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Why do we Stay here...on AMD?

posted 9/5/2010 6:26:41 PM |
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OK People...why do we stay here..?
It seems like Some are verrrrrrrry Unhappy here!
Why do "We" Leave...then come right back!!! (well some of us have done that!) I said WE...cause I have done it!! I've done it because..I was stressed out..and took things to Heart..that would have Normally Rolled off!!! That was my Bad!! It was not because I was Pissed at anyone!! I just realized..It wasn't you was me..that was causing Me to get Pissed off!!!!!! That's Stressed right there..!!!
Why do we Stay here..though some are saying that they almost hate it here?!!!
Why do you stay here?

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Sep 5 @ 6:31PM  
I stay coz I drink, and ya'll dont give a shit....hicup!!!

Sep 5 @ 6:31PM  
OK PPL..Please tell me,.... what can we do to make this a "Fun" Place again?!!!

Sep 5 @ 6:42PM  
I appreciate your concern, Alex, but there is nothing I can say that I haven't said before. No need in repeating myself.

Sep 5 @ 6:55PM  
hey your right brucey, no use in repeating yourself, the less we hear from you the better off we are, just my way of looking at it

Sep 5 @ 6:57PM  
Cause its funny how some people take this site and the blogs so seriously. I sneak around for the laugh when I am bored

Sep 5 @ 7:03PM  
Stuck around all these years cos it was entertaining, lately not so much. Not that I "hate" it here. Just not finding it all that amusing anymore. Only so many times you can skip over the bs posted by nobody's favorite anything, then there's the hater bullshit, that while I don't agree with at all, I just don't have the energy or the give a shit to dispute. Think that's the main thing these days, my give a damn's busted and I'm all out of give a shit

Sep 5 @ 7:10PM  
nobody's favorite anything

That was funny!!!!!!!!

He's the biggest problem on this site in my opinion! He's a fucking jackass! I wish he would threaten to leave and actually follow through!

I stay because of people like you Alex.... there are plenty of good people on this site... we just have to ignore what we don't like.... otherwise, it might make us want to leave.... waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

LRR...... she cracks me up sometimes!

Sep 5 @ 7:10PM  
I sneak around for the laugh when I am bored
Are you laughing at me again??


Sep 5 @ 7:23PM  
Why do you stay here?
Like I said in luna's blog, most people I like here and it helps break up my day too!

Not to mention the isometric exercising my fingers get from having to frequently click the little page numbers, to eventually come across a blog from a known blogger that makes sense! That helps a lot!


Sep 5 @ 7:59PM  
While AMD is nothing like it was in the old days...I still like to wander in and see what's going on. I've made some good friends here in Pervia, and enjoy popping in to see what's going on.

Yes, I do hope for a return of the insane fun it once was...but in the meantime, I will keep wandering in to see what's going on.

Sep 5 @ 8:14PM  
I leave because I can. I haven't checked the TOS for a long time but I think they won't let you come back for 48 hours...if that's wrong, don't tell me 'cause I don't wanna know. Yeah I get pissed royally sometimes and I cancel so I have that 48 hour period to cool down....mandatory and I'm stuck with it. I think it's a good rule and I don't understand for the life of me why everyone gets so up in arms over people who use skin off anyone's nose. They act like I've commited a violation against them personally and wear the fact that they've never cancelled like its a badge that we should all kiss their ass over.

Why do I come back? Cause I can.

Why do I stay? Only because I haven't broken the habit...yet. It's a place to hang. Writing is my bag and this affords that outlet although because of the "climate" here anymore I don't and won't blog the way I like. Helps me avoid cancelling again....and again and...well you know

I'm not on any other sites and don't care to be. I'd like to think I have friends here but in all actuality, I think I've stepped on too many toes to really be missed if I left permanently. I stay because I learn. I stay because its a habit. I stay for certain people that do mean something to me. I stay because occasionally this place believe it or not teaches me tolerance/patience and when all that fails....

I cancel.....

Sep 5 @ 8:25PM  
Cause I can.
So we are Your "Cause You can" friends?
I haven't broken the habit
Hell, you quit smoking!!! WTF?
Thx for letting me know how you are!!! Wow.... WTH?

Sep 5 @ 8:33PM  
Who the fuck knows...but it is kinda fun.....sometimes!

Sep 5 @ 8:36PM  
I'll tell ya one thing tho...I certainly don't stay cuz I wanna read a new fuckin crazy blog every 15 seconds....just sayin! If that aint enough to drive people away, I don't know what is....for fuck sakes!!!!! Are ya for fuckin real????

Sep 5 @ 8:38PM  
I've been here over 4 yrs I have made some awesome friends and have lost some of said friends. But when I decide to leave it will be of my choice. I pop over cause I can and I choose to go MIA cause I can But I do have email addy's or can find them when needed. And maybe someday I might Mr. Right here well at least maybe right now?

Sep 5 @ 10:42PM  
I came back cause I can usually find someone to talk about anything. Good bad or otherwise. Left because yhis palce was supposed to be causing alot of my relationship problems. WRONG I left here she left me I came back. So far I have picked up where I left off. Talking about everything. good bad or otherwise. This place is like a social club or bar. Everything goes until you get slapped down.

Sep 6 @ 2:26AM  
I stay...not that anyone cares...cause I can't hear your voices and if I could I would probably bitch slap some of you mother fuckers... ...opppsssssssss...did I say that??? just kidding!...seriously...I have loved you from the day I started and I still love ya's! You mean more to me than you will ever know. Hell...if I told you everything that has happened since would never beilieve me and never be bored...probably why I don't. I am not here to entertain ya all the time, but every now and then you let me...and that is fun for me. Now, you kids entertain me alot...and I love it. My neighbors...yes you are all loved... Thanks for the 3 or 4 plus years...cause I can't remember...and thanks for the memories...but I ain't gone yet...Hugs...and kisses and all around good wishes!

Sep 6 @ 5:11AM  
why do we stay ?
cos we can't find anywhere better

personally i only keep coming back to read the informative blogs by our favourite village idiot.

I stay coz I drink
it helps

Sep 6 @ 7:09AM  
I keep comming back here cause i enjoy reading some of the blogs & well to perv some Why dont they have a chatroom here... I think it would be nice?

Sep 6 @ 8:39AM  
I like it here.

Sep 6 @ 7:44PM  
I enjoy writing some blogs, and enjoy some of the friends I have on here.

Sep 6 @ 9:31PM  
To be honest... I just wanna fuck!!

Sep 7 @ 8:53PM  
I do leave.. all the time.. I was gone all weekend.. did you notice? I didn't think so.

I come back because some of the finest human beings I've met on the net are here. And a few who should have a sock stuffed down their throats.

Yup that's why... far as I know.

Sep 8 @ 2:02AM  
I stay because the local wildlife is cute, fuzzy and totally adorable. Well...maybe not all the wildlife...but some of them certainly are.

I mainly come to play...and hang out with my friends.

I also occasionally write a blog...where I ask a lot of random questions...cuz you peeps are really my test subjects for a book I'm secretly working on entitled "Peeps in Pervia".

If you believe ^^^ that ^^^^....I got a bridge for sale someplace in California.

Kudos on a cool blog topic OHT.

Sep 8 @ 6:12AM  
I come here for the SPAM ,it reads just like homade,Just like Mom used to make

Sep 8 @ 5:19PM  
i stay for the .........wait

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Why do we Stay here...on AMD?