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Delaying the inevitable

posted 9/14/2010 11:52:26 AM |
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tagged: pets

Yep, trying to delay this for as long as possible.

My bird has to "migrate" over to my parents house for the Winter. I mentioned in another blog how I run my heat on 63 during the day while I'm home, and at 58 when I go to bed, or, when I'm at work for the day. So far, it's kept my heating bills under $200 a month, but, I miss my bird! He's so cute, whistles Pop Goes The Weasel, does fairly well whistling the Andy Griffith theme whistle, and he likes to sit in the corner of his cage by me when I'm on the couch watching tv. He originally was my youngest sister's bird, but, I was always talking to him, letting him out of his cage, basically taking care of him. And when he was out of his cage, or even in his cage, and heard my voice, he wanted my attention. My sister noticed the attachment and asked if I wanted him. I've had this bird for about 14 years now. By the way, he's a common gray cockatiel. And yes, a male. How can I tell? Well, in the wild, the male birds tend to be more vocal and colorful/flashy. Also, my Mom would take an empty toilet paper roll and put it in his cage for him to bat around. Yes, for those who don't know....birds will play. One day, my Mom and I were trying to figure if my bird was indeed male or female. He was young at the time, so his color wasn't showing yet. While we were talking, we heard him making this odd "clucking" sound, and when we looked at his cage...we burst out laughing. My bird was "getting off" on that toilet paper roll. And when he finished, he did a "wolf whistle" (ya know what I mean, that whistle guys do when they see a pretty girl ). That was funny as hell.

Yep, so, soon he will be going over to my parents house. Which, my Mom's cockatiel will be happy. That one is a female...she proved it by laying eggs. They never hatched as they were never fertilized. But she loves when my bird is there, they will sing back and forth to each other. And my one sister's parakeet will join in. I once made a wise crack to my Mom about putting the two cockatiels together...and I got a very stern warning about how that wouldn't be a good idea.

So...soon it will be kinda, sorta, quieter around here. My house is never truly "quiet". Not with 5 dogs here! I've noticed that it seems their winter coats are "late" in starting to grow. Maybe it will be a mild Winter? I really hope so!

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Sep 14 @ 12:41PM  
Blame it on Skwirl, I self kudoed.

Ya know? She's right about something. It does feel good!

Sep 14 @ 12:46PM  
*walks in and TWEETS to help her quiet*

Sep 14 @ 2:05PM  
Now that is one funny bird! sooo??? are ya asking us if we think you should keep the bird through the winter because you will miss him so much??? I would miss my little Talulah if I had to send her away for a season. I don't know how you do it. I guess you get to go to your Mom's and see him whenever you want? I guess you need to save on your utilities so you have the monies for school and other necessities. Do what's best for you and the bird. I know you know that...hugs and best wishes to you and the bird that once humped!

Sep 14 @ 2:10PM  
Nah, wasn't asking. Was thinking about how soon he will be "migrating" over to my parents house and blogged about it.

btw...he still humps his toilet paper roll.

Sep 14 @ 2:23PM  
I forgot to kudo you...that was funny...but I know you will miss him.

Sep 14 @ 2:40PM  
See, self kudoing.. could be the next big craze! it feels niiiiiice.

Aww well the cool thing about migrating birds is.. they come home after the winter!

Sep 14 @ 2:40PM  
Pssst.. I kudoed you.. in public!

Sep 14 @ 5:28PM  
For you

Sep 14 @ 8:30PM  
Girl you need to make a video of that crazy bird and post it... he sounds hilarious and I would love to see that!! Birds that talk or whistle, especially a tune, just fascinate me!! I would love to have one.. so would my cats though!

I hate that you have to send him away for the winter... but girl.... 63 degrees?? Don't you get cold?!?!? That's pretty chilly but I know you gotta do what you gotta do!!!

Sep 14 @ 11:11PM  
btw...he still humps his toilet paper roll.

And I can't even get a freak'n date!!!


Sep 14 @ 11:41PM  
Blame it on Skwirl, I self kudoed.

Ya know? She's right about something. It does feel good!

Doesn't though?

Sep 15 @ 1:41PM  
I'm with Pink...birds fascinate me too.

I love to visit the feathered residents at one of the local pet stores. When the staff isn't too busy...they will let a bird out of its that you can pet or hold it. I also love when they sit on your shoulder. Just be careful...cuz they really like earrings...and they're really quick about stealing them.

I remember going to a parrot rescue on Vancouver Island a few years ago...and I found the birds to be a lot of fun and quite endearing with all their different personalities.

It's too bad that you have to send your feathered friend away for the winter. But I suspect that your mom's bird loves her "snowbird" friend.

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Delaying the inevitable