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An email to a friend, former AMD member

posted 8/29/2010 11:17:17 AM |
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I think that OHT's sojourn from Virginia to Tennessee to help PTN really illustrates and underlines the essence of Pervia. The efforts of this man among men illustrates why it will not die regardless of blog content.

Like many, I have remained in contact with the pals that I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know that have blown off AMD: Good people that have their personal reasons for withdrawing.

But I wanted to share with everyone parts of a conversation I had today with an AMD expatriate. I think it gets down to the crux of Pervia and its value, more importantly to the quality of the people who reside here and their value.

I think over the next few months you are going to see more and more leave. It seems to be an ongoing trend. Maybe it is the end or just a changing of the guard. At this point it does not really matter which it is.

Doing my analyst thing, I agree to a point. I think that it will level out at where it is currently. As long as the the core group have their camaraderie, they will not abandon the site. There is too much investment and friendship embedded. As an example, OHT traveled 300 miles recently to do handyman work for PTN around her place out of the goodness his heart. No hanky panky. That is the core of the essence of Pervia, good people that are true friends that not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. This is not not the first time this has happened, just ask Dayna.

Is it a sex site? That is certainly debatable. But, regardless of the answer to that question, there is far more depth and value to Pervia than that. Some may not see the forest for the trees, but that does not mean it isn't seen, felt, and appreciated by those that know. The essence of the good, real people will endure and be, as it has, the bedrock of the site. That is why it will survive and continue to be viable for good people to come together.

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Aug 29 @ 11:57AM  
Which is why after 10 long years I keep hangin around. I may not always be a visible participant, but I'm still here.

Aug 29 @ 12:01PM  
as with any group, there is a core, and that core will grow smaller with time. then it is slowly replaced as people in the center check out for good. eventually, it changes completely and a new bunch resides where the old bunch used to. the directions, and sentiments will also change, as the people do. a younger bunch will take over, and the things we deemed important to us, may not be to them.

change, yes it is inevitable, but the directions of those changes, we can't decide. that will be up to the ones that replace us.

and btw, am i now considered part of the core, even if i don't blog every day???

Aug 29 @ 12:09PM  
Good blog Bruce! I am ever so grateful for OHT that he came down here... it was VERY nice of him and he came here with no expectations of sex. There are many that consider this a sex site and nothing more and if you will notice, not many of them come to the blogs. The blogs are what have really brought alot of people together in friendship. I wish I could drive to meet each and every one of you but that's not an option at this time. But now, whisperingcomet, she lives just a few hours from me and I would love to meet that woman! She is just so funny!
I wish I could go to FL and meet Sunshine, luna and revdoc but there again... it's just not in my budget.
There's not much I could do in the handyman dept obviously but if anyone ever asked if I could help them out in their yards, i would love nothing more than to go meet someone and give them a hand with something like that!
People will come and they will go and many of them will become our friends and we stay through all the bullshit that hits us in the blogs because we know we have met good people.
I will never be able to thank Alex enough for coming here.... although I'm sure he could think of some ways
I still think a get together would be a good idea but it has been shot down in flames a time or two.
Oh well.. just my thoughts...

Aug 29 @ 12:30PM  
pinkie, i think a get together would be a grand idea too. i mentioned it to the folks at the winery a couple of days ago, and once i find where lodging can be had for those that want to spend a night, or two, i can get a few other details worked out.

sorry bruce i didn't mean to hijack your blog here. but as i get more info i'll post it either in a blog or go to the forums and see if there is any real interest. and they have some of the best pizza you have ever tasted there.

Aug 29 @ 1:17PM  
Well.....very nice WOW! To be quite was a friend that I met here that actually gave me the idea to do my nude photos....some of you know him, I am sure all of you have seen him around from time to time....good shit he is!

When I first joined back in late 06, it was a bit of a different group.....several which have moved on.....but maybe when the circumstances warrant they too will come wandering back to feel the warmth of the good folks here....Those that Blog together stay together!

But in all seriousness....I have just sort of stumbled back and you all have been fantastic! What an honor to you all! We wall are going thru whatever we are going thru and we all will do what we need to do.....but somehow I sense that AMD will always be a part of "us" may change...but we won't!

Aug 29 @ 1:23PM  
Is it a sex site? That is certainly debatable. But, regardless of the answer to that question, there is far more depth and value to Pervia than that.
I totally agree with that!!!
Hey Pink....make a "To do list" and if you want... I'll do whats on the list...and we can Travel together to see Comet this Fall...(Iffin she wants to meet up?).... Just a thought!
although I'm sure he could think of some ways
Silly Lady.... I don't Do "Reward Sex"!!!!!

Aug 29 @ 1:28PM  

Aug 29 @ 1:34PM  
Kudos to You Bruce....We are how we are... Pervia!!!!!!!. We come and go... But to me this is like my home away from home.. We are a family no matter who comes and goes....Yes some want it back the way it use to be... But sometimes changes are good... I Do miss some of the fun times we use to have in here but getting off my butt and finding more then this place has turned out to be a good thing for me...But always do come back and check in once and awhile to see what is going on...

