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It really sucks..........

posted 9/12/2010 7:04:24 PM |
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When you want to blog..yet, can't think of a damn thing to blog about.

What the hell? I've only been up since 5am today. Work was rough...Sundays usually are at that hotel. Don't know what it is about Sunday's, but, it seems people are always late to get moving, and for some reason, it seems the rooms are messier and take longer to clean. One would think people would be just a bit tidier...ya know? So that the staff doesn't think of them as slobs. Oh well...I have come to the conclusion that some people leave their common sense and manners at home when they go on vacation.

Now, I've got the next 4 days off, maybe. Seems like I get these days off, yet, one or two of those days I end up getting called in. Doesn't bother me though...I'd rather be working, that's more money in my pocket. Have I mentioned I'm going back to school? Yeah? Ok....thought so. I figure now is as good a time as any to get back into studies for my legal assistant degree. Not to mention, I'd like something more steady year round and get away from the hassle of unemployment.

Well, for not being able to think of anything, I guess I didn't do too bad. to someone's comments about the Week in never knows when that might pop up again.

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Sep 12 @ 7:14PM  
Yeah people forget common sense at home as soon as they walk out the door
I am glad your going back to school but you gotta study you want good grades you know

Sep 12 @ 7:14PM  
Study? What's that?

Sep 12 @ 7:25PM  
im glad you are going back to school too, housekeeping in a motel is good honest work, but i hope you can get into something that will make things easier financiallly.

Sep 12 @ 8:04PM  
Honey you can always tell when someone who has cleaned hotel rooms stays, can't you? They are the ones who have all the towels in a heap ready to be picked up and the sheets pulled and piled with the pillow cases so it's easy to grab them up and put them in the laundry. They are also the ones who tend to put all the trash in the trash cans and wipe out the sink and tub before they go.

How do I know? Been there.. done that.

Sep 12 @ 8:22PM  
Yeah I tend to straighten up a motel room when i stay at one... can't help it.. I don't want anyone to think I'm a

Good luck with going back to school!! I'm sure you won't make a career of it like someone else....

Sep 12 @ 8:42PM  
I wanna go two hygh skool agan- dat wus pfun- coodn't concinrate two wel wit all dem dare miny skurts, they's wus wear'n in dem dare days- shure was excit'n sit'n nxt to dem lucsous legs to luk at two. So, yup- I'm want'n to go two hygh skool agan!


Sep 12 @ 8:46PM  
ok ok ok it was ME!!! i admit it..i'm the slob

Sep 12 @ 8:48PM  
ok ok ok it was ME!!! i admit it..i'm the slob


Sep 12 @ 9:57PM  
Okay ind of off topic, but what is the most memorable thing that people have left behind in their room?

Sep 12 @ 11:27PM  
I usually leave my hotel room very tidy. I thought it was just meā€¦and I was a really odd duck for doing this. It's nice to know there are others out there who do the same thing.

Sep 13 @ 2:44AM  
^^^ the last one we used you were in too much of a rush to get going to clean up.

luckily i always clean up after myself. just cos someone is paid to be a cleaner doesn't mean they have to be treated like a slave, i always thought it was just common courtesy

Sep 13 @ 7:06AM  
Good luck with the school thingy!

I guess... I too am Guilty for being... Not so tidy when renting a Motel room!!
Back when I was fishing Tournaments.....I was in a Motel most every weekend...!!!

You get in Late,Shower........change line on some of the rods, retie the lures.....Get something to eat...Sleep...then get up by 3am..shower again...and gone by 4ish!
Most of the time I wouldn't be in the room no more that 5 or 6 hours!
Yeah the bed would be messed up..and there would a Pile of dirty towels....., and most of the time...the Little bitty trash can would be over flowing !!!
If that's being a Slob...I'm Very Guilty!!!

Sep 13 @ 9:20AM  
Okay ind of off topic, but what is the most memorable thing that people have left behind in their room?

