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A Blog Series…Your Opinion of SugarnSpice005

posted 9/16/2010 7:17:12 PM |
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tagged: fun, friends, opinion, life, amd

Continuing on with our blog series…the next really kewl peep to showcase in the land of Pervia today is our very own sweet and sassy SugarnSpice005.

What I love most about Ms. Sugar is her personality…her compassion…her integrity…and her funny stories. Good gosh…this peep’s pet stories are absolutely hilarious. They never fail to make me giggle and laugh. Her family and work stories are nothing to sneeze at either…and I know when I begin reading one of her stories…I will probably leave her blog with a huge smile on my face. I think her stories just might be better than an apple a day.

However…don’t be fooled by all that Sugar…because this peep has spice too…and she knows how to hold her own. Trolls are definitely no match for this peep…as she has no problem telling them off…with style and intelligence.

Ms. S&S (No...not S&M) is also our Week In Review Queen. Her reviews are so detailed…fun… and entertaining. I love the way she manages to fill us in on all that has happened in Pervia during a particular week of blogging. I also really love the way she showcases new bloggers…as well as obscure blogs….that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle if it wasn’t for her giving them the shout out they deserve. I don’t know about anyone else…but I really look forward to her weekly reviews…and I can’t wait for her to start writing them again.

I don’t know if Sugar has an official title in Pervia…but if she did…she would definitely be our hostess…because she makes you feel right at home…even if it’s your first day in Pervia. Performing this job is not as easy as you might think it would be…and she truly shines by doing it effortlessly. I remember way back when I first joined…and how she extended a very warm welcome to me. She was also one of the first peeps I connected with in emails when I first joined the blogs. She was so incredibly gracious and helpful…and she just blew me away with her sweet disposition.

I think if you looked high and low…you would be hard pressed to find a peep as wonderful as Sugar. Go on…I dare you to find someone as wonderful as her. No…I double dare you.

So this blog is for you Sugar. May you always have a funny story to share…a WIR to write (Yanno you can’t quit right?) …and your sweet disposition that we all know and love. I’m a better person for knowing you…and having you as a friend.

Feel free to leave a comment about our own Ms. Sugar…and stay tuned next week…when I will shine the spotlight on another talented and much loved peep residing in the city limits of Pervia.

Your turn…

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Sep 16 @ 7:35PM  
I'm thinking she is a Sweet..Hard working.., Animal Lover...., with tons of passion!!
With a heart of Gold!! Someone I really would like to get to know... Better!!
If we were closer.... (I would "TRY" To hump her leg daily!! ..(Yall know I'm just kidding right? )

Sep 16 @ 7:53PM  
Yanno? Candy is dandy but Sugar is sweeter. Liquor may be quicker but spice is darned nice.

Ok that was lame even coming from me.

Sugar deserves all the kudo cookies that she gets.. cuz she's fun, lovable and did I mention she has nice legs?

Sep 16 @ 7:55PM  
Sugar is the best!! She's sweet, she's funny, she's smart, she's pretty and she loves her doggies!!! She's been a dear friend to me and I love talking to her. She's usually always upbeat and has a very sincere passion about her! This site would not be the same without her here!!
It wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit if she got back to doing the week in reviews *hint hint* lol I don't think she notices that it's been months since she did one though....

To Dawn.......

Toads comment was funny!!

Sep 16 @ 8:11PM  
lol...loving me some sugar!

and glad to see you back

Sep 16 @ 8:39PM  
awwwwwwwww shucks!!!!!!! Thanks!

Ya know....I've been reading a lot about the Review....are you all trying to hint at something here?

Thanks Kit for the blog.

Sep 16 @ 9:28PM  

umm i think you can leave me outta your series lol

Sep 16 @ 11:08PM  
A nice lady .

Sep 16 @ 11:44PM  
When Sugar and I first met.......there was a fight going on here........and we were on opposing sides.........(not going to go into details because it doesn't matter now) in time Sugar and I started talking and before long we became friends.........good this day I know that there might not be things we agree on but we can talk about it and clear the air......and not have to worry if it affects our friendship............I think she is one of the sweetest ladies here and you can always count on her to say what she is thinking but in a way that doesn't make you think just because you might not agree with her that you are an idiot..........I guess what I am saying is she has class and I not only like her a lot but I respect her very much..........

Sep 16 @ 11:49PM  
Yep sugar is sweet... One classy lady....

Sep 17 @ 12:58AM  
Well you know... sugar complains about Winter here in the 'troll' state every so often but then... I sure as HELL do too, considering I live in this state too!

I like reading S&M's... oops- S&S's blogs and comments- they're humorous and... Hell fire if you piss her off! But a sweet lady too... [she told me to say that or suffer the consequences with all the dogs she has]- she lives too close for comfort for me to avoid her wrath, if I'm not nice!!!


Sep 17 @ 2:16AM  
awwwwwwwwwwww....I love reading your opinion based blogs Kit...ya really know how to highlight a person! Kudos for that...but even more are the Spice in our lives. I wish we worked together, played together, and had conversations everyday. I could easily be your friend.
Thanks for being here and all that you have done for us as pervian friends. I think you're the best! Kiss kiss and hug hug to you and your animal friends!

Sep 17 @ 6:12AM  
y'know, she's a bit of awright but she won't put out on first dates

Sep 17 @ 7:25AM  
Again, thank you all for the kind words. I really appreciate it. And Som...the dogs say to tell ya you're off the hook. And weren't supposed to tell!

You're all the best!!!!

Sep 17 @ 2:03PM  
aw sugar is so sweet makes people laugh and cry (from laughing). Has funny pets who really do have her trained She even likes me Love ya SUGAR

Sep 17 @ 11:33PM  
Thanks for stopping by to say such sweet things about Ms. Sugar.
I know she appreciated all of your wonderful comments.

Sep 19 @ 3:29PM  
I think the world of you, Dawn, and enjoying your blogs whenever you decide to post. You will always have a friend in me. Your week in reviews are so much fun to read, and the sports blogs, well, I always enjoy them.

Sep 19 @ 3:38PM  
...where is Sugar today? Hey Sug...come out and play!

Aug 24 @ 3:23PM  
You sure you have the right woman......the weather lady?

Aug 25 @ 12:30AM  
You're really desperately grasping at straws Cockdork.

Aug 25 @ 6:14AM  
You're really desperately grasping at straws Cockdork

No kidding. Now he's invented "Allthewaytothebank" and "Publicdisplayer" so that his other fake profile has someone to talk to.

Aug 26 @ 2:10AM  
You're really desperately grasping at straws Cockdork.

Better then grasping at a gun, but then you know all about that one, don't you?

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A Blog Series…Your Opinion of SugarnSpice005