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Has your son and/or daughter ever embarrassed you out in public?

posted 9/2/2010 4:04:40 PM |
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tagged: daughter, life, straddle, humor

My daughter woke me up today at 1:17pm with a phone call. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that I was still in bed. She then said that she was out back of my house, and asked me if i wanted to go to Walmart with her. I briefly debated it, and then said that I would go.

I got dressed and came on down stairs and met her outside. I told her that we can take my car, but she wanted to take her's, so we ended up doing that. What a mistake going that route. I found out that that car she recently bought didn't have air conditioner, and here it's about 95 f outside today.

Once we got there to Walmart, she went directly to the baby formula since she was going to do her WIC today. After that we went on to the phone cards (she uses that with her pre-paid cell phone tracker phone. Then looked at some DVD's where she loves the Showtime show "Dexter". After that we went to get her some shampoo and razors. Finally it was time to check out. We went to the 20 or less items, and then the real fun began.

She ran into some problems with the formula she got. What happened was the company that makes the milk formula changed their lable look and design. This cause the young cashier some confushion, so she ask for some assistance from some of her older co-workers and supervisor. They all pretty much were on board with each other thinking the items didn't match what was on her WIC card(s). My daughter then started getting a little frustrated and extremely pissed as she kept telling them that she's been using this same formula for the last 8 months and always had no problem getting this same exact formula at this store. When the supervisor and a couple of other co-workers were off trying to work this out by getting this confusion straightend out, my daughter then started heckling the young cashier by staying that she doesn't know what it's like to have a son starving at home, and not having to depend on WIC. She then started running her mouth saying to this cashier that she just wanted her break. The young cashier remained very professional and respectful as my daughter continued running her mouth. I tried to calm my daughter down but she wouldn't listen. After it was all over with they went ahead and let her get the items on her WIC. The supervisor went ahead and took over the registered while the young cashier went on her break.

The supervisor then told my daughter that she needed to contact WIC and have them make some changes to her WIC cards since the company made some changes with breaking down three different types of formula they sell and started separating the formulas by their labels now.

We began to leave and I stayed back for a few seconds so I could tell the supervisor to tell the young cashier that I'm very sorry, and am very embarrassed by how my daughter handled all this with "talking down" to them and not being more respectful than she was.

My daughter saw that and said, "what did you do, apologize to them?". I said yes, I did actually. I told her that I didn't want her to think I was undermining her, but that I did think that she was very rude to the young cashier. I went on to explain that when I worked at Festival Foods (use to be a major grocery chain), I and others have to be careful with the WICS and had to always make sure everything was listed right, and that the items matched up perfectly on them when people used them.

This was part of my afternoon with my daughter.

So, Pervia, has your kid (s) ever embarrass you out in public, and if so, lets hear all the juicy details if they have done this.

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Sep 2 @ 4:25PM  

Not my kids, but my little brother embarrassed my mother one time. We had gone camping and there were no restrooms around and my little brother had to pee. She told him to pee on that tree she pointed too. He didn't want to do it outside. So everyone chimed in and told him it was okay to pee on the tree.
Well the next day he was playing in the front yard with some neighbor hood kids
and had to pee. So he walked to the tree in the front yard and started peeing on it.
My mother was in shock, because a lot of the neighbors were out in there front yards watching.

Sep 2 @ 4:30PM  
Well, Sraddle, I feel that you manned up and showed the girl what she needed to see. I'll give a kudo for that!!! There are simply some kids that look in the mirror and see the center of the universe...not.

My daughter never embarrassed me in public as an adult, per se. But she embarrassed her mother and I in her propaganda and spin doctoring to our friends and her mother's family. She would never flat out lie, but rather seemed like Joseph Goebbels. She would just selectively leave out important parts of the truth. After a while once, people got what Paul Harvey called, "The rest of the story". there was damage control, but damn, the kid was good at the game...for a while.

She is now 35 and a very good mother and person. She admits to and has apologized to her mother and myself for "being a con". We are very close.

