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Going to the bathroom while your lover is in the shower

posted 1/10/2007 1:02:52 AM |
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This topic has been in my mind for years now. Let's say you're in the shower and your lover walks in and takes a dump or a piss. For me I would never allow that. To me that is one sure fire way of killing a marriage. I would honestly keep the door locked while I was in there. How many people would actually let their spouse or lover do that while they are in there taking a shower? How many people would actually share their toothbrush with their lover? I wouldn't share a toothbrush with my spouse or lover either, I think it's gross and no, I don't like someone else's germs.

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Jan 10 @ 1:38AM  
For me, I enjoy seeing my significant other pee. It shows a level of comfort. But I don't care to be in the bathroom after she takes a dump. have you seen what women eat? It ain't smell too purdy on the way out.

But she's usually in there with me enjoying the shower as well. Great place and time to experiment with golden showers.

Jan 10 @ 1:44AM  
It comes with time, my man. You'll see.
I'll be in there brushing my teeth, and my wife will walk in and take a piss. So, I get revenge by taking a shit while she's in the shower, then walking out and closing the door.
I find it best to do it when she barely gets into the shower to leave time for the full effect to be felt. Kinda like farting and pulling the covers over her head
Although, I've never pushed the limit by farting while getting head. That may have repercussions for years to come.
Sharing her toothbrush? That's just NASTY !

Jan 10 @ 2:34AM  
Don't you understand that a closed door to the bathroom means, "Hurry. Come in. I'm lonely? Oh, and can you leave the door open so all the cold air can come in too?" At least that was what my ex thought. Never mind that we had two bathrooms and I was in the bath, trying to read a book. Apparently he thought it was the perfect time to relieve himself and catch up on the day.

Jan 10 @ 2:38AM  
Get real guys! You will eat her pussy and let her go down on you; but you won't share tooth brushes.

Straddle,watch out for the crazy off thier meds psycho bitch women from hell.

Jan 10 @ 2:44AM  
Oh yes, over the last three days I have had my feel of that.

Jan 10 @ 2:52AM  

There are times when "using the facilities" while another is in the shower is necessary. (and times it is not) Flat out.
Now if u have 2 bathrooms that may be a different story.

I had to laugh a bit though at a previous post:
about 13 years ago, I would come home from a long day at work, and first off, would "go play a game of Tetris" (some people had books, at that time period, I kept a game boy in the bathroom)
The girl I was living with (who definitely does not understand the idea of "personal boundaries") would come up to the door, "Knock, Knock, Knock" and say in her high pitched, semi whiny voice..."Hi......(pause)....How was your day?.....(pause)....etc etc.....blah blah blah"
She could not even give my 5 minutes,,....(ok im a guy 15 minutes) of wind down time to myself after a long day......

The other funny adition, I am now (13 years later) Marrying her older sister.... ;) (she does not have the same issues TG)

Jan 10 @ 5:05AM  
Sorry to be a bitch, but does your shit not stick or something. what have you got to hide from your significant other. especially with a handle like stradle my nose, I gots some new for you . pussy's have all kinds of germs,......whooooo. do you practice safe sex....I bet not.....think about it......if your fortunate enough to have someone that special in your life , well then I hope you can afford a place with 2 bathrooms...cause if I gotta go....I am gonna break in if I

Jan 10 @ 5:14AM  
Actually I do practice safe sex, so you lose the bet, pay up! As for having a few special people in my life, yep, I have that too.

Jan 10 @ 5:27AM  
Crappin and shittin sure. Tooth brushes no.

Jan 10 @ 5:40AM  
one bathroom house/apt? well if i gotta go i'm going....and would expect her to do the same.....2 bathroom house/apt? then i'd probably use common curtesy n go to other one.......tooth brush? dude i'm gettin you help ..........i'm gona run my tounge ALL OVER HER BODY?? kiss her?? and i can't let her use my TOOTHBRUSH?? ummm long as she dont use it to scrub the commode

Jan 10 @ 5:46AM  
Ynot, what if she accidently dropped it in the toilet and she cleaned it off and put it away without telling you? Kinda reminds you of that Seinfeld episode.

Jan 10 @ 6:01AM  
Paranoia will destroy ya.

Jan 10 @ 6:06AM was a joke, Looking4now. Thought that I would add some humor to the mix.

Jan 10 @ 7:25AM  
i personally have a problem with people who barge in while i'm in the bathroom. The only people who have immunity to me getting pissed for the bathroom intrusion are my kids. I prefer to use the bathroom in peace. Now the shower on the other hand... as long as i invite you it's cool. The toothbrush issue, i judge on a case by case basis. If i'm willing to swap kisses with you, for the most part you're free to use my toothbrush, as long as you don't have horrible tooth disease... like 80 layers of plaque.

Jan 10 @ 7:44AM  
I figure if ya gotta go, then ya gotta go, especially if there is only one bathroom. Who knows, it just may lead to something more. As for toothbrushes…no problem, since you already had your tongue in her mouth at some point already. Her pussy (my favorite snack) has a lot more nasty germs than a toothbrush. And no, I like using my fingers instead of a knife and fork.

Jan 10 @ 7:44AM  
You know the honeymoon period is over when your SO uses the john while you shower.

