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How times change.

posted 9/16/2010 10:46:23 AM |
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tagged: memories

Just sitting here thinking. Hey...only on my first cup of coffee folks. I got to sleep in today.

I remember when I started smoking, a pack of cigarettes was only .69 cents. I was putting gas in the van a few days ago, and read the advertisement on the pump for the "cheap" brands...they are almost $5 a pack!!! If I was still smoking today.....I'd be in a world of hurt because I'd be losing my house with those prices! Not really. If it had ever come down to choosing between my house and my habit...I would have chosen my house. I mean, come on, I've got a mini zoo here with 5 dogs, 2 cats, and my bird. I couldn't imagine trying to move back to my parents house with this crew and they have their 2 dogs there, PLUS, my sister's 2 dogs. Yeah...9 dogs under one roof....that's just a tad bit too much. Dontcha think?'s been years since I've bought a bottle of pop/soda from a vending machine. Want to know how long? Last time I did, it was .75 cents. I looked at a vending machine the other day, thinking of getting a bottle of pop/soda, and it was $1.50! Wow!

I remember there used to be this little used records store a few blocks up from my parents house. My sister and I used to take our allowance, which was all of $2.00 at the time, and buy little 45's. They were sold for .5 cents a piece. Albums went for .50 cents to $1.00. They also had posters, music books, etc... That little store is gone now. The building is now an appliance repair shop.

When my sisters and I were little, Mom walked all over the place with us. Mom doesn't drive...she tried to take driver's ed...and discovered she's too nervous for driving. So...she never got her license. Anyway, if she didn't feel like cooking, she would take us 3 girls to McDonalds, which was about a half mile up the road. We went the "back way"...she didn't want to walk along the highway with us. The back way was a trail that ended at a little back road, we crossed a semi busy street, then across the shopping center parking lot to McDonald's. I remember one day my sister and I outside playing, and our youngest sister at the time was just a little over a year old, was also outside. And of course, we weren't paying attention to her.....and next thing we know...Mom is asking us if we know where she is. We didn't. Mom freaked....she called the mom of one of our friends, who she had become friends with, to ask her to help her find our little sister. This Mom drove, that's why Mom called her. So, here is my sister and I searching the nearby fields, and I remember glancing towards the trail we take to McDonalds. We saw the family dog at the end of the trail and my sister and I both got the same idea...maybe she had tried to walk to McDonald's by herself. We ran down there, and by the time we got to the shopping center parking lot, there was a cop car, sheriff I think, and they stopped by us. And yep, there in the passenger seat, a woman was holding my little sister. The Sheriff asked if we knew her and we told her she was our sister, he then asked where we lived and we told him. Little sisters...they can be so fun. At least she was safe. I got a little sidetracked there. I do that sometimes. I remember when arcades were the thing. sister and I drove our parents crazy with wanting money for the arcades. By then our allowances were up to $10 a week...know how fast one can go through that in one night at an arcade? Oh...and our parents never just handed the money over...we had to earn it. Keeping our rooms clean, helping Mom keep the house clean, take care of the Dad with some yard work. He wouldn't let us touch his lawn mower till we hit 15 years old. But yeah, if we wanted money, we had to earn it. Now arcades were a blast...loud, games, friends hanging out, getting high, getting drunk...playing games while buzzed. And our favorite arcade had a big screen tv with MTV on all the time. Then again, MTV was all music all the time. My friends and I were more into hanging at the arcade than the mall. Not to say we didn't mind roaming through the mall sometimes. My favorite store was Spencer's. They had some pretty cool stuff in there.

Ok...I'm done with my trip down memory lane. Ya know, sometimes I think it would be great to go back.....then I remember all the hangovers...and........I don't miss those!!!

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Sep 16 @ 11:08AM  
oh fuck and i remember when MY allowance was a buck

Sep 16 @ 11:18AM  
oh fuck and i remember when MY allowance was a buck

I made more than you!!!

Sep 16 @ 11:24AM  
Mom doesn't drive...she tried to take driver's ed...and discovered she's too nervous for driving.
I don't think that was the reason for my late grandma but for the lack of education due to having to work in the fields instead of going to school but I have to tell you she was one Hell of a back seat driver. Good blog !!! It sure is refreshing memories of the good old days.

Sep 16 @ 11:46AM  
God bless you sugar.....and you probably know why and a big fat kudo rolling your way for restoring my faith in...well, you know...


We didn't have any arcades around when I grew up. The only one I remember was a big one under the tent at the yearly street fair and I hated that place!! It was so noisy and the kids there were tough looking and pushy and they scared me.

I lived in this little burg where there really wasn't any place to "hang out". We sometimes all ended up at the school playground to mill around and act stoopid. But mostly we hung in our own neighborhood groups to gather at one kids house or another to play games and ....act stoopid.

