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Dear Pervia…

posted 9/2/2010 12:41:09 AM |
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tagged: blogging, life, amd, thoughts

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit scarce over the last few days…but someone harshed my mellow Sunday evening...and I’ve been trying to get my panties out of a knot ever since.

So here I sit on a Wednesday evening…trying to sort through my feelings…and make some sense out of why I’m feeling the way I do.

I came to Pervia quite by accident a year ago…and thought the neighborhood looked very interesting…so I signed a short-term lease…and set out to get to know my neighbors. I ultimately decided I loved the neighborhood…so I bought a lil’ house…and moved in.

The neighbors were awesome…
Luna & Softie co-wrote a funky little piece for the Pervia Gazette announcing my arrival…and the whole neighborhood showed up to help me settle in…and just really made me feel a part of the neighborhood.
OHT fixed my floor cuz it had a leak…
Sugar, Whispering Comet & Lvrgrl helped me clean up the house…
Pink found out I liked pink…and brought over a few pink knick knacks. Note: Tell Pink I have enough pink things.
Skwirl made a nekid statue for my front lawn…
Somnium, RevDoc, Straddle, Max49, and Ynot helped with the furniture…
Flavor, WoW and Purple Prophet helped paint the walls. Note: Tell PP I don’t need any more purple paint.
Ewe_Wish, L4E and RJ helped me unpack…
Tassie mowed the lawn…
Night shared a poem he had written…
Bunny, Lisa46 and LBS brought over some refreshments….
Girlcountry & Casuallylooking showed up with some tasty treats…
And Sunshine gave me a discount code for some free sex toys…just in case.

For the most part…I’ve loved my stay in Pervia. The neighbors were quirky…fun…and very endearing. And the atmosphere most days was happy and carefree. Yet…it seemed whenever I wrote certain types of blogs…I inadvertently caused a ripple effect in the ole’ Pervia wading pool.

The thing that most of the residents residing in Pervia should realize by now is when it comes to me…what you see is what you get. I love harmony…and happiness…and feel good moments. I love to play…have fun…laugh…and I love it…love it…love it when everyone joins in with the fun.

So when I post blogs asking your opinion…I’m not trying to stir the pot…leave someone out…or make anyone feel bad about them self. I’m actually trying to achieve just the opposite…which is to include the whole neighborhood. Yanno…kind of like it’s a laid back Saturday afternoon…and we all spontaneously decided to play beer pong…or nekid charades in the backyard.

Apparently…I’m a slow learner...or a rebel…depending on how you view the situation...because I continue to ask Pervia’s opinion on subjects…and people. Who knew opinions were a bad thing…or a popularity contest to make people feel bad about them self?

I guess I’m a bit naïve…or slow…because I really didn’t know.

My latest endeavor has been viewed by some as a potential time bomb (my words…not theirs) and I thought I was embarking on something kewl and different.

I’m quite fond of Pervia…but I think the unwritten rules are a bit hard for me to follow right now…or maybe I’m walking to a completely different beat. I’m not really sure what the problem is at this moment…or if there really is a problem.

Continued in the comments.

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Sep 2 @ 12:43AM  
What I do know is that I’m starting to think that maybe instead of changing my shape to fit Pervia…maybe I should rethink my mortgage. However…since the market is really slow right now…and I don’t have a buyer just yet…and I’d hate to be too hasty…I’m thinking I will stick around… and continue on with my style of blogging for the time being…or at least until someone kicks me out on my arse.

So to anyone who has decided to read this blog…and inadvertently got their feelings hurt by one of my past blogs because they weren’t picked…or named as a favorite something-or-other…I’m truly sorry.

I believe that in life we can choose to view things from two different perspectives. With me…I tend to see the positive side of things…and completely ignore the negative side.

I can’t say I’m going to change anytime soon. I’ve been this way since I was a kid…so the chances of me changing at this time are slim-to-none at best. But here’s the thing…I like myself…and I don’t really want to change. I sure hope the feeling is mutual.

So Pervia…I’m going to ask you a favor right now…and I hope you’re game. Can you look at my blogs and see the lighter side of things? Can you play with your heart and not with your head…and just have FUN? Can you join in and just be…without over thinking your answer?

Now…I’m going to ask you to go a little further. Can you try to forget the past? Can you give someone in the neighborhood a compliment without wondering where your compliment is in return? Can you accept the fact that not everyone is able to visit Pervia every day…and not get upset when someone doesn’t pick you on an opinion blog…or comment on your latest blog?

I know…it’s a very tall order isn’t it? But I think you peeps are up to the task. Don’t you?

Sep 2 @ 1:38AM  
Whew!!!... For a minute there, I thought you were leaving and that would have been a real shame!

but someone harshed my mellow Sunday evening...

Ya know Kathy, ya just can't please everyone in whatever you do in life- writing blogs is no exception! There will always be some crack-pot out there that, for whatever reason(s), will make derogatory statements- maybe they didn't like the subject or the way it was presented or whatever! But that's their problem!

I personally like your blogs- I don't see them as trying to "stir the pot" or being opinionated or anything like that! I think you're going to find that most people like your blogs and like you- I know I do! The ones that have negative comments to say about anyone's blogs and/or comments, [which seems to be the jist of what you're saying- to me anyway] should make their displeasure known privately! In my mind, people that habitually make comments like that in others blogs, are still a work in progress when it comes to maturing up!

I hope you don't change to conform to the few- just be yourself as you've always been and write what you're interested in at the time and just consider the source it came from, when a negative comment is made! You can always delete a comment if you wish! It's your blog- write what you want and feel!

Now go and have a great day tomorrow!