Sep 2 @ 5:17PM  
Yes lol he must of heard me say things He was about 5 and in my shopping cart while we were at the grocery store. When we got in line there was a gorgeous girl in front of me. So as usual I was staring at her reaching in taking things out of her cart. It was summer she was in short shorts with great legs. Al of a sudden my son says kind of loud, hey dad does hse have an nice ass? Oh I could of died, but it turned out cool she was nice

Sep 2 @ 5:57PM  
hell, where do you want me to start ??
kids these days they should be more perfick like their parents

Sep 2 @ 6:39PM  
ok strad, as you may know, i worked at our local health dept for over 10 years....i know everything there is to know about WIC...WIC is a very complacated process..

.i swear, i worked there for 5 years before i was really really comfy printing WIC checks....WIC can confuse anyone...hell, its's confusing.

i also worked at KMART before that, 13 I know WIC!

sorry to say this, but your daughter should spend a few years working on her feet, and having to answer for why she took WIC checks that were invalid....all the store can do at that point is write off the charges...

Or she could spend a few years listening to screaming babies, watching girls have child after child, each with a new baby daddy...and print WIC checks...she needs a reality check. glad im not bitter...

Sep 2 @ 7:13PM  
Nope. Well behaved as always because of the fact my mom would've tore my ass another color if I acted up in the store. That's all.

Sep 2 @ 7:14PM  
Yep ..... was going to see specialist and had my son who was about 4 years old with me ... we were sitting in the waiting room which was rather full.

A lady sat down about 6 chairs from me and my son pipes up and says, at the top of his lungs!!

"Mommy, look at the FAT LADY!!!" and points his finger at the lady that just sat down. (She was large, probably about 300 lbs)

If I could have cut a hole through the carpeting and floor and escaped, I would have!!!

Anyways, in a quiet voice, I explained to my son that it was rude what he had done and that it was improper. I talked until I thought he understood. Not 5 minutes went by and I hear,

"Mommy, look at the FAT LADY!!!" and points his finger at the lady that just sat down.

Well, I gave up, took my son's hand and walked over and sat by the lady and gave her my sincere apologies .... she was very kind about it.

Sep 2 @ 7:23PM  
I don't have kids of my own....unless I can count my dogs. They're good at embarrassing me.

Like, driving down the road with the windows open, have Sasha with me, and she sees someone on a bike and goes into a barking fit. For her being the more petite pooch...she's the loudest. She has this bark that sounds like it comes from deep within her....and it's loud! Or the time I'm trying to talk to the neighbor, and Buddy hears us, and he starts to howling, yes, howling, cause he doesn't like to be left out. Or, stopping at the gas station to put gas in the Jeep, had Tazz with me, and when I got out of the Jeep, she jumped out with me! Brat made me chase her two laps around the Jeep before I got smart, turned around, and headed the other way and caught her.


Sep 2 @ 7:42PM  
Don't have any or none that I know about but other peoples kids annoy the fuck out of me to the point of wanting to slap the shit out of the parents because it's really their fault & not the kids. If I did have kids they couldn't bother me in public for one nothing really embarrasses me because I'm a nut myself ( ) imagine that ( ) & two if I did it would only happen once cause I'd put that ass in check real quick.

Sep 2 @ 7:54PM  
In a word... No!!


Sep 2 @ 9:05PM  
When my son was just learning "potty training" I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving in the largest shopping mall in that part of the state. I was with my mother, aunt, and a cousin. My son couldn't go potty with any clothes on his body anywhere. All of a sudden, he had to go potty. I take him to the men's room and go into the stall with him, he looks me in the eye and says "I'm a big boy now, I'll do it myself. So I said OK and left the stall. I had to relieve myself so I was standing at one of the urinals. Just as I finished and turned around, I see a little bare ass going out the door. Sure enough, it was him. I was out the door after him in a flash. Did I mention that it was the day AFTER Thanksgiving Day and the busiest shopping day of the whole year. I chased him almost the entire length of the mall before finally catching up with him. It's a good thing that he was my only hope for grandchildren or I might have killed him on the spot.

Sep 2 @ 9:19PM  
why she took WIC checks that were invalid....
The WIC cards that she had were not invalid, or they wouldn't have conceded the items to her. Just a minor mishap on the government not updating the actual item(s) on her current WIC cards, and the company changing their label adding to the confusion.

sorry to say this, but your daughter should spend a few years working on her feet, and having to answer for why she took WIC checks that were invalid....all the store can do at that point is write off the charges...

Or she could spend a few years listening to screaming babies, watching girls have child after child, each with a new baby daddy...and print WIC checks...she needs a reality check.