Not really off topic. Most memorable things:

A vibrator, new in the package..and yes, the housekeeper kept it.
A check for $17,000, and yes, the guest called for it.
A not too smart guest left all of their crack pipes and crack cocaine in a nightstand drawer.
A bag of weed was left in a room

Oh, and when the swingers convention went through a few years back....there was blindfolds, handcuffs, cat o nines, and corsets. Not all in one room, different items in different rooms. One housekeeper knocked on the door to a room at 2pm, check out is 11am. And a guy yelled out that they were having sex to come back later....unless the housekeeper wanted to join in. We're talking about a woman who is very Christian, married, and very, very, straight laced. Her face turned beet red and she did not want to go back near that room after that.

Sep 13 @ 2:03PM  
I stayed in a motel last year up in orlando ...the comfort inn to be exact...and was working on a boat when i cut the shit out of my hand...had 17 stitches put in
needless to say my hand bleed all over the sheets that night...when i checked out in the morning I told them what happened and I would not be checking back in.
So on my way home to palm beach my boss calls and says I need to go back and supervise the remainder of the repairs and I said that I didnt want to spend another night in orlando but he insisted and booked me back in the same motel.
When I checked back in they gave me the same room I was in the night before and as soon as i pulled the blanket off you could see the blood stain on the sheets......they never changed them.....what a nasty ass place...and lazy house keepers.....just sayin.....

Sep 13 @ 2:20PM  
I apologize for MoteL HeLL & school sounds like a winning ticket. Good LucK !!

Sep 13 @ 2:23PM  
Your going back to school? wow........congrats!!! So what the hell are you taking up............. The school couselor once said that he thought I must be planning on being an Astronaut since all i do all day is take up space.......

I wish you the best sweetie............

and yes i want a week in review..............

Sep 13 @ 2:24PM  
I am an honest guy, what can I say. If I am staying with somebody, I am conscientious, neat, and try leave everything the way I found it.

That is not so at a hotel or motel. I paying to stay there and the staff is paid to clean the room, not me. I do leave them a tip if they comply with my request for extra packets of coffee though.

Sep 13 @ 2:50PM  
I am an honest guy, what can I say. If I am staying with somebody, I am conscientious, neat, and try leave everything the way I found it.

That is not so at a hotel or motel. I paying to stay there and the staff is paid to clean the room, not me. I do leave them a tip if they comply with my request for extra packets of coffee though.

Alright, guess maybe I didn't come across clear enough with "rooms are messier". Normal mess would be using the bed (got to sleep right? ), using the shower and the towels, soap, etc provided, and using the coffee maker if one wants coffee. Oh yeah..using the glasses and coffee mugs. That's the norm. What I'm referring to are those who don't seem to get what a trash can is for, they leave a room looking like a tornado went through it, food all over the floor, trash all over, dirty diapers left on the beds instead of put in the trash can....that is the kind of mess I'm talking about. A room where the occupants used the beds, shower, etc...hell, rooms like that take me about 20 minutes to clean. The ones that are trashed can take up to an hour to clean.

Here is how my days are:

Clock in at 9:25am
Roll call and room assignments at 9:30am
From 9:30am to 10am, getting the cleaning cart stocked and supplied for the day.
From 10am to 3:45pm...TRYING to clean up to 10 rooms. Check in where I work is guaranteed at 4. If a guest is made to wait even one minute beyond 4..the hotel loses money.

Now, let's not forget...we take a 1/2 hour for lunch. So...that is 5 1/2 hours to get 10 rooms done. Now, when running across 1 room that is going to take longer because the people in that room left it looking like a tornado went through it...that is already putting the housekeeper behind. Now, imagine the stress levels when one finds out they have about 3 rooms like that. And these rooms have to be done and in the system as clean by 4pm. No later.

Now, some rooms can take only 20 minutes to clean, others can take up to 45 minutes to clean. I'll say it right now, it's very rare to have a day where ALL rooms can be done in 20 minutes. And let's not forget, the rooms are inspected, and if something is missed/forgotten, we have to go back and correct whatever was missed. And, on top of it, sometimes we are short on towels especially....lose some to people taking them home, or they get taken out because of stains or tears. So now....we have to work with what we have...and try to get what we need to finish rooms sometime during the day.

Yeah...if I'm tired and ornery after work sometimes, so be it.

Sep 13 @ 10:24PM  
Week in Review
Love to see you do these again. Both you and Dayna have a knack for these things, and make them very interesting with humor and such energy in them.

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It really sucks..........