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posted 9/14/2010 7:19:58 PM |
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… can ya tell ?? Friday I fly out to Orlando and meet up with my two sisters for a sister vacation at Disney !! Betcha thought it was something else didn’t ya ???

I don’t get to see both of my sisters at one time very often ~ one of them lives in Montana and the other in Illinois so it’s been as long as 5 years sometimes before we could all get together at one time. This year actually is the second year in a row that we have gotten to spend time all together so I’m very thankful for that.

The last sister “vacation” we actually had was about 8 years ago and we went to Disney that time too and had a blast. We all saved “beans” from a site for an entire year (points actually but on that site they were called beans LOL ) and those “beans” paid for everything but our flights and our spending money. We still call it our “bean” vacation !! We’ve rented a house this time and get to spend 10 glorious days down there and all plan to enjoy it as much as possible because this is probably the last time we will ever get to do something like this !!

We want to visit the botanical gardens while we are there, we have tickets to SeaWorld and tickets for both Universal and Disney but we left several days open just to see what else we might find to do.

If any of you have been there or anyplace near there in the last few years or even have relatives in the area you might share some of your favorite places, hints, tips or tricks to save money, best days to go certain places or maybe even some good places to eat. We would like to make this one different from the last one so anything anyone can contribute would be great !!

Sooooo all that got me to wondering ….. what was your most memorable vacation ?? Was it good ? Bad ?? Where did you go and what did you do ?? What made it memorable ?? Was it the people or the place or something else ??? I hope you will share it with the rest of us !!

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Sep 14 @ 7:52PM  
Ok, I'm going way back on this one. I'm talking like 20 years back. It was one of the last family vacations taken with my Grandma (my Mom's mother). She passed away later that year in October.

We were spending the week up at the cottage my parents owned. My Dad also had a little trailer set up on the property for me and my younger sister because, being in our teens, we wanted more privacy than a little 2 bedroom cottage offered. My youngest sister, not quite in her teens yet, shared the 2nd bedroom with our Grandmother, while my parents had the other bedroom.

Second day we are there, I was in the trailer listening to some records. Yes, actual vinyl albums. (Told ya this was going back a bit. ) My two sisters had taken a walk down to a huge ditch nearby. Middle sister was, and still is, into turtles. She loves them. And there were turtles galore down in this ditch. Anyway, Mom came out to the trailer to ask me to go find my sisters because dinner would be ready in a while. Off I went, and the dog we had at the time, Happy, he was a Jack Russel mix, went along with me. And, the neighbor from across the street, their dog, and Irish Setter, Shannon, also followed. I'm walking up the road with these two dogs, and I see in the distance my sisters. Happy and Shannon saw them about the same time. They ran to greet my sisters. I remember them getting so far, then just stopping, and then turning around and coming back to me. I thought that odd...Happy never did that. When he greeted one of us, he barreled into us almost knocking us on our butts. Not this time. I kept walking up to my sisters, and I could hear my youngest sister, who by the way was walking on the other side of the road, saying something, but couldn't quite catch what she was saying. When we got closer, I then heard what she was saying. The reason she was on the other side of the road, and the dogs wouldn't come any closer was because our other sister thought she could catch a baby skunk. Yep, a skunk. And she got nailed good with the spray. My eyes still water thinking about that. I asked her what in the hell she was thinking trying to catch a baby skunk. Her excuse was she didn't think the babies could spray like the adults. WTF???? That is their defense, of course they can spray like the adults!!!! So, for the walk home there was me, my youngest sister, and the two dogs on one side of the road, and my other sister, by herself on the other side.

I got back to the cottage before my "skunked" sister did, and told Mom what had happened. She was right there at the door to greet my sister and tell her to strip out of her jeans before even thinking of coming inside. The argument over that was funnier than hell. They went back and forth for a few minutes before Grandma finally told my sister to go on the other side of the cottage where no one will see her and take the jeans off and leave them out there. Of course, my sister asked how she was supposed to get in with no one seeing which Grandma told her to wrap a blanket around her. Ok, incident 1. Number 2 came 3 days later.

Same sister who got sprayed by the skunk, was down by that ditch again. Well, she had managed to catch a 30 pound snapping turtle and haul that thing back to the cottage. Ever see a pissed off snapping turtle? Especially a big one? Quite the site to behold. And the damnedest thing....she had that thing settled down within 24 hours. And had it in the shower stall in the bathroom......or so she thought. We were sound asleep when there was some pounding on the door to the trailer. Scared the daylights out of both of us, then we heard Dad ask if we were awake yet. Well, yeah...we were. Then Dad demanded, not asked, demanded my sister get her ass into the cottage. Curiosity got me, so I followed. This turtle had gotten out of the shower stall, and was attempting to climb into the toilet. It wanted water, and was going where it smelled it. Apparently, Grandma had gotten up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and that was what she saw. And she wasn't happy about it. And Dad wasn't happy about the scream either.

Yeah, that was one memorable vacation. We still laugh over the skunk incident.

Sep 14 @ 8:15PM  
@ sugars story! That's funny!!

Lil I'm gonna miss the hell out of you while you're gone... you make sure you send me pictures every single day while you're there!!!

Too bad Sunshine hasn't been on... she lives in Orlando and could tell you all kinds of things to get into!!!

I hope you have a great time!!! I'm glad you're going to get to see your sisters too!!!

Sep 14 @ 9:17PM  
Thanks Sugar that was hilarious !!! I'm sure everyone will enjoy reading it as much as I did !!

Pink ... I'll send pics an I'm going to miss you too girl !!

Sep 15 @ 10:02AM  
ummmm i got SOOOOO excited....ummm i forgot what i was excited about and what i was gonnna fuckin write...damn....well have fun...

Sep 15 @ 1:35PM  
As a resident floridian I would suggest visiting the kennedy space center for a day.
Its only about an hour east of orlando and they do tours of the whole complex...Its relatively cheap for tickets compared to disney or seaworld and there is lots of history there to see.....on the right day you can even have lunch with an astronaut.
This is the last year of the shuttle program so it might be the last time to see one.
There is also a place on hwy 50 east just pass a little town called christmas where you can take a 2 hour airboat ride through the swamps and see the wildlife.mostly gators but its a cool ride for 20 bucks.
Have fun....

Sep 16 @ 1:03AM  
Have fun lady!!

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