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Ok, I know I wanted it to cool off

posted 9/4/2010 10:21:49 AM |
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tagged: weather

But this is a little bit too cool! It's only 55 degrees right now.

I know what some are thinking..."just can't be pleased"....wanna bet?

Actually, today isn't going to be all that bad. Supposed to get up to 67 today. But it is breezy today. I actually had to close my windows. My cat isn't too happy with that. He's laying on the back of a chair right now glaring at me. Spoiled brat. It will get back up into the 70's and 80's after today. But it is a reminder that Fall isn't too far away. Which means my bird will be "migrating" over to Mom and Dad's. They keep their heat on 70 while I keep mine around 60 to 63 during the day while home, and then turn it down to 58 at night or while I'm at work. See why I bitch about Winter? By doing that, I keep my utility bills below $200 during the winter months. Of course, according to the local news station here, they reported that the Farmer's Almanac for the 2010-2011 Winter season in this area to have mild temperatures with lots of snow. uggggg!!!! Lot's of snow????? I have got to teach these dogs how to shovel out a driveway. Or find a reasonably priced snow thrower. Snow thrower would probably be the better idea. One of my dogs sees a rabbit or........well, won't mention the other furry critter..but, if they see one...the race is on. Especially with the 4 Lab mixes. The German Shepherd could really care less...he prefers chasing the neighbors cats.

I'm going to try to stay positive this winter...thinking about all the fun I can have throwing snowballs for the dogs. I mean, if we're going to be getting a lot of snow....gotta at least find something fun about it. Now, if it turns out to be a bitter cold winter with little to no snow....I'm firing the Farmer's Almanac.

I wonder if that can be done?

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Sep 4 @ 10:43AM  
I wish you could fire them!! They aren't always accurate anyway, I mean, how can you be?? I hope it's not a bad winter.. I'm dreading it myself cause this place gets sooooooooooooo cold!! It's nice here today, I have my doors open and it's only supposed to get to about 80 here ahhhhhh... maybe I can get out and work in my yard without sweating to death!!!

Hope the weather is good for everyone else! Enjoy!!

Sep 4 @ 11:17AM  
I keep mine around 60 to 63 during the day while home, and then turn it down to 58 at night or while I'm at work.
That's the way I like it & didn't you know that's the best way get a little sex w/o having the trouble of asking for it. Yep !!! A sure fire method to get a mate under the covers with you.

Sep 4 @ 11:25AM  
Chilly and windy here too. And quiet. In fact it's a little nerve wracking to have it so absolutely still without the A/C's and fans running full tilt. I'd forgotten what outside noise sounds like.

I may go wash my car today. I ran it through the drive thru and it left those little "freckles" on the roof of it and some bird shit on the hood so it's off to the hand car wash. I want to get it waxed too. I'll need to take it somewhere where there's trees so I can do it out of the sun...I'm too slow and it dries too hard.

I don't mind the snow as much as I mind the bitter cold. I don't wanna tell you what my electric bill was here...makes me sick!! I'm beginning to think I'm not any better ahead here than anywhere else. My rent is low but my electric bill just screws it up to be a bargain to live here...

Sep 4 @ 12:26PM  
It is 73 right now with the forecast for the mid-eighties. That will make for a lovely evening to take in Robert Cray at the Bedford Blues festival this evening.

Sep 4 @ 12:58PM  
Speaking of temperature change from hot to cool that is a little freaky. Normally the cool weather comes to you but to pin point exactly where the temperature drops travelling from one location to another is a little eerie & bizarre. I was driving with my windows rolled down going to a job from where I lived to the next town over farther north here in Texas & I swear I could draw a line on the highway exactly where it turned from warm to cold almost like if you were to jump in a deep freeze all of a sudden. Everyone knows in Germany you can have all four seasons in one day but still that's the weather coming to you. I just found it interesting to find exactly where Jack Frost was standing on my little commute.

Sep 4 @ 1:08PM  
its Nice here.."Today"...Thank God!!!
But old man winter will be here before we know it!!!
Its less than 1 month till our Hunting Season Starts!!!

Sep 4 @ 1:42PM  
Just prepping us for Winter!

However... it IS too windy- we have our own little hurricane going here- I'll call it: Hurricane Pissey- Cat 0.25! I've already picked up two branches blown off one of my trees in the front yard and a neighbor a couple doors down, has two large branches cracked at the tree trunk, touching the ground! Nice... real nice!!


Sep 4 @ 2:23PM  
It is in the lower 80's here. It is absolutely spectacular!No humidity, just a light breeze. It will be like this tomorrow too and then back to 90. I have to work, so it really doesn't matter...but in the mean time, Talulah is in heaven...out and about the yard wondering where the heat went.

Sep 4 @ 2:36PM  
It's very nice outside right now here in my area. It's partly sunny at times with some big poofy white clouds up in the sky, with temp reaching around 72 f today. Tonight will be down to around 45 f. I love this crisp fall air.

Sep 4 @ 2:53PM  
at times with some big poofy white clouds up in the sky

POOFY??? That sounds so... so... 'dainty'! How about PUFFY clouds???


Sep 4 @ 3:00PM  
at times with some big poofy white clouds up in the sky

POOFY??? That sounds so... so... 'dainty'! How about PUFFY clouds???

When I said "poofy", I guess I was thinking about how a few people couple of years describe my mullet I had at the time.

Sep 5 @ 5:52PM  
It was colder than a Well diggers ass here this am!!! Fuck!!! I hope winter is late coming!!!

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Ok, I know I wanted it to cool off