture anything more than the literal smell itself. The smell of sex hung in the air. A hint of honeysuckle told me it was spring. Etc, etc.

One of the few exceptions I can remember, was from a friend of mine whom I asked what had gotten her into a particular bad relationship. She responded, "He smells like a wild boy coming home from having played all day in the fields."

But smell is, in many ways, the most important of the senses. It communicates so much to us. It excites us and fills us with anticipation. It makes us feel at home or far afield. But mostly it stores our memories. One slight hint can pull us back through time, it's that strong.

So what are you're favorite smells? What are the ones that excite you the most? Are there any that you, in particular, can't and won't stand for?

Anyway, I have a busy day that is just beginning. So, I'm off like a prom dress.

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Sep 17 @ 7:59PM  
I do love a Clean Smell.......!! Back way back when...Ivory Soap...along with a fresh washed body.......and it was On!!!
I do love Obsession..perfume....its an Instant woody!!!

Sep 17 @ 8:02PM  
Fresh baked bread is a favorite as it takes me back to when I was a kid and my Grandmother (Dad's mother) made her own bread. I used to love it when she would cut it while still warm, and spread honey on it.

And Mick used to use 2 was Old Spice and the other had a nice musky smell, it was called Mesmorized...or something like that.

I remember as kid, one of my friends mother's used to bake pies all the time, and when the winds blew just right in the summer, the smell would drift across the field over towards my parents house.

I loved summer as a kid...all the, pies, freshly mowed lawns....

Sep 17 @ 8:06PM  
The smell of sex hung in the air.
In a movie ( comedy ) Bernie Mac called it Bidussy ..... Booty , Dick , & pussy. Long time no see man but anything that don't stink I can deal with.

Sep 17 @ 8:26PM  
One of my grandmothers, while she never wore perfumes, always used Jergens hand lotion, you know the old kind that smells cherry blossoms and almonds. Every time I smell it, it always reminds me of her.

My other grandmother always wore Emeraud perfume. I wear it now and then just to remind me of happy memories with her.

As for the scent that really does it for me.....Wild Country! Don't know what it is, but OMG it does it for me!!!

Sep 17 @ 9:36PM  
I love the smell of clothes hung out to dry in the sunshine.
I love the smell of my mom's peach & cherry cobblers baking in the oven.
I love the smell of babies.
The smell of colognes depends on the guy. Some colognes smell really good on one guy...and not as good on another guy. JMO.

Sep 18 @ 12:57AM  
You are absolutely right or at least it's that way in my case...smell can send me to thousands of places. Obviously I can't begin to name them because there are so many.

I'd have to say the newest one is simply fresh, clean air. That's because I'm now a non-smoker. Not new as I quit almost a year ago but ever since then there's so many smells that I notice and that list grows over time and lately its simply been just fresh clean air.

A few other smells I like that can affect me quickly and deeply. New mown hay. Men's cologne. Puppy breath. Lilacs. Smoke from a bonfire or leaves burning in the fall. Christmas trees. Baby powder.

Smells I can't stand for? Stinking ashtrays and cigarette smoke smell in my hair and on my clothes.

Sep 18 @ 2:29PM  
oh yeah....I love me some puppie breath!...stinky dog feet!...

Sep 18 @ 8:18PM  
I know this is gonna sound odd.. but I love the smells of a barnyard. Old hay, some poo... the smell of critters. Sigh.. yeah.. it certainly takes me away to quieter time.

Having grown up in the high desert, I love the smell of rain, juniper trees as long as they are outside, sage and good clean dirt.

Home cooking smells also make me feel safe and comforted. That's why I rarely use anything out of a package. It's all fresh and home made. Bread, yes.. yes fresh bread is an aphrodisiac.

Clean babies.. mmmmm... new puppies and kittens. mmmmm.

Cinnamon is comforting to me as well. Seems like we always had a pot on the woodstove with cinnamon in it to put moisture in the air.

Chicken feed smell makes me hungry. I know, I'm weird.. but I used to munch on the grains in chicken feed when I was a kid.

The smells I can't stand.. skunk. Gag..
Rotten flesh.
boiled chicken if it's boiled without garlic and onions to take away from the smell.
burning feathers. (too many reminders of an unpleasant part of farm life.)
Dog farts. Oh My GAWD. I dunno what's in their food but dang.

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A quick thought while I have a minute