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Does your Master love you ?

posted 1/10/2007 9:38:05 AM |
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I just wondered if he verbalizes it to you ? I have been talking to a subbie here that makes me really envious..... (yea you .... ) seems like she has the total package. Tell me about yours or how you treat your sub, do you tell her you love her ? Or is it more of an action ? Guess you can tell I still have a fascination......

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Jan 10 @ 9:45AM  
seems IF he doesn't maybe your with the wrong person??

Jan 10 @ 9:54AM  
just feeling the lifestyle out to see whats whats "Y".......

Jan 10 @ 10:52AM  
Sounds like you are fishing for more than other people's answers. Are you sure you are where you want to be? Maybe you need to think about what is going on and if you are happy with the relationship. Send me a message if you would like to chat further about it. Jake

Jan 10 @ 11:07AM  
I dont know If mine does. We arent in it for the Love. it started as friends with benefits, and now he is my best friend. But who knows what will happen. I know I care for him alot. And he does for me... but is it love??? you'll have to ask him.

Jan 10 @ 3:10PM  
There are three basic relationships in D/s lifestyles, I've found.

Firstly, there's the professional relationships. These are people who seek satisfaction through professional aid, not necesarilly on a sexual level. These relationships can get very clos, but there's always a detached professionalism to them. Think boss-employee relationships. They can be great associations, but there isn't romantic love.

Secondly there's a kind of friendly swinger relationship. Circles of friends that fuck. They can be very close, and frequently there's real love between varying members of any group, but it's not necesarilly a soulmate connection throughout the whole group. Just like reallife, friends can come and go and while it's sad if they leave it doesn't end your life.

Then there are true heavy solumate connections on an intimate level. How could there not be with such deep emotions involved. The Master needs the slave as desperately as the slave needs the Master. Those instances are fairly common.

But when someone who is telling you that you have to obey them isn't giving you anything back in return, they are simply using you for their own benefit. That's true in any relationship, not just D/s lifestyles.

Jan 10 @ 4:35PM  
thanks to my Masters slave and dominus for giving informed and truthful answers... the last of Dominus's types sounds like the one I seek .......

Jan 10 @ 5:33PM  
Dominus you are so bang on in your descriptions. The key ingredients in any BDSM relationship are trust and respect, without either there is no safety and without safety there can only be harm or worse. I am in love with my Sir and he with me and we do tell each other this, it is an all encompassing love that neither of us have ever found in a vanilla relationship. We do live the lifestyle 24/7 as opposed to being in an online relationship or just getting together for scenes. My Sir did not demand nor command my respect, he earned it. I have been in and out of this lifestyle for almost 30 years and have met many who are 'wanna be's' for whom I have little time or patience. For those who are new to it and seek answers or just someone to talk about it with I am always available. It is a lifestyle for me not just a game or a once in a while fling.

Jan 10 @ 6:28PM  
I know that for me (as a Sub), I have yet to find what I would consider the perfect Sir for me. In my lifestyle, I live to serve and please my Master with all of my being....and I do this not only out of servitude but out of love and hopefully mutual respect. For me personally, I do hold the hope that some day I will find that life-long Sir that loves me as much as I do him...

Jan 10 @ 7:13PM  
I think that every couple is different. That's why I hate advice columns that try to tell people how to have a perfect BDSM relationship. As odd as it sounds my sub became much more dominate in her personal life after we began to game. I told her that what she gave free to everyone was not a gift to me and that she could only be a sub to one Master. She is now moving up the company ladder because she doesn't take shit from anyone. Do I tell her I love her? Yes. But when we game I only tell her when she's pleasing me. If I didn't love her she wouldn't be my sub. I don't think people understand how much trust this takes from both sides. At any given time she could yell rape and have the marks to prove it. There is a check list for both subs and Doms. I don't know where she found it but after you fill it out both of you will know what the limits are and what the desires are. I'll check and see if I can find it if you want it.

Jan 10 @ 8:06PM  
some very helpful comments,insightful..... I appreciate your thoughts and comments.... makes me realize that so many different levels to the D/s lifestyle that you cant know what it will mean to you until you are fully emerged .I want to say that last week I had such derogitory comments,it was really nicefor me to see that some folks are happy and seem to be content,seems it comes so natural to some .......

Jan 11 @ 10:13PM  
to zippy, thank you for being nice to me .....

Jan 12 @ 3:12PM  
At this point, one must question the mental stability of an individual who would submit themselves to pain and humiliation in their quest for love. No normal human being surrenders themselves to being a slave to someone else, and call it love, unless they have no concept of what true love is, as love is a deep affection or fondness in which both lovers respond to each other with affection and fondness, not sub-human servitude...Lovers are equal, not inferior and superior...

Jan 12 @ 11:09PM  
well I must disagree with the warrior...... not going to get into the entire post, we can just agree to disagree.......

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Does your Master love you ?