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A Blog Series – Your Opinion of 1Bunny

posted 8/29/2010 8:56:55 PM |
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tagged: fun, friends, people, life, amd

I got the idea for this blog series from Ms. Sunshine...who asked for Pervia’s opinion of her back in March of 2009. I loved this blog…and decided it might be fun for someone to highlight a different Pervia blogger each week…since we have some awesomely kewl bloggers residing in Pervia.

So without further adieu…let’s talk about everyone’s favorite Bunny. She’s a whirlwind of emotion exploding onto the keyboard. Sometimes her keyboard cooperates…sometimes it doesn’t. But I think Bunny’s keyboard fits her to a tee…because with Bunny…you never know what she will say next. But with her…you know it will be cute…and funny…and delightful…and sincere…yanno…Bunny.

My friendship began with Ms. Bunny back in October of 2009. I had been here maybe 6 weeks (total newbie) and I was trying to get Bunny to spill the beans about some of her more embarrassing moments that might have occurred during a date. She teased me…but never spilled the beans. But it didn’t really matter because she had made an impression that evening. After that…we would swap emails back and forth on occasion...keeping up on each other's lives as much as we could. But it wasn't until January of this year...when I really got to know Ms. Bunny well. You see...I got quite sick (flu) during the winter...and she was quick to email me for updates about my health…and just generally make me feel loved and appreciated. She was a total sweetheart.

I definitely know that if we were real-life neighbors…I would be over each and every day trying to borrow a cup of sugar…even if I had some …just so I could see her bright and smiling face.

So this blog is for you Ms. Bunny. I sincerely hope you receive back...just as much love each and every day as you give out.

Please feel free to leave comments about our favorite Bunny…and stay tuned next week…when I will shine the spotlight on another talented and much loved Peep residing in the city limits of Pervia.

Your turn...

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Aug 29 @ 9:18PM  
That woman is a hoot!!!!!!!!! She's funny! She's beautiful!! Down to earth but will tell you what she thinks in a heartbeat!! And she's so kind when she does it too! Or should I say, she's very diplomatic!!!! I even complimented her on that in a blog once... she liked it too!
She's one of the most real people on this site... .. Sally bar the door when you ask her for her opinion!!

All in all... she's great!! And we all know it!

For you Murhpy!

I can only give one kudo unfortunately but I'm going to pretend I'm giving two! But I'm not faking it... promise!

Aug 29 @ 11:33PM  
Dropping by to give a kudo great idea for a blog.. Wishing I could give one to Bunny... She is great...

Aug 30 @ 12:16AM  
Murphy is great. She's very friendly and laidback. I enjoy her humor from time to time with her comments on various blogs. Her personality is very pleasant, and I'm glad she's a friend of mine. I enjoy seeing her late at night when I'm on.

Cheers to you, Murph!

Kudos, Kat, for an awesome blog idea!

Aug 30 @ 12:23AM  
Well... after watching several catastrophic events happening to our planet today, (you know- your various giant asteroids and meteorites slamming into Earth and our Sun appearing to go Super Nova and destroying our planet kind of things), I thought I would take a break and see what's up with AMD.

So, here I am commenting in your blog about 1Bunny! I've read her comments and her blogs! I think she sent an email on a comment I made once, in one of her blogs saying something to the effect that my comment was "kinda s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g it a little." Unfortunately, I don't recall, what it was I said- oh wait... that's politicianese talk- so solly!

Anyway, my point is, I find her humorous quips are a welcome addition to AMD's bloggers!


Aug 30 @ 12:44AM  
I just cried...what a surprise! I feel very honotrd!. Thank you for such sweet mentions! Hugs to you all and Kit...I feel the same about you!...ya must have known my day was not the day or weekend I wanted it to be and I needed to know I was loved....thank you honey! ...if my spelling is off, I am hacing a hard time with my eyes...

Aug 30 @ 12:49AM  
I'm embarassed....going to lay down and watch a movie now...thanks again....

Aug 30 @ 3:37AM  
I see Bunny as a wonderfully big hearted.... Sweet, Sexy, Beautiful from the Inside out "LADY"
She can be a Ball of Fire.... !! A little "Spunky" (that's what turns me own!!! )

If she lived next door....OMG...... I would make a fool out of myself daily . (Until she told me to "Fuck Off"!!! )

Aug 30 @ 4:12AM  
hmmm, yeah I s'pose she's ok in small sporadic doses, but she won't put out on first dates though...

runs off to hide in the blogs before she nails my ass to the wall an bitch slaps me clean into next week.

she nows i lubs her

Aug 30 @ 7:39AM  
Bunny is warm, friendly, I love her sense of humor and I also love that she isn't afraid to tell ya how it is.

Aug 30 @ 8:30AM  
I like Bunnys sense of humor....which shines through even if she's having a bad day.

