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posted 9/9/2010 6:08:49 PM |
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And I will tell you from the start … this is a VERY mixed up blog.

YES people the TROLL has struck again !! Do we have subterfuge and dark plots happening in the Land of Pervia ?? Do we have a secret mission that at some future point we will all discover was only lies and half truths ?? Troll obviously was so dissatisfied with my reaction to his helpfulness and my WHITE KNIGHT that he took it upon himself to go and find me in the Land of MD. He took a calculated chance (or just a lucky guess) that I would have a different email address for the two accounts, which I do, no special reason ~ I have several email accounts for different things. He managed to send 3 pages this time before I cut him off.

Anyone that put just a tiny little bit of thought into it could have found me there since my name is the same on both sites and I don’t hide that fact. Does he think that he has DISCOVERED A SECRET ?? (must have been the pic !!) Alas, since I have nothing to hide he is sadly mistaken. I’m free, weeeeeeellll over 21 and yes I am an ADULT !! I’ve even told several people to look me up there if they wanted to know more about me, who I am and what I am like in addition to this site.

Not only that but as I stated on an earlier blog (not mine) I HAVE uploaded face pics … they just haven’t been approved as of yet. Not that I intend to change my main pic. I like it. I don’t believe my pic to be offensive . I have been told by several people that I succeeded well in my effort to make it classy and provocative yet modest. It doesn’t show anything that you wouldn’t see if I were merely wearing a pair of shorts or a skirt. It had nothing to do with trying to hide my face if that’s what anyone thinks. I like photography ~ as anyone reading my profile or looking at my pics on MD will soon realize. I think you can take classy photographs that will stir the imagination MUCH more than just straight nude shots will. And to be perfectly honest … I leave the nudity for between me and my special someone. I want it to BE special and putting it out there for all to see doesn’t create that in my humble opinion. But I digress ....

In regards to all that ~ I have to wonder what it is with some people that their lives are so empty, bleak, dark and barren that their only entertainment is to try to lash out at others to ultimately only hurt themselves in the end. Do they realize that they are only hurting themselves or do they imagine that their efforts have some lasting effect on us ?

What is it that brought them to this point ? Is it that they want to strike first in the fear of being struck ? Is it that they were shown no kindness, no compassion, no love in their lives ? Perhaps they think that this is the only kind of attention they are worthy of ? Because I have come to believe that like children it is actually a cry for attention. Which yes, I do realize I am feeding that need simply by writing this blog. But I am truly curious about what the rest of you think about the possible reasons that they act in this childish manner.

Do they presume that they are “teaching us a much needed lesson” ? Or is it just that their souls or minds are so damaged that they do not see any connection to the rest of humanity ?

I know the rest of you in large part find these people annoying but as I have already said to some … I find it merely pitiful. Instead of a reaction of anger or disgust which I assume is what he/she is looking for in confirmation of his/her ideas of us he/she will find only sympathy, sadness and pity. And yes I am well aware that that, in and of itself, may anger that person more. Yet I cannot help but feel that way. Some of you will assume that I am naïve in my thoughts and that’s your right but in the 6 years I have been bouncing around on these sites I have not changed my opinion of people like this. If they think that they are at war against me I have only to remind myself that they are actually at war with only themselves because nothing they do in reality changes one single iota of my existence, actions or thoughts in any meaningful way.

All that being said … feel free to add your thoughts .....

That got purty deep there folks, sorry …. Hope you brought your hip waders !!!!

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Sep 9 @ 6:30PM  
Eh.. he's not a troll... he's just a fucking idiot! And he's running your views up as we speak!

He got his too, like he always does. Someone get that man a life!

Sep 9 @ 6:35PM  
he stopped......

Sep 9 @ 6:44PM  
I'm sure its someone that has been here and did not get any Attention.....well, the Kind that they were Seeking! I have a couple in Mind!!!
Seriously..Sweetie..don't let this bother you!!!
You are among a Friendly bunch......for the most part!!! Don't let the "Do Badders" get to ya!!!
We may fuss and argue.... but Most "Family's" have that!!!
This Not Part of the Family......!! They are just Wanna beeeeee's!
"IT" will get tired ..and go away....!!!
I would ask ya if you wanted to Fuck....but I'm not that kinda Toad!
My 2 cents!!! (and One extra! )

Sep 9 @ 7:45PM  
I would ask ya if you wanted to Fuck....but I'm not that kinda Toad!


Sep 9 @ 7:54PM  
Your WHITE KNIGHT sounds like a real assshole to me. Don't let him git this much of you time or attention. Heck you could spend it on me.

Sep 9 @ 8:13PM  
Oh damn... your white knight got me for 333 password requests!!! Talk about feeling the love up in here!!


Sep 9 @ 8:17PM  
will stir the imagination

ummm once you stir it...what do you plan next?? add a dash of this and that and maybe a pinch...of.......

sighhh sands thru the hour glass these are the..............ops i got lost in bout i give you a greenie n keep the rest to myself

Sep 9 @ 9:39PM  
You know a troll when you see one! This person that you speak of, probably has no mirrors in his place for fear of seeing a pathetic reflection of himself looking back at him!

Some people just say and do the things they do on a computer because they can! They don't have to worry about any repercussions for their actions! IMO, people like that are soooo introverted within themselves, that you can't tell their navels from their butt holes!

I know it's aggravating but, it's best to ignore, block and delete! He isn't worth the 2¢ of response it would take to try and put him in his place and then you'd have change coming back!

Too many good people on this site to be concerned even a little bit for his sorry ass!

My 2¢ worth!


Sep 9 @ 10:22PM  
Once upon a time, he made some sense a couple of times. I actually enjoyed interacting with him.. now he's just out to be a fly on the boil on the butt of a camel. Well done.. well done.

Sep 12 @ 11:13AM  
there's trolls here

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