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A Mixed Up Southern Fairy Tale

posted 9/7/2010 9:58:36 AM |
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I wanted to tell everyone who greeted me yesterday in Pink’s blog how much I appreciate the warm welcome. Thank you one and all !! Pink tells me you are all good peoples and I look forward to getting to know you all !! Some of you more than others It was a wonderful introduction to the Land of Pervia !! I know that the Land of Pervia is wonderful and terrible and mysterious and fun just as any good fairy tale should be and I have already seen some of that for myself !!

I wanted to tell my SECRET ADMIRER out there thank you also !! Did ya’ll know after only ONE DAY of being in the Land of Pervia that I have a secret admirer out there ?? Sure nuff !! Ain’t that sweeeeet ??? I have heard about the random kindness of strangers before but thought that was just part of any good fairy tale you know ?? Now I know that some fairy tales are true and can carry over into RL !!! My secret admirer was soooooooooooooo concerned about me being possibly getting lost (seeing as how I’m new here and all ya know and don’t know the streets of Pervia that well yet) that they sent me 5 ½ PAGES of the password reminder by a funny little dwarf named E M*il so I wouldn’t get lost outside the Land of Pervia, or forget to come back from RL or to have to try and remember that pesky little password on my own !! Wasn’t that kind of them ??? I can’t believe someone would be so considerate and kind when they don’t even know me yet but that just goes to show you never can tell about people doesn’t it ?? After all anything can happen in a fairy tale right ?? I also really do appreciate that someone here in the Land of Pervia would take the time to remind me that as in all good fairy tales … there are also TROLLS as well as PRINCES and PRINCESSES !!

I thought that in light of my secret admirer’s kindness I would be kind enough in return to let that secret admirer know that no matter how humble my abode here that I have an amazing WHITE KNIGHT that protects both the dwarf and me wonderfully well at the gates with just a couple of clicks. So if my secret admirer should feel compelled to remind me again not to get lost outside the Land of Pervia I must apologize in advance for not thanking you again as I won’t be seeing those reminders. I wouldn’t want you to think I was being deliberately rude after all you have done for me !!

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A Mixed Up Southern Fairy Tale


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Sep 7 @ 10:16AM  
A warm warm welcome to YOU my friend!!!

that they sent me 5 ½ PAGES of the password reminder

WOW on your very first day?!?!? Wonder who that could have been!!?!?! We never really saw it as nice but as long as you do, that's all that matters.. you might come to find out differently though! LOL

Have fun!! Blog often and watch out for the trolls!! They come and go though and are USUALLY fairly harmless!!!

Glad you're here lil...

Sep 7 @ 10:22AM  
5 1/2 pages of reminders? Wow!! You made quite the impression!

Wait till the views on your blog go up...I had one that came close to 1,000 views.

Yes, Pervia can be fun...just let your humor run loose.

Sep 7 @ 10:31AM  
Its good to see a New face here!!! (well...Um... Legs in your case....awesome Legs I might Add!!!)

Wow just 5 1/2 pages eh?
That sucks...I mean..dang..I don't like the Competition!! WTF?
That email reminder-"er"....needs to get a Life!!! Geeez! Someone must be Very Jealous of you...huh?
I look forward to getting to know you all
And I am looking forward to getting to know You also!!!

Sep 7 @ 11:05AM  
they sent me 5 ½ PAGES of the password reminder by a funny little dwarf named E M*il

I've done something similar to that at times: sometimes replying to a blog or comment, I've said: "in a word...." and then proceed to write 5½ paragraphs but... I digress!

Just a little helpful tidbit here: TROLLS are born and bred underneath Michigan's Mackinac Bridge on the Michigan side [I live in MI]. They reside in discarded wooden refrigerator shipping containers - that's a fact [I think sugarnspice might back me up on that]! Yet... they have PCs and cable for their PCs... WTF?... go figure!!

Anyway- have fun!


Sep 7 @ 11:07AM  
Welcome and enjoy your stay.

Sep 7 @ 2:53PM  
I must have missed Pink's blog...being at work has it's disadvantages... ...hope you love it here like I do!

Sep 7 @ 4:22PM  
Hi lil nice to meet you, no matter what anyone tells you I am the angel of the group Just ask me ya gotta watch out for the "toad" he's horny you know?
And Pink? Well she hate the color Kit Kat loves her kitties very difficult to think of what to tell you.................boy is it rough getting old

Sep 7 @ 4:35PM  
I am the angel of the group.... Kit Kat loves her kitties

@ lisa .. ok she comes close

damn failing eye sight , here i was, gonna say ... and I'd be quite partial to 'em too if she'd show me them lucky miss Kitty secretly lubs me.

another lovely lady to grace our presence ?
many greetings and salutations m'am

since nobody mentioned me, I'm the adorable Aussie who annoys everyone here, not to be confuzzled with the village idiot ...who keeps posting crap every 5 minutes just to annoy the hell out of everyone but unwittingly he/she has actually come to serve a worthwhile purpose, you get to value the rest of us even more when you see the comparison.

Sep 7 @ 8:44PM  
Wow I was out riding so I missed pinks blog but I surely want to welcome you and look foward to seeing more of your blogs!

Sep 7 @ 9:00PM  
Hi lilofval, welcome to the club

Sep 7 @ 9:13PM  
i guess i am the town drunk of just call me otis and open up that cell door Barney...oh and welcome

Sep 7 @ 9:33PM  
Welcome to the Clique!

Sep 7 @ 9:36PM  
Welcome from the resident Grandma who apologizes ahead of time for my forgetfulness/attitude/multiple personalities/lippy-ness and anything else that could get my ass in trouble.

Love your sense of humor....I surely hope it remains intact.... Mine has some tarnish around the edges but what the hell....I'm old...there's even tarnish on my..... know....

Sep 8 @ 12:42PM  
Welcome to Pervia!! Sorry that I didn't see this sooner...any friend of Pink's is a friend of mine!

Sep 8 @ 6:45PM  
Kit Kat loves her kitties

lucky miss Kitty secretly lubs me.

Welcome to Pervia of the blabber mouths.
I sure hope you enjoy your stay.

Sep 8 @ 7:13PM  
Hiya Honey, I guess no one told you....but you cant just pop in here, write one great blog and disappear....

I have facebook, and i WILL stalk you if necessary!

Sep 8 @ 7:13PM  
oh, i forgot....great legs...

Sep 8 @ 7:17PM  
wow i miss all the good stuff ...

*tells hang out here more often...*

Sep 8 @ 8:55PM  
I'm not trying to disapear honestly !! It's just been a hectic few days here but I am peeking in at times when I can grab a min here and there and I promise you will hear more from me !! You have all truely made me feel at home !!!

Sep 9 @ 12:29AM  
Welcome... Have fun in pervia!!!!!

Sep 9 @ 12:32AM  
Welcome to Pervia!

Sep 18 @ 9:01AM  
I wanted to tell my SECRET ADMIRER out there thank you also !!

umm......errrrr....yer welcome

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A Mixed Up Southern Fairy Tale