I love to read her comments on blogs...always makes me laugh!

Lubs ya, Bunny!

Aug 30 @ 10:12AM  
Murph is one of the kindest, sweetest women around. She is also beautiful, sexy and just plain HOT!!! Cheers Murph!!! Here's a kudo for ya Kit. Great blog!!!

Aug 30 @ 10:20AM  
Well...I don't know her as well as some of you do...but from what I have learned so far...she is quite a doll. Kat, I think I agree...If she were my neighbor, I would love to sit on the patio and sip coffee and chit chat all morning! I love to do that kind of thing!

What a sweet thought Kat!

Aug 30 @ 11:11AM  
Murph is holds barred, no strings attached and although a little on the high strung side, a lady who can nail your ass to the wall in short order, she has one of the biggest hearts on here. Her sense of humor is quick, her sense of privacy is to be admired...a lady of quiet mystery.

She could use a new keyboard leans to typos.....

Love ya Murph!!!

Aug 30 @ 12:15PM  
IMHO Bunny is one of the finest ladies I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know. She's got heart, our Bunny, and soul and is just absolutely adorable. I love knowing that she's not going to sugar coat stuff but will let you know if you are out of line.


Aug 30 @ 1:45PM  
hmmmmmmmmm....I can't wait to come up with comments for this blog....but, I am going to have to.

Aug 30 @ 3:10PM  

Sweet, charming, Beautiful, loving, gracious, witty, funny at times, and only loves the big ones.
But that's okay. I love her any how.

Aug 30 @ 5:34PM  

Aug 30 @ 6:02PM  
I've been fortunate enough to get to know bunny over the years through blogs and some emails. She has always had a kind word when I needed to hear one. She has always been supportive of any decision I felt I needed to make. She is funny. She is sweet. She kinda exactly what you would look for in a person you wish to let into your life in any way. She is a beautiful woman inside and out and I wish her all the happiness in the world. The best thing I can say about her is....she has been a true friend!

Aug 30 @ 7:23PM  
Three cheers for Bunny
hip hip hooray....hip hip hooray.....hip hip hooray
psst who's bunny I dont know,I thought you knew

Aug 30 @ 7:40PM  
I am really nobody, but some think I am ya have to respect that, or at least I do, because they are the ones who care and that makes me feel good about me...and that's ok. I am here for you kids and am glad you have been here or me...thank you, from the bottom of my heart...I love ya right back!
Someone told me once that only a friend can tell you when you have dirt on your face. I believe it, but I only tell you when I think that the others that are looking will judge you for it. Most here won't, and I definitely won't. Now if you are just plain stupid and a using type personality then I might call it what it is, but truly when it gets down to the nitty gritty of it...if you aren't affecting me and my air then...I really don't care....and then there re the types that just don't care...or just won't hear...and then their is me, who cares, but don't always want to hear!
My typos? I don't need a new key board. I don't type well. Sometimes I review my messages and sometimes I don't. The mistakes are all mine...nothing to blame but me. I get to pic next weeks blogger hoorah??/ I think that would be fun. Love to you all, even the ones who didn't comment. I know you're out there and I give you kudos for saying nothin at all...

Aug 31 @ 3:03AM  
oop! here you are? i'm scrolling down the blogk thinking whooooos bunny1?
and I get to the bottom here and look up! there she is! its like the Brady Bunch!
the bradyyyy bunchhhhhhhhh the brady bunchhhh:

Everybody all together nowjavascript:emoticon(''); the braaaaadyyy bun......
ha- i don't know bunny yet but I'm going to definitely look into it! And honey* he looks over head, above him* ans says... honey bunny i fell ya. i get laughed at about it and mis-understood allll the time. I say f em all. Ya with me?

worst case scenario theres about 100 people on this train that think something about you- for one, even I know your a funny bunny and for 2 now there's a 101 people on this train and it looks like I'm the Engineer. Sit back,. I got this. Hey, wanna pull the chain and hear me(oops) (tourette's of the hand) whistle Dixie?
pun intended
Think about it. Your partner has tourette's of the hands!?javascript:emoticon('');
* looks back over his shoulder and yELLS! (oop)-(c?) yo bun! that'll get the cattle back there rustling!
i so funny xo

.ps-hope i run into you again bunny-gday-this is my stop *grins-all proud of his witty reparte'* sum1s got to like me : ))))

Aug 31 @ 1:48PM  
Oh Lord..... ...

Sep 1 @ 11:35PM  
Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments and most excellent participation Pervia. It was very much appreciated.

Sep 2 @ 4:55AM  
how nice!! Yeah Ms. Bunny is a special creature and you couldn't have chosen a better one to start.

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A Blog Series – Your Opinion of 1Bunny