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A Blog Series…Your Opinion of Tassie1

posted 9/8/2010 2:33:00 PM |
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tagged: fun, friends, amd, opinion, life

Continuing with the blog series that began last week…

Our next peep to be spotlighted from the land of Pervia is none other than Tassie…yanno…our resident “funny man” from Australia.

Make no mistake about it…this peep is quick. One minute you see him…the next moment you don’t. He will be in and out of a blog quicker than Obama can say “Yes we can!”

His mission in Pervia is simple…to spread humor and laughs throughout the land. His trademark is his sarcastic wit. His goal is to leave the peeps he encounters with a smile on their face.

So far…I think his track record is impeccable…because I have yet to meet a peep who doesn’t enjoy this Aussie’s company.

On a lot of days…you can find Tassie playing in the forums with SpunkyRed and RevDocLove (before RevDoc’s computer broke) …where he might be grabbing a cup of coffee (or something a little bit stronger) …telling another joke or story…or simply hanging out asking “Where the heck is Ynot…and how come he doesn’t play in the forums…or on his thread (Ynot’s Playroom) anymore?” You’d better watch out Ynot…you might just be surrendering your “forum whore” crown to this "funny man" in the very near future if you’re not careful.

I had the pleasure of first meeting Tassie after he responded with a heartfelt comment on a serious blog I wrote shortly after I arrived in Pervia. IMO…this is when you get to see a really kewl side of this peep…a side that you might not otherwise see most days.

He’s warm…smart…quick…and yes…he’s even a wee bit obnoxious at times. But when you get right down to it…he’s what most people would consider “good people”…and I for one am very happy he has chosen to hang his hat in Pervia.

So this blog is for you Tassie. May you always have a joke to tell…a smart arse comment to utter …and a smile to warm the hearts of all of those around you. I’m proud to call you a friend.

Feel free to leave a comment about our Taz Man…and stay tuned next week…when I will shine the spotlight on another talented and much loved peep residing in the city limits of Pervia.

Your turn…

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Sep 8 @ 2:44PM  
LOL yep you forgot to mention a resident smarty pants oh wait you did mention sarcastic wit didn't you? Great blog

Sep 8 @ 2:52PM  
The dude does tell some funny ass jokes. Here take one these green things,sorry about the teeth marks fido thought it was dog treat

Sep 8 @ 3:12PM  
He's a great guy!!
He's always got something or to say!!
Yes, he can be quite the smarty pants can't he!?!??! (around here we would probably call him a pill.. ...that might just be a southern thing and I mean southern US, not southern hemisphere) lol ......But that is part of his charm

<--- That's him and mama... he's the one on the right....

Oh... and he's a sweetheart too...

This green thang is for you!!


Sep 8 @ 4:20PM  
I heard that prick was just like the IRS, you mighten see him or hear from him, but he's aaaaalways watching....
That's him and mama... he's the one on the right....
my Darlin Mama_T gave up drinking when she met me,
I did notice she sobered up real fast the morning we woke up in the same bed

hanging out asking “Where the heck is Ynot…and how come he doesn’t play in the forums…or on his thread (Ynot’s Playroom) anymore?”
I guess when you get as old as that ole coot it takes a bit o keeping up with us young-ins.

well i guess finding this at 5 am on the way out the door to work leaves me a lil humbled but then , i been married twice so natural suspicion kicks in then you want cookies again doncha, I keep telling you ..come to the dark side.
hmmm can I kudo my own story

thank you peeps.
now remember ladies , tops can hang on the pegs near the door on your way in and genial men , don't forget to bring a coldie

apart from that.... someone left a buzzing banana running at the door, i think it fell out of Miss Kitty's handbag

* wanders off to work with a grin from ear to ear .......

Sep 8 @ 4:47PM  
Seeing as how I like to talk with people from other countries- we've chit-chatted email wise a few times (I chit and he chats................... I have no idea what the Hell that means) We joke back and forth and I enjoy exchanging some craziness mit Tassie!

I've wanted to travel to Australia for years- the idea of flying over water for about 20 hours, doesn't exactly thrill me! But if I do, I'll look him up-.......... mainly because he's the only one I would know down under! But also, I love the HOT chicks there and maybe he can introduce me to a few..... 100!

Tassie is kewl people- I always read his blogs- guess it's because of that Aussie slang he uses!

My hat's off to ya Tassie!


Sep 8 @ 5:23PM  
you want cookies again doncha?
These cookies are all for you Tassie. So in just gave yourself a kudo.

hmmm can I kudo my own story?
You just did.

someone left a buzzing banana running at the door, i think it fell out of Miss Kitty's handbag.
It's Sunshine's banana...not mine.

Sep 8 @ 5:45PM  
Tassie is a joy to have here. Love his sense of humor and quick wit. One never quite knows what he will say, but it usually brings a smile or laugh.

Sep 8 @ 6:09PM  
Tassie is the Man! Love his Humor...and desire to have FUN!!!
If he was Local....I would Love to meet him! Prolly have a cold one also! (or 2 or 3.... )
Great Choice... Kitty Kat!

Sep 8 @ 7:05PM  
yep, he's the greatest!

Sep 8 @ 8:14PM  
Tassie welcomed me here, and as we all know I like a good joke and he has some good ones.
Here's a Kuto

Sep 8 @ 8:39PM  
Great guy!!


Sep 8 @ 8:52PM  
I don't know you well yet Tassie but I hope that will change here in blogland !!

I do appreciate the warm welcome you gave me !!

I've always wanted to see Australia as well so I look forward to learning all I can !!

Sep 8 @ 9:35PM  
That peckerhead stole my funny bone! Yup, you heard it here first.. then he went after me heart and I've not seen that thing in a while either. Gorram Tasmanian Devils.. like whirlwinds I tell ya! Always whooshing here and there.. hither and yon.. in and out and in and out and in and .. wait.. where was I?

Sir Sully the Silly.. I lubs ya man!

Sep 8 @ 10:51PM  
I don't know Tassie all that well, but he seems like a very nice guy. He has a great personality and sense of humor to him.

Sep 8 @ 11:31PM  
Don't know Tassie all that well either..But what I Have seen he seems like a real great guy...

Sep 9 @ 8:31AM  
* stops blushing and humbly thanks everyone.
apart from miss Squirl, she knows she liked every inch of it .
and sits quietly in the corner and eagerly awaits for miss Kittys blog series opinion on everyones village idiot

hey , where did fky go ? she was kewl

Sep 9 @ 5:44PM  
Yup Tassie me lubs.. I enjoyed both of em !

Sep 10 @ 2:19PM  
well ho de do...I kissed this...where theheck was I??? Love ya Tass Tass! I think you're special!

Sep 10 @ 4:38PM  
Thanks so much for dropping by...and for leaving such fun and feel-good comments. I'm sure Tassie enjoyed reading each and every one.

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A Blog Series…Your Opinion of Tassie1