She knew what she was doing as far as throwing a tantrum and making a big stink about it. When I saw the smile on her face at different times when she looked back at me after having her say to them about all of this, and making threats about taking her business elsewhere, I knew she knew better.

Sep 2 @ 9:42PM  
I remember embarasing my mom in Cherokee N.C. when I was about 45. We were in one of the shops and they had those drums you allways got when you was a kid.
There we were mom,me and my aunt and uncle from Fla. I remembered my mother taking my drum when I was a kid so I decided to get her to buy me a new one. I pitched a 5 year olds fit. Went as far as to lay down on the floor and kick my feet and scream. It was funny as hell and I got me a drum.
Poor old woman turned all different shades of red .
She passed away four years ago this mo. I miss her.

Sep 2 @ 9:43PM  
Two embarrassing situations occurred at the grocery store.

When my son was 5...he loved the grocery store aisle with all the toys a lot. My rule was…you can look...but I ain’t buying. Well...he saw this toy he just had to have and I wouldn't budge. My answer was a very firm "No". So I guess he decided to try a different approach. He quite literally threw himself down in the middle of the aisle…and started kicking and screaming at the top of his lungs. I was livid. I gave him until the count of 10 to get his ass off the floor…and when that didn't work...I picked him up…threw him over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes...and carried him straight out of the store. On my way to the parking lot...I told the store manager he could find an entire shopping cart of food on aisle so-and-so...and that I was really sorry...but I wasn't about to subject their employees or customers to my son’s tantrum.

The store manager was quite appreciative…and very understanding since he had to restock all the food in my cart. My son was less than appreciative when we got home…because it was on of the very few times he got spanked.

The other situation occurred when my son was 3. He was having a very tough time pronouncing certain words that began with certain letters…specifically the letter F. So one day…when we were in the frozen section of the grocery store…my son spies the fish sticks…and being the fish stick lover that he is…he promptly tells me in a VERY LOUD voice…”Don’t forget the piss Mom!” I think he repeated this same sentence 3 or 4 times. Of course…there were tons of people standing around…and they all heard my darling child loud and clear.

Needless to say…I finished my shopping rather quickly and made a quick exit.

If I leave the grocery store setting…I could probably write a book about my son’s antics. Like the time he decided Maxi Pads made great beds for his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. Yes Pervia…I came into his room to find an entire box of Maxi Pads taped to his bedroom floor…and an action figure lying on each of the different pads. Of course…I laughed my ass off because it was freakin’ funny. But of sweet son just had to pull this stunt on a day when I decided to invite two of my friends over for coffee.

Gesssh…I have numerous stories. Most are from when my son was being silly or goofy…because my son is a huge jokester. I have very few embarrassing stories of when he was just being naughty.

Sep 2 @ 11:08PM  
Like the time he decided Maxi Pads made great beds for his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. Yes Pervia…I came into his room to find an entire box of Maxi Pads taped to his bedroom floor…and an action figure lying on each of the different pads.
Now this part is funny. I was laughing my ass off reading this.

Sep 3 @ 5:45AM  
I'm sure mine did...but yanno....They are very much like the Tree that they Fell from(meaning ME and their Mom!)!

Sep 12 @ 1:33AM  
I know what you're going through, I went to my daughters elementary school for an open house and while I was talking to the principal about a fundraising opportunity two women came in hollaring at each other. Supposedly one women accidently hit another woman's kid with a stroller while trying to chase after her son. Anyways my girls and I were standing there while these two women were cussing at each other and thretening to beat each others ass in the parking lot. One woman's mother was trying to shut her up while the principal was trying to get them both to calm down. I looked down at my girls who were watching these women act like children and my blood started to boil. I explained, loud enough for the other two women to hear me, to my girls that sometimes adults act really stupid in places they should know better to act stupid at. I looked at the two women with a stern glare and they were at a loss for words. One left while the stayed but avoided me the rest of the tiime we were there.

Sep 12 @ 1:39AM  
I don't have any kids...but some of the parents have embarassed themselves before...

Sep 13 @ 5:25PM  
Yeah my oldest son 22 years old and in full army uniform mooned his grand mother in KROGERS on a friday during peak shopping time

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Has your son and/or daughter ever embarrassed you out in public?