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When you arrive home from work.........

posted 1/10/2007 1:48:03 AM |
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When you arrive home from work, the house is strangely dark and silent. Thinking that you’ll have a chance for a nap before chaos reigns, as always, you strip in the bedroom and slip into the shower. As the hot water is beating down on your skin, you close your eyes, tip your head back and enjoy.

I return from dropping the kids off at their friends for sleepovers and hear the shower running. I consider joining you, but then have a better thought. Entering the bedroom, I peel back the covers on the bed, and light a candle on the nightstand. I unzip my dress and hang it up and stretch out on the bed to wait for you.

After showering and shaving, you wander into the bedroom, toweling your damp body off. The flickering flame draws your attention away from your dresser, and directs it to the other side of the room. You see me lying on the bed. My hair is put up, random tendrils falling artlessly around my face and neck. Our eyes meet for a moment, and then yours begin to travel down the length of my body. A white satin bra with pink roses stitched on it, and my breasts pushing over the top, white satin garter belt with pink rosebuds just above where the white seamed hose are hooked into them and pink raw satin pumps with 4” heels adorn my feet. I watch, as your mouth gapes open, and your eyes travel back up the length of my body, and you slowly walk towards the bed.

“Hi, Sweetheart. How was your day?” You sit down on the edge of the bed as I roll over onto my tummy and address you, legs bent up at the knees, ankles twisted together. I prop my chin in my hands, elbows resting on the crisp, clean sheets.

“Much better, now”, you say, as your hand stretches out to caress my cheek. Leaning down, you take my face in your hands, kissing me softly, nibbling on my lower lip, then tipping your face forward, resting your forehead against mine, looking deeply into my eyes. "You look incredible... I guess I better get dressed, where are we off to, tonight?"

"Nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. And... we're alone, baby. Just the two of us." I stretch out one arm and rub the muscles in your neck, watching the tension ease from your brow as you relax before my eyes.

You stretch out next to me, pulling me close, burying your face in my neck, just holding me close, as my nails run lightly up and down your back and shoulders. Slowly you roll to your back, pulling me over on top of you. I can feel you hardening between our bodies. You place your hands on my legs, spreading them apart, then reach down and grab my thighs and begin pulling me up, first onto your chest, finally up until my pussy is resting only an inch above your face.

Your tongue darts out, skimming up and down my outer lips, and then you plunge it between them, sliding as deep inside me as you can. Your nose nudges my clit. My back arches, my thighs quiver, and I begin to press more tightly to your mouth. Your tongue is twirling and swirling, inside one second, wrapped around my bud the next, the sensations are coming so quickly, I can't begin to imagine where your touch will come next. Your lips wrap around my clit, sucking, your tongue teasing the very tip, and my moisture explodes on your face as an orgasm rips through me with no warning.

Your strong arms pull me back down the length of your chest, to your sex, where you lift me, and plunge, in one hard thrust, deep inside me... staring deep into my eyes, as my internal muscles grasp you, milking you... your hips rising off the bed to plow deep into me as I ride you... leaning down, tasting my juices still wet on your lips, our tongues mimicking our frantic fucking. I bite your lower lip and squeeze your cock inside me as tightly as I can, and watch as your eyes open wide, listen as you moan my name, saying DAMN YOU... and your cock explodes inside me before you can stop yourself.....

We wrap our limbs around each other, our lips around each other lips and we start again, slowly, tenderly...............

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Jan 10 @ 1:52AM can go down on my tongue anytime.

Jan 10 @ 1:55AM  
Whew!! They need a sweating profusely Emoticon on here. That was awesome, PK ! Great blog !

Jan 10 @ 2:16AM  
*Runs to send PrincessKissy a..."Wanna FUCK"?! mail*

Jan 10 @ 5:23AM  
is it hot in here or is it just me?

Jan 10 @ 7:23AM  
Is it hot in here or just me??? I like that...

Jan 10 @ 7:47AM  
Whooo PK.. what an interesting way to start the day.. I think I may have to go back to bed and .. see if I can't rustle up some lubbins..

Jan 10 @ 9:29AM  
Feelin Hot Hot Hot!

Jan 10 @ 11:26AM  
I YI YI.......OR.... EYE YEYE YEYE.....

Jan 10 @ 12:16PM  
Whoo hoo let me go run that shower!

Jan 10 @ 2:30PM  
Got me me thinking.....brings back memories....oh yeah of when my husband came home from the swing shift and the children where fast asleep y

Jan 16 @ 6:52PM  
Very good.. They only problem is I come to and Adult Dating site and read erotic story blog, and now I am horny.. but Great story, loved it........

Feb 5 @ 2:51PM  
Is this here the blog you were talkin about? if so.. yeah it worked the first time.. and it's workin the second time.. wonder how much trouble I would be in for molesting a customer?

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When you arrive home from work.........