Aug 29 @ 2:18PM  
I love seeing everyone getting together here for the positive outlook on AMD. It has been said, but we have out fortress here and even though the doors ren't locked and many come and go, we all benefit from everyone that sneeks a peek in or comes and hangs for awhile. They leave and we had moments while they were here, but the core is stable and happy. Hugs, to all you kids for making a part of my life special!

Aug 29 @ 2:50PM  

Great Blog Bruce. Giving you a kudo for it.

Friends will come and friends will go,
The seasons change and it will show,
I will age and so will you,
But our friendship stays, strong and true.

Aug 29 @ 2:54PM  
Well...I've only resided in Pervia for a year...but I can't even remember what my life was like without you guys and gals...and that's a really good thing. Sometimes I only peek in for a few minutes if my day is super hectic...or I'm under the weather...and other times I stay and play for a couple of hours. Sometimes I'm visible...most times I'm not (cuts my junk sexmail in half when I'm incognito )...but for those who know me in the generally know when I'm around and lurking...and you welcome me warmly each and every time. I love that about this place...and the people who hang here.

I know Pervia is changing right now...and although I would never judge what Pervia used to be way back what it currently is now...I think the people here are the best bunch of neighbors I've ever had in any other neighborhood I've ever lived. And that goes for virtual and IRL neighborhoods.

I'm just happy you all are fine with me hanging my hat here most days.

Kudos to WoW for a warm and fuzzy blog. I think we need a few of these each week to help us remember just how lucky we all really are.

Aug 29 @ 3:34PM  
I find myself in and out of this site....But when I've been gone for a while I love coming back here and finding some of the same people or even some new faces that are lots of fun!
Of course the title leads one to believe that this site was intended as an "Adult" site (sex site, hint hint hint). Sure, I get propositioned from time to time, but mostly I have friends here that I feel I can go to if something has me down! And it's fun to be able to flirt without having to actually get down and dirty! It's fun to be able to just be myself and not feel like I have to put on airs (like on some other sites...).

Aug 29 @ 3:38PM  
Speaking of us helping each other....let me share my experience with YNOT....he will let me buy him dinner any time he is passing thru......just kidding...just kidding, if he came to my town and didnt call me.....there would be trouble!

I would love to met Toad & Toes....someday very soon....the next time he visits let me know and i will met half way....and I'ld love to buy ya'll dinner. My personal goal is to buy dinner for as many people on here as possible...

as far as being part of the present core group, yes i very much consider myself to be of the group....and will be for as long as i want to.

Aug 29 @ 6:01PM  
I guess this is why I can't help poking a sharp stick at people who pop into the blogs to scream about how awful everyone here is.. cuz.. this is a neighborhood.. there's good and bad in every neighborhood. I don't come in as frequently lately as I used to.. other stuff going on in my world.

Welcome to Pervia
Welcome back home
no matter how often you wander and roam.
When you wander back
We'll all welcome you in
when it's time to go, we may help you pack.
You may just get laid,
You might find true love.
But the friends that you make here are always the best.
Welcome to Pervia the old and the new..
Isn't it great to know, we're happy to see you?

Aug 29 @ 7:31PM  
I agree with what everyone else has said. Yes, Pervia is changing. Some members have gone off to other things. Maybe they will pop in, maybe they won't. Some new bloggers test the waters here, some stay, some go. We here in Pervia, yes, we are a little community...where friends pop in to see how everyone is doing.

Is this a sex site? Yes, it is. But it's also more than that, and a lot of us here have had a part in making it so much more. I like coming in here to see how everyone is doing, what kind of day they had...and yes, you may not see it, but some of the "bickering", I sometimes have to chuckle at it. Why? Cause, just like any family, there is always going to be a quarrel at one time or another.

Do I wish some members would come back? Of course I do....some of them are good friends. And some were just plain fun to have around. But, they have moved on...maybe they will come back, maybe not. Even so, new people pop in and throw out a blog here and there....Give it time, who knows, Pervia could see another "glory day"...or it could stay quiet. Time will tell.

Leaving a kudo..

Aug 29 @ 7:48PM  
sigh...yea...this place has changed BUT...certain people have i drift in n out ..and most know how to find me when i'm not here .those who don't know me...pft...oh well .lol..

kudo WOW

Aug 29 @ 9:51PM  

Aug 30 @ 12:29AM  
Oh my God, tears are running dowm my face,. its hard to believe that all of these people bought this sobbing, tear jerking story, almost fell for it myself.
A kudo and 3 cheers for the man of the hour, i bow to you Pastor Witnit

Aug 31 @ 10:48AM  
First I want to tell WoW that I'm sorry for speaking what I thought of what he said publicly. I 'm new here and don't know the rules. I have no hard fellings and hope he doesn't. Back to the subject at hand I hope one day to be a excepted part of pervia.. You seen to have a good group and enjoy each other.
Kudo to you WoW

Aug 31 @ 12:37PM  
Why are you sorry hog he insulted you for god sakes, waking up to something new everyday,bow to the king, twisted minds, just my 2 cents

Aug 31 @ 7:39PM  
LRR I'll give you a quarter to shut up! You complain about how people treated you, and then you treat them worse.. do two wrongs make a right in your world?

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An email to a friend, former AMD member