Sep 2 @ 2:01AM  
I get it, and I am here for the same reason, but you weren't here to offer me good will when I first started bloggin. Thanks to Softie and Luna you were made to feel at home. Whew...I am glad they showed up cause I am sure glad I didn't miss out on meeting you here!
I love your blogs. the last one, ya picked me. Everyone here should know I don't feel like I am more important than the others. I wouldn't be able to be me if they weren't them. I can't express that enough. One without the other makes the neighborhood a dull place. We are one, and one for all.
Funny Som was the first to comment. I was thinking of bloggin the next "what's your opinion of..." and it was going to be him. What a coinkydink...don't ya think?
Anyway...don't let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't do. I am grown and so are you and here we can be what ever you want. He will ust have to learn to play or not, and we all know some just ain't gonna play. Holier than though attitudes get holier and more holier...and soon...their panties just rot away!
Hugs and kisses and puppy wiggles! M

Sep 2 @ 3:13AM  
Som is absolutely right. One of those key things he mentions in his comment is you can't please everyone on here. There are a few people on here that do seem to bring out the worst in people.

You always bring so much quality to the blogs, along with such a positive energy, and I wouldn't want to see you change your style. Alot of people I have noticed also enjoy your blogs by participating in them, while having fun while doing so.

Kudo for the message, and a very well written blog!

Sep 2 @ 3:26AM  

I think Som said it as well as anyone can. But when you stop and think about it.
Kathy You can't leave. When OHT fixed your Floor, He told me he super glued your feet to it. I won't go into a big song and dance here, because I can't write as well as most of you. But you are part of Pervia now. And Pervians don't leave. At
least not for long. I enjoy your blogs.

Sep 2 @ 3:28AM  

Darn. I forgot to leave a kudo for your blog.............. Or was that for Murph being nekid.

Sep 2 @ 4:53AM  
My dear neighbor I love having you here! It was so nice of you to bring me soup while I was ill and its nice to know you are always next door. I may not say it, but I appreciate you more than you know. Like most families some people make more of a sentence than others. Which is why I ignore them or send a private email. Chin up my dear and if it gets to bother you to much just give LBS or Skwirly a call and they will beat up the offenders

Sep 2 @ 7:00AM  
When did you start wearing panties..?..I thought Mort had them.....I get so confused...

oh and as I always about what ever the fuck you want about what ever the fuck you want to....

this is Pervia....we dont have any rules here...except...dont wear panties

Sep 2 @ 10:03AM  
By all means, blog about whatever you wish. There will always be people who don't share your viewpoint or enthusiasm. That is to be expected. You also have little or no control over how they feel or react. But how one chooses to respond or react to dissension is very much within their control.

In some way, it may be best for a person to separate themselves from their perspective and not take things personally. Rarely is anything expressed that should be taken personally. Someone may not agree or be critical of an idea, but it should be realized that the subject they are speaking to is the idea, not you as an individual.

Besides, at the end of the day in the grand scheme of things, how important is it?

Sep 2 @ 10:19AM  
A few years back I was the same way.... hurt peeps feelings and all.. I just learned to let it roll off me.. And just kept blogging....
You are a part of our family you can't leave.....

Sep 2 @ 10:34AM  
I've painted for a little while to make ends meet once upon in my life.
nekid charades in the backyard.
Yipee !!!! We get to see a live demonstration with the sex toys.

Sep 2 @ 4:43PM  
Want me to bite em?

Sep 2 @ 6:33PM  
dammit, will someone turn off that background violin music

Tassie mowed the lawn…

if you want your strip mowed and it needed some attension I did offer anytime y'know, as long as I got a feed I'd be happy.

but i'm not weeded them damn rose bushes
they remind me too much of real life , occassionally you get to smell the roses, but then your reminded of all the pricks in the background and that wonderful smell you recieve from those flowers.... originated from that pile of horseshit it took to grow them in the first place.
* bet you never look at roses the same way again

oh and don't worry about those other comments, you can't help it being infactuated with a ruggedly handsome bronzed Aussie, after all , your only human I guess
now stop pervin on my ass, ppl are starting to get idea's.

Sep 2 @ 7:05PM  
Kit...don't you dare think about leaving us!!!! I love your blogs. And I happen to look forward to reading them. Besides, I'd miss ya.

One thing I learned about blogging here in Pervia is, you are not going to please everyone. There are going to be the occasional blog that will bomb. Been there, done that myself. Moved on.

One of the great things about Pervia, the diversity. I take it all in knowing that each and every one of us is different, and has our own views and likes/dislikes. I have since learn to grow a thick hide when it comes to blogging I said, and Som are not going to please everyone. We all have differing tastes. And one of the great things about our little neighborhood here, we can "agree to disagree"....well, for the most part.

oh...and I promise...if you try to sell your share of Periva and leave us.....I'll make your little "home" look as unappealing to a newcomer as I can!

Sep 2 @ 11:13PM  
Alright! Kat- You are a fantastic writer...that was a great read....I love how you seem to put such great thought into what you write.....

In my my lousy should NEVER change who you are to conform to what someone else NEEDS from you. Thats kinda fucked up if you ask me! But, we all have our issues...and ultimately it's up to us to figure out how to deal with them. I don't know the inside track on this deal, but...seems to me that their behavior is a reflection on themselves.....and for whatever reason can't deal with shit in a reasonable's on them....keep doing what you do and being who you are.... You seem like good people to me! And I'm thinkin I'm right about what I think too!

Sep 3 @ 5:39AM  
I don't know the inside track on this deal
So... How about a "Group" hug?
Blog On!!!!

Sep 3 @ 8:16PM  
BTW..Wanna fuck?

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