As for toothbrushes? Dear gawd.. do you know what is ON a toothbrush? From your OWN mouth?? Puhleeze.. nothin your SO can do to your toothbrush is gonna make it more disgusting than it already is. You'd do better using an apple a day and some floss.. or a chewed willow branch to brush your teeth.. and then throw it away.

Yeah, I still use my toothbrush.. and if anyone else wants to use it.. as long as you don't have a body fluids transmittable disease.. it's all good.

Jan 10 @ 8:00AM  
when i was growing up, there were 8 people in my family and one and a half it was not uncommon to have someone in the tub, someone on the pot and someone brushing their teeth all at the same time...after i got married, my ex was taking a pee and i walked into the bathroom...he stopped midstream...LOLOL.....couldnt go with me there...eventually he became more comfortable, but the point is alot of it is in your upbringing and the level of comfort people have with these bodily functions...if you are with someone for a long period of time, you are bound to see them in all sorts of unpleasant conditions, being sick, injured, god, if someone watched me squeeze a human being out of my vagina, i would think they could see me pee....its all part of life...
but i have to say, no on the sharing toothbrush...

Jan 10 @ 9:32AM  
While i am in the shower a piss or dump is fine by me. I dont care. I have the curtain. But sharing toothbrushes - A big NO NO.

Jan 10 @ 11:11AM  
Sharing toothbrushes....YuuuuK....Im with Ponme....The Honeymoons over !!!!

Jan 10 @ 11:38AM  
It's common practice in my house, if my mom or I are in the shower or at the sink coming in to pee is no big deal. I wouldn't do that with my dad in the bathroom for obvious reasons. When i was married my husband and kids would come in to pee if i was in the shower, but then again it was pretty common that my husband and i would shower together. I think it has to do with how comfortable you are with another person/people. As for the toothbrush thing, as long as there aren't any diseases or open sores who cares? You'll stick your tongue down someones throat but they can't use your toothbrush?

Jan 10 @ 12:25PM  
I would share anything with my lover.....that's what it's all about....if your able to lick very part of their body,,,,,why not a rinse it after each use....but of course I haven't had to but once....I still would in any case...As for the rest room that's not a problem either...I think some people have issues about their bodies being seen naked,,,,broad day light....I have no problem with that each their own

Jan 10 @ 12:37PM  

If I want privacy, I lock the door...
If the door's not locked, enter if ya like and do what you want!
Sometimes, (especially when I was married), the ONLY privacy I could get was havin' a "sit-down" with good ole' "RD" and a smile!
I have my toothbrush and 3 or 4 fresh, NEW, still wrapped toothbrushes at the same spot. Most intelligent people will unwrap a new one and have at it (not like they cost a car payment or anything). Now, IF they ask, then use it, that's cool too, but unnecessary! IF I feel "MY" toothbrush and it's been used, NP, I'll throw it out and unwrap a fresh one.
TOO much other chyt in life to lose a heartbeat over then that. SO, I guess I just plan ahead a bit and have any circumstance covered.
DAMN, being practical is a biotch!


Jan 10 @ 5:06PM  
I dont mind if she uses the bathroom but yeah I have issues with the toothbrush I think being in the shower hearing her pee is kinda a big turn on for me

Jan 10 @ 5:29PM  
Okay, the pee is fine, but her taking a dump is totally out of the question when I'm taking a shower.

Jan 10 @ 6:04PM  
My ex used to talk to me on the phone when she took a piss and she leaves the door open when she uses the loo too! I told her she looked like a downhill skier (fortunately she saw the funny side of this comment). My sister has spoken to me on the phone whilst on the loo too (gross).

Jan 10 @ 6:39PM  
1 bathroom + 2 people =You do the math ! !

Jan 10 @ 8:24PM  
Well me thinks that the perponderance of the people have spoken - might as well get used to it. Hell, invite her in and have a good time with it. My ex would not only come in to pee but afterwords she would stand on the toilet and watch me shower until I realized she was there. Needless to say I heartily opened the shower and pulled her in. When she was in the shower and I came in to pee she would reach out and hold it for me, again it was 2 to a shower time. have fun dude, roll with it.

As to the toothbrush, who cares? How many times have you stuck your tongue down her throat already? Hasn't she nibbled a bit on you here and there (and you vice versa)? Unless she or you have a cold or flu or whatever bug is going around at the time, don't sweat it. Don't sweat the small things, get sweaty over the good things!

Jan 10 @ 9:58PM  
If she wanted to take a bath or shower with me, sure, we can do that.

Ashinatrx, too cute!

Jan 11 @ 10:53PM  

there are times you can not wait.... peeing is one thing but dumping is another..
and shareing the toothbrush is out.. no way no how.. i agree with hrrr there...

Jan 11 @ 11:35PM  
Wow...I'm way behind!!

One peeing while the other is showering? Doesn't bother me. Takin a shit is rude...jeez, gimme a minute to rinse and I'll be out!
Sharing a toothbrush in an emergency...doesn't bother me either. I don't know why some people think it's gross...don't you rinse your toothbrush before you use it?

**Down-hill skier? That's funny!!**

Jan 20 @ 10:58AM  
If i'm gonna suck his dick by george he can share a flippin toothbrush so i can get HIS hair outta my mouth

Jan 29 @ 4:23PM  
Lisa46.... you got a point there....

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Going to the bathroom while your lover is in the shower