Being older than you, gas was really cheap in my day and one could cruise the whole night away on $2 worth of gas. Cigarettes were cheap too.

Us girls didn't get an allowance. We had chores to do and we did them and never questioned why we didn't get paid. It was just what kids did as part of the family. When it came to money or wanting something we seldom got told 'no' if it was a reasonable request.

And I remember when my youngest daughter came up missing. Talk about panic!! I was near hysterical. She'd wandered off through the field high with weeds and I couldn't see her or hear her answering my calls....until she turned around and got close enough for me to see her lil head bobbing above the weeds as she followed our dog bounding and bouncing along ahead of her. I cried 'n cried 'n cried...gaud I'd been so scared!

Sep 16 @ 12:00PM  
Isn't it funny how different things are for each of us? You say the girls did chores without pay and didn't question it. And here, my sisters and I, we did chores, and got paid. Mom and Dad never just handed money over to us. They wanted us to learn responsibility.

I look around me today at the kids, and I can see those who know what responsibility is, and those who expect everything to just be handed over. It's real easy to see! The ones who know responsibility..when told no, may ask "why not", may have a bit of a whine to their voice, whereas those who get it handed over all the time, if told no, go into a rather loud "protest".

As younger kids, under the age of 13 yrs old, we would hang out at a friends house, playing outside, or, we would hop on our bikes and just ride all over the place. We ALWAYS avoided the highway....all of us got the same warning from our parents: If EVER we were seen near the highway, we would be grounded till hell froze over. Back then, being told you were grounded, that was the "end of the world punishment". And back then, parents stuck to that like gorilla glue. And the neighborhood parents ALL watched out for wasn't like we could say, "Dad doesn't get home till such and such time, I'll just not ride near the highway at that time". No...couldn't get away with that.

Sep 16 @ 12:30PM  
I grew up in a sprawling suburbia. We could play in the street, in yards or the school yards. That was it. No arcades or anything like that. There was no such thing as a fast food restaurant until I was in junior high.

Here is another thought for you, the radio. Now bear in mind that I am talking about suburban LA. There were three top forty AM radio stations in the early sixties to choose from that might play something you wanted to hear like the Stones, Yardbirds or Beatles. But you also had to suffer through three or four songs that were Motown, soul, pop singers like Dean Martin, etc. in addition to a multitude of commercials and a loud mouth deejay before you got to listen to something that you wanted to hear.

Sep 16 @ 12:45PM  
Here is another thought for you, the radio. Now bear in mind that I am talking about suburban LA. There were three top forty AM radio stations in the early sixties to choose from that might play something you wanted to hear like the Stones, Yardbirds or Beatles.

I'm a little, I was born in ', I wasn't paying much attention to radio then. I started listening to radio, independent of my parents, when I was 12 yrs that would be around '77. We had one am station that was top 40..and yes, like you said, had to wait through the boring stuff before hearing one song I like. A cousin of mine introduced me to the fm bandwidth, and showed me the station he listened to. OMG!! That station ruled!!! All the Nugent, Sabbath, Floyd, Zepplin, etc that my heart desired! Then, after about 2 years, the jerks had the nerve to switch to top 40. Nothing as disgusting as going to sleep hearing Cat Scratch Fever, and waking up to Boogie Nights. I "surfed" the stations that morning till I found another station playing the music I liked, and they had a hilarious morning crew to listen to. They were a little distant, so sometimes it was difficult to keep their signal. Then in '84/85...those dummies also went to top 40. I was HOT! And not for sex either! I wanted to scream with frustration....and here I am, "surfing" through the fm stations AGAIN...and I found this new station that must have just started cause they said something about being on the airwaves only a few weeks. So, I waited out the commercials...and when they came back on, first song I heard was "Elected" by Alice Cooper. Oh yeah.. I was happy! And that station TODAY still rocks!! They have not changed their format. And they still have the morning dj they started out with, and he's still funnier than all get out.

Sep 16 @ 2:35PM  
and buy little 45's.

Okay we just called the m 45's Which I still have some okay I got a lot of them. Cigarettes were real cheap .45 when I started (a few yrs back) Gas OMG 5.00 filled up the tank Allowence? lol I'm with Softie we had chores and if we wanted something we usually got it. And that .50 for the collection plate at church? Oh the local carry-out had great penny candy

Sep 16 @ 4:48PM  
This is extremely scary in a sense that I feel old since I too remember almost everything you had mentioned in this blog as well. Things such as pop machines, record stores, albums, ect...

Sep 16 @ 4:52PM  
I never got an allowance so if i wanted money I had to work for it. I grew up on the southside of chicago and from the time I was 9 till about 13 I would walk up and down the street after school with my dads lawnmower and bang on every door in the neighborhood. Saturdays was always big money...I would walk miles with that damn lawnmower.My dad was cool with it and showed me how to maintain it so it would last...this is how you change the oil, clean the grass out of the fillter every day heres how you sharpen the blade without cutting off your
Those were the good old days....

