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Hostility of some people....

posted 1/10/2007 7:05:16 AM |
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Ok, earlier, my girlfriend posted a forum about the hostility of some people who you drop by their page and don't leave a message and they get pissed. Well, It got me pretty heated.... I get swamped with tons of messages as I'm sure some other ladies do too. I don't get to answer each and every one of them...I'd need a personal secretary to do so!! But, I do get a few guys who write me their cheesy one liners and they don't live even relatively close to me or they ask me to watch their cam or cyber....I won't respond, READ MY PROFILE!!! I don't cam, cyber or have phone sex....I'm a real person damn it!! I want the real thing!! But, the point is, I get a 2nd letter telling me I'm a rude bitch who doesn't answer her mail..they ask what's the point of being on here if I can't give them a response?? Listen, I'm here for pure enjoyment, I PREFER that you at least live in the same helps out a little if you plan on meeting...LOL But, please don't get all offended if I didn't answer you was either your profile, your essay, your location, your cheesy one liner, your age or the fact that you have no picture. There are alot of reasons I don't answer people. Believe me, you aren't the first one to not get a response and you won't be the last.....and this has nothing to do with being rude or me being a bitch....Figure it out and try not to let it ruin your day!!

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Jan 10 @ 7:19AM  
you tell em' !! your not here to answer their mail or take their shit...douchbags!

Jan 10 @ 7:22AM  
Example 1: A cutie Ive been chatting w/ in TX......He and I hit it off and were planning to get together......all of a sudden, BECAUSE I DIDNT ANSWER HIM SOON ENOUGH, he gets all pissy and threatens me w/ the classic "I'm losing interest....", so I say lose it then !!!.....there's plenty more waiting to fill your space!

Jan 10 @ 7:29AM  
Hummm, i chated with you a few lines, you did not seem like a bitch or anything like that to me, you seem like a sweet lady, There loss..... Kick ass and take no prisoners lady......

Jan 10 @ 7:38AM  
Tell em babe... its bs how they think that because your on this site you should answer every email and bow down to them.. i tell the guys that i cant and the girls are another story.. but the responses i get back are just obnoxious... its like give me a break.. i am not going to be your play thing with this kind of attitude and you can just keep walking away.. i dont have time for it..

: hugz : : kissez :

Jan 10 @ 7:58AM  
...and the beat goes on.... It is a shame that the fine woman of AMD should even have to defend thier actions in dealing with the crap that they deal with here....and the beat goes on....


Jan 10 @ 7:59AM  
Yanno that is one thing that actually does annoy me. people who get all twisted up because you don't answer them immediately. WTF man.. we all have lives.. or psuedo lives.. or at least something that passes for a life.. and sometimes things come up. Sometimes it's just your attitude that we refuse to reply to. Sometimes.. you just look like a lil grey glob and we really aren't interested in blobs this week.

I think those people get upset because they only get maybe two or three emails a week and can't deal with the fact that some of us get 3 or four pages of emails a day (minimum)

I don't know about you but I am starting to grow a callous over my empathy nerve. I do something to annoy you.. that's too bad. Soooo sorry if my going to work, getting some sleep or just having an uncommunicative day ruins yours. Bite me.

Oh.. hi Sunshine.. nice to meetcha.

Jan 10 @ 9:26AM  
Ignore or report them. Best way to get rid of such douches.

Jan 10 @ 9:28AM  
We're all supposed to be adults here... this site has no room for whiny, sniveling little brats. Personally I wait a few days for a reply, if it doesn't come, I move on- could be any number of reasons for not getting a reply- some that's not even the person of interest's fault. Bugging them, certainly isn't going to cut it!

Being polite should go without saying!!


Jan 10 @ 9:42AM  
Do they get pissed if they send an unsolicited snail-mail to someone and there is no answer? Or do they randomly knock on doors then get upset that no one answers and trash the front lawn? The key word here is 'unsolicited'. If you email me and I respond then you ignore me, its rude. But when I send a random comment you have no obligation to respond. The beauty of this place is that you can screen out the ones that don't fit your criteria. Now send me an email, woman! :)

Jan 10 @ 12:09PM  
No its like they don't even throughly read your essay....Mine states No Cams for me and the Age preference but yet I get all these men right of the bat wanting me to go to another site so I could see them jerk off.....I write them back that I'm not into camming,,,,,and there response is like I bothered the.....Get a Clue...Real relationship,,,,touching....Thanks Sunshine

Jan 10 @ 12:21PM  
Thank god I am not good looking enough to get such e-mails, even as a man I would be offended that's why I wrote a blog to all the morons who do such things though it was aimed specifically at those who post blogs asking for sex. Maybe I should have included those who e-mail women too!

Jan 10 @ 12:56PM  
Statistically speaking, I am certain that women on this site get a hell of a lot more mail than men do. Knowing this, I am not too concerned when I do not get a response from someone that I have written either one or multiple messages to. I can understand that, with the bulk amount of messages from men with no brains, real penises, or personality, women don't think twice about trashing a bunch of messages without responding. Yes, it would be nice for me to get a response from every woman that I have messaged on dating sites, but I know that it realistically will not happen.

To those of you men that feel that a woman is obligated to immediately get down on her knees and worship what is supposed to be between your legs and not up your asses: GET A FREAKIN' LIFE!!!

That said, I will go back to my semi-lonely existence as my wife is currently at school.

Jan 10 @ 1:55PM  
Way to go Sunshine baby!!!

Jan 10 @ 4:48PM  
I'm losing interest....", so I say lose it then !!!.....there's plenty more waiting to fill your space!

and that in a nutshell is the truth about the difference between the sexes,,,,,,,,,,,on this sight as in real life,,,,we men pursue every friggin woman whom we have even a passing interest in,,,and the ladies just sit back and wait for the cutest or wealthiest or whatever other criteria you might have,,,,,,you ladies have the upper hand and things are not going to change anytime soon,,,,,,,ladies have quantity to deal with and prefer to wait for quality,,,,,as for men,,,,,hell we will just be happy with any woman that will deign to give us what we ,,at our core,,really desire,.,,,,,sex,,,,,,,all the time,,,,,,3, 4 times a day ,,,,,everyday,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,anywhere and everywhere,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so thanks for pointing out, what to me at least, has been obvious for a long time now,,,,you have what we want and you are only giving it in trade for what you want ,,whatever that may be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and that's the way it is

Jan 10 @ 6:36PM  
Update : the cutie in TX is apologizing this very moment and asking if he can drive up Saturday !!!!!! You've got to be fucking kidding me !!!!!!

Jan 20 @ 6:19AM  
yup - people should realize that the women will not respond to everyone - for various reasons. hmmm sometimes i wish i was bombarded by chicks that wanna fuck me...

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Hostility of some people....