Sep 16 @ 5:27PM  
No one seems to remember when you could buy cigarettes for 27¢ a pack! The way they did it for vending machines was to charge 30¢ a pack and tape 3 pennies on the pack for your change- the vending machines wouldn't take pennies!

Gas- would take about $4 to $5 to fill the tank!

Those round fruit pies I used to love were 10¢ a pie!

Chicken, turkey and beef pot pies that you cooked in the oven were 10¢ a pie!

I found out what inflation was about a few years later when Grade A extra large eggs became large eggs, large eggs became medium eggs, medium eggs became small eggs and small eggs became Robin eggs- not sure about that one tho!

Here is a list I found for food prices in the '60s: (check out the cost for Sirloin Steaks/lb). I was in my late teens and 20s then! I forget what condoms cost back then.

'60s food prices


Sep 16 @ 6:46PM  
oh fuck and i remember when MY allowance was a buck
I never got that!! I have been working since I was 9 years old!!! WTF?

Times have changed so much..its Unreal!!!
Some bitch about the Old days...Not Being so good!! Not I !!!
The pace of life..was Livable, Families were close......!!! and so on....
But,... I am a simple Man...sobeit!!!
Greenie for the "Good Trip"

Sep 16 @ 6:58PM  
hey OHT i worked FOR my allwoence AND for more money...sold greeting cards door to door at 11.......starrted mowing lawns before that..nobody GAVE me anything .....just a point ..

Sep 16 @ 7:03PM  
Oh yeah... I remember Marlboro's being 4.50 a carton... now they're 40 bucks!! Crazy!! And gas... geeez.. I remember when I was in high school scraping up a bucks worth of gas really took us places! We'd "cruise" forever on a buck of gas!! We'll certainly never see it below a dollar a gallon and probably won't ever see it under 2 bucks a gallon again!!

Sep 16 @ 7:09PM  
In 1982 I was a sophomore in a country high school (my graduating class had maybe 130 to 160 kids in it). In 1982, one of the biggest things that happened was a gas station/convenience store moving in at the corner of the main drag and the road I lived on! I still can remember the company sign going up....Their gas was $0.55/gallon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $0.55/gallon! I remember that sign like it was yesterday!
In 1976 I remember loving the song "Oh What A Night" by Frankie Valli and what a shock it was when a classmate explained what those lyrics meant!


Sep 16 @ 7:13PM  
nobody GAVE me anything
Amen!! I hear ya Bro!

Sep 16 @ 7:45PM  
Dang, when I was a kid I had to feed the chickens, the pigs and the cows, then come in for breakfast .. learn my word of the day .. go to school, come home and make sure the animals had water still.. gather the eggs, come in clean and store the eggs, help with the milking, help with dinner and do the dishes afterward... I shoulda had an amazing allowance.. right? Not one red cent. I got no spending money til I got my first job at 12 working at an answering service.

Sep 16 @ 10:43PM  
I remember back when I was a kid (under 13-y-o) and I think my allowance was somewhere between $3 and $5 a week. I used to save my money and buy Nancy Drew books ($2-$3 a book)...or a particular record album ($4-$6 an album) I had been wanting.

I also recall spending LOTS of quarters on PAC-Man at the local Pizza Inn. And of course...there were those short walks to 7-11 to get a cold Icy drink. Yanno...I had an Icy a few months ago...and they really haven't gone up in price that much since I was a kid. Not that an Icy should cost a lot...I just thought it was kind of interesting.

My first job was helping my bother with his paper route...because when he was sick...I got to deliver papers at 4 in the morning. I also recall mowing some neighbor's lawns for some extra cash...and doing a lot of babysitting.

Kudos on a wonderful blog Sugar. I enjoyed it very much.

Sep 16 @ 11:50PM  
When I started smoking/driving for a 20 dollar bill i could fill my gas tank, buy a carton of cigarettes and still have money to go out that

We never got allowances, we were expected to help with the house work, farm work, and if we wanted anything like class rings, prom dresses..........we worked and bought them.......I cut balsam boughs one fall to pay for my class ring..........we were never given parents didn't have it to give........but we were taken care of and we were taught if you want something you worked for it and nothing was a free ride.

Sep 17 @ 6:29AM  

Dang, when I was a kid I had to feed the chickens, the pigs and the cows, then come in for breakfast .. learn my word of the day .. go to school, come home and make sure the animals had water still.. gather the eggs, come in clean and store the eggs, help with the milking, help with dinner and do the dishes afterward... I shoulda had an amazing allowance.. right? Not one red cent. I got no spending money

I'm with skwirl on that one.

I don't smoke but my wife does, and at 22.95 for a pack of 50's I can't even afford to think of starting up smoking even if i wanted to.
gimme a beer any